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Wondering which air fryer to get yourself for cooking the best delicious snack for your family? This article will give you information regarding 3 best air fryers in the market that belongs to Kalorik Brand. You will be getting to know the specialties of each of the products along with some pros and cons.

Furthermore, to help you out about some certain confusions we will be providing some guides regarding how you will be using the Kalorik air fryer and some other essential facts.

About the brand Kalorik

The brand Kalorik was established in Belgium during 1930 to bring out electric appliances using the fine engineering and the best technology. The very first product that the brand brought out was electric toasters which did very good in the market and the owner of the brand aimed to bring pout even more amazing products.

Currently, the air fryers of Kalorik are surely one of the popular choices in the market. Along with a large number of models and remains high in terms of quality they have surely made making a huge number of recipes in a healthy way possible without the requirement of using oil.

Interesting facts about Kalorik Air Fryers.

  1. The capacity of the baskets that come with Kalorik air fryers surely has a good food holding capacity that can help one serve snacks to the whole family.
  2. Furthermore, the Kalorik air fryer manual has detail instructions to guide users for operating the air fryer, even if they have never used an air fryer before they will be able to easily run it without any doubt.

Health fact about Kalorik air fryer.

  1. Cleanliness can be maintained at its best with Kalorik air fryers. And we all know that good health is ensured by maintaining cleanliness. The racks where the snacks are air-fried can be removed easily to clean. And moreover, the racks are dishwasher safe. This makes sure that there is no creation of oil smell as it can be cleaned regularly.
  2. Furthermore, air fryers donít require oil for frying. That is what the main purpose of bringing out Kalorik air fryer is. Anyone that wants to have a controlled diet or has high levels of cholesterol will be able to cook using the air fryer with no or little amount of oil.

Our best pick: 3 best Kalorik air fryers.

Kalorik has brought out a huge number of air fryers. And for customers to choose the best one from separate varieties is surely a tough job to do. To help you regarding this matter, we picked up the best 3 amongst them and we have given below detailed research regarding these Kalorik air fryers that you will surely love. However, in the end, choosing the perfect one amongst these three will depend on your requirements.

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1. Kalorik Smart Dual Layer Rack Air Fryer Review

If you are looking for an air fryer that will be serving you a lot of service at a time so that you can make snacks to fill the hunger of a lot of members of your family, then this Kalorik Air fryer with dual-layer rack will be the right choice for you. Because of having a double rack, you will be able to make not only one but two different snacks at a time. This will help you make delicious snacks without consuming much time if you are in a hurry.

Technical Specification:  

Power 1400 watt
Color Black
Food holding  Capacity 2 lb.
Item weight 10.3 pounds
Basket capacity 3.2 Qt
Rack Dual

Key features:

  • This air fryer does not only allow you to fry, but it also allows a user to bake, grill and as well as a roast in a healthy way without the requirement of any oil. Anyone that has a high level of cholesterol will be able to follow a healthy diet.
  • The double rack allows you to prepare two different types of snacks at a time by setting two different temperature and timer for an individual rack.
  • You will not require to preheat because this air fryer has powerful air frying technology that allows hot rapid air circulation instantly when everything is set up.

Pros and Cons of Kalorik Smart Air fryer with dual-layer rack

Pros Of Smart air Fryer
1. The racks can be removed for cleaning and can be washed using dishwater.
2. Large for cooking up for up to 5 members of a family.
3. It comes along with a Kalorik air fryer recipe book that has 25+ recipes.
4. The temperature of the air fryer can be set up to 400 Degree Fahrenheit.
5. The timer of the air fryer can be set for up to 30 minutes.

Cons Of Smart Air Fryer
1. Designed to be used indoors only and not outdoors.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, if you want an air fryer that can do multi-tasking if you have a large family to take care of then this Kalorik Air fryer with dual-layer rack is what you are looking for. With the double layer rack, you will be able to cook two different snacks simultaneously saving up a lot of time.

2. Kalorik Eat-Smart Air Fryer review

kalorik eat smart air fryer

Keeping your eyes on the air fryer seems a very annoying job to do especially when you are a working person. A working mom or dad will want to let the snakes prepare and get ready in the meantime for office or some work. To help you out in this matter this Kalorik Eat-Smart Air Fryer is the solution that you need. It has a smart automatic shut off technology that helps you to stay completely worry-free after you let your food cook inside it.

Technical Specification:

Power : 1400 watt
Color : Black
Food holding  Capacity : 1.5 lb.
Item weight : 10.5 pounds
Basket capacity : 2.6 Qt
Rack : Single

Key features:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Pros and cons of Kalorik Eat Smart Air Fryer

Pros Of Kalorik Eat Smart
1. You can cook for a long time with the 60 minutes timer that air fryer comes with.
2. The air frying basket is large enough to cook food for a family easily.
3. Rapid hot air circulation as soon as the temperature is set, hence you will need little or no reheating.
4. It comes with a 1-year protection warranty from the manufacturer of the brand.
5. No stress of overcooking, it gets automatically shut off after timer stops.
6. It is dishwasher safe.
Cons Of Kalorik Eat Smart
1. There is a requirement of purchasing separate accessories if you want to bake or grill using the air fryer.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, a person that needs to handle the responsibilities of both the work at the office and cooking food at home this Kalorik eat smart air fryer will be their life savior without any doubt. Get this smart air fryer for yourself within today.

3. Kalorik FT 42174 BK w/Dual Layer Rack Digital Air fryer review

In this modern era where everything starting from smartphones to other electronic gadgets, everything can be done by just touching instead or clicking buttons or operating knobs, operating air fryer is also just one touch away. Yes, you heard it right! Kalorik digital air fryer with a dual-layer rack allows you to set the time and temperature through the touch screen interface on its LED control panel.

This is not it! There is more! And all of the details of this amazing air fryer has been listed down below.

Technical Specification:

Power : 1400 watt
Color : Black
Food holding Capacity : 2 lb.
Item weight : 10.5 pounds
Basket capacity : 3.2 Qt
Rack : Dual

Key features: 

  • Comes with adjustable digital timer and temperature setter on digital touch screen interface on LED panel. Users will be able to set temperature up to 400 Fahrenheit and set the time up to 60 minutes.
  • For buyers to try out different food by using the air fryer, a 25+ recipe book has been included.
  • Users will be able to cook two different snacks at a time using the air fryer because it comes with two large dual racks. They will be able to set two different temperatures and timer as well.
Pros Of Dual Layer Rack Digital Air Fryer
1. It comes with a display that shows the current time and temperature for users to be able to keep track.
2. Multiple tasks can be done apart from air fryings such as roasting, grilling, and baking.
3. It has removable parts that can be easily cleaned using a dishwasher.
4. You will not need to preheat as rapid hot air circulation begins when everything is set up.
5. It comes with a user guide with clear instructions.
Big enough to serve food to a family.

Cons Of Dual Layer Rack Digital Air Fryer
1. It does not come with extra accessories for grilling or roasting. You will need to purchase the accessories separately.
2. The coating of the basket may peel away after a certain time.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, if you are in search of something convenient to use and as well as innovative at the same time then this Kalorik digital air fryer with dual-layer is the right choice for you. It is easy to operate and as well as provides you the option of multi-tasking and cook two different kinds of snacks at a time

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Our Recommendation:

To recommend the best one amongst these 3 we have set up a comparison table that shows the differences and similarities that they have in terms of their specifications. After seeing the side by side comparison to us, product 3 seemed the best. Product 3 is a Kalorik digital air fryer with a dual-layer rack that allows you to prepare food for your family easily. because of the dual rack, you will be able to cook not only one but two different snacks at a time.

Furthermore, the operating system of the air fryer is very innovative compared to the other two products. You will just need to touch on the options that are embedded within the LED control panel and things will happen smoothly. On the other hand, the operating system of the other two products involves using knobs and buttons that can get destroyed if they are handled roughly and carelessly because of applying too much force.

However, in the end, choosing the one that will suit your purpose is the best option. If you have a very small family that has only 2 to 3 members getting yourself product 2 will be the best option as it has a single rack only. product one is also a great alternative to product 3 for anyone who things digital air fryer is complicated to use and wants to look out for a cheaper option. Overall, we will be recommending Product 3 because of the innovative features that it has.

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Kalorik air fryer buying guide:

How does it compare to other models?

Kalorik air fryer vs Philips air fryer

If Philips air fryer is compared with the Kalorik ones, they both have certain similarities and differences that we have pointed out below.

  • The Phillips air fryer is quite expensive in terms of price. And if the physical outlook of both the air fryers is compared, they both look quite the same. Both the air fryers are sort of rounded in shape and they come in black color.
  • However, in terms of the covering of the bodies of the air dryer, the body of Philips air fryer is shinier compared to Kalorik ones that have silver accents.
  • In terms of controls, both the air fryers have temperature and timer controls only.
  • The air frying rack comes in a drawer-style for both of the air fryers. But the size of the basket of Phillips air fryer is larger compared to the Kalorik ones.
  • Phillips consumes more power compared to Kalorik air fryers. The power of Kalorik air fryer is 1400 Watt but Phillips air fryer consume up to 2100 Watt.

Kalorik air fryer vs Nuwave air fryer

Nuwave air fryer and Kalorik Air fryer differ in terms of a lot of factors. And all of the details regarding their differences and similarities have been listed down below.

  • Nuwave Air fryers have racks that come in similar sizes like other models of Kalorik air fryers do.
  • It is a well-known fact that after reaching this part of the article that Kalorik air fryers are indeed very easy in terms of cleaning as the parts are dishwasher safe. However, the Nuwave ones are not and this makes the air dryer hard to clean.
  • Nuwave air fryers are surely noisy compared to Kalorik air fryers that are not.
  • Both of the air fryers come in black color.
  • The operating system of Nuwave air fryers is digital. Kalorik does have digital air fryers but most of the models have dials and buttons for users to operate.
  • Both Nuwave and Kalorik have a system of rapid air circulation at high speed.

Kalorik air fryer vs ninja air fryer

When you think of comparing Kalorik air fryer with ninja air fryer you will surely find out a lot of interesting facts. We have highlighted those points for you.

  • Kalorik air fryers do have a system of auto shut off. However, the ninja air fryer does not shut off on its own and you will need to pull out the air frying basket to shut it off.
  • You will not be getting the privilege of receiving a free recipe book with ninja air fryer which you do get if you choose Kalorik air fryer.
  • The air frying rack of both the Ninja and Kalorik air fryer is non-sticky so that the food can be cooked properly.
  • The size of the basket of the ninja air fryer is surely larger compared to the Kalorik ones.
  • The coating of the basket of Kalorik air fryer is surely weak compared to the ninja air fryer.

Where can I find a replacement basket?

The brand Kalorik does provide spare parts for all models of air fryer that they do have. You will just need to log on to their website for information regarding the basket.

What is the warranty?

Kalorik provides a 1-year replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong within a year your defected product will be happily replaced by the company.

Does it come with a recipe or cookbook?

Yes, the Kalorik air fryer recipes books come along with all the models of air fryers. The recipe books consist of 25+ recipes.

Kalorik Air fryer instructions:

1. How to use Kalorik air fryer?

Kalorik air fryers come in different models and designs. Hence, each of the models of Kalorik air fryer can be used in different ways and have a different system of operating. Air fryers are used for the preparation of snacks in a healthy way. As well all know that deep frying in oil is not at all a healthy option.

The Kalorik air fryer contains a basket or rack where the snacks are kept and the temperature and timer are set for the snacks to cook. If users wish they may preheat the rack beforehand for a certain time of 5 minutes and then place the frozen or prepared snacks inside it. The method of setting of time and temperature needs to be found out from the user manual that comes along with the air fryer.

2. How to start Kalorik air fryer?

Before, starting the air fryer there is a requirement that you set the temperature and timer first. After being done with setting up, you will surely see and option that causes the air fryer to start. It might be a knob, a button to press or a digital button that you will just need to touch. It will depend on the model number of the air fryer.

3. Do I need to preheat Kalorik Air fryers?

Kalorik air fryers have amazing technology that generates rapid hot air circulation as soon as it is switched on, this surely makes preheating not required. However, some air frying recipes do need preheating for the preparation of certain snacks. Therefore, the requirement of preheating depends on your needs.

4. How to clean Kalorik air fryer?

Cleaning of Kalorik air fryer is easy as the removable parts are dishwasher safe. Just remove the parts that are removable and put them into the dishwasher.  

That’s the whole of our research and information about Kalorik air fryer. if you’ve anything to say please comment below.

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