Tristar air fryer buying guide

Maybe it’s been a while you’re lurking to buy an air fryer for your kitchen within the budget around $60 or so. Honestly Tristar isn’t the best at all for this budget You might get better one like Crux or Dash air fryer. Those are in your range and have a more popular reputation in frying things. Although Trister isn’t a popular one still, You can compare it with other brands.

I’m going to give you a better overview of a Tristar air fryer that worth buying in this circumstance.

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If you don’t know about Trister then Let me give you a little introduction about this brand which has been under the table.

About the brand: Tristar

Quality Shouldn’t be luxury? a truly followed motto works behind the UK based Household products manufacturing brand Trister. They’ve been working to make your life easier maybe that encouraged them to manufacture quality products within your budget. Apart from Small cooking appliances, they’re producing vacuum and steam cleaners, camping equipment, and much more. They’re distributing their products all over the world online and offline. So, there’s no need to get panic about their availability as an unreputed brand. You can find em on amazon. But Sometimes their products get out of stock.

TRISTAR 33-0801-RT 2.4Qt Air Xl Fryer Review

Tristar air fryer

With the great rapid air technology, Trister 2.4Q air fryer serves 2-4 peoples easily. This one also has only 4 preset programs and with a premium look design. You can fry, bake and cook anything easily like other air fryers. it comes with nonstick removable aluminum bowl, fryer and recipe booklet with 27 recipes.


Basket Capacity2.4QT
Temperature in Fahrenheit400
Power in watt1200
Ratings on Amazon5star

Pros and Cons of Tristar

Pros Of Tristar Power air XL fryer
1. Rapid air technology that helps to air fries, bakes, steams, saut’s, grills, and roasts.
2. Super-heated cyclonic airflow requires no oil.
3. 4 Digital easy-touch presets buttons that you can easily use to make this air fryer works.
4. Auto shut up function will make your busy life easier.
5. You can make your food with up to 400 degrees
6. Non-stick coated basket and easy to grip the handle.
7. Dishwasher safe.
60 days warranty.

Cons Of Tristar Power air XL fryer
1. It doesn’t have any replacement basket.
2. No additional accessories like cake barrel, pizza pan.
3. Not perfect for large families.
4. Minimal Design does not look elegant.


If you’re looking for a super cool air fryer and replace your old one then it wouldn’t be a good appliance for you, but if you’re tryna make random frying to make yourself happy then I’d recommend you to buy it. It’s worthy as its money. I would recommend you read other brand’s reviews before making the final decision. Crux, Ninja, Secura, Dash, Kalorik air fryers are worth buying also.

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