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The Crux air fryer can be used to fry just about anything. Just think of your favorite fried food, what is it? Chicken? Chips? French fries? Fried fish? Whatever it’s is, it’s a great candidate for the Crux air fryer. The fact is, these foods are actually the basis for an air fryer, there are lots of other foods which you don’t even know the machine can fry.

Are crux air fryer worthy?

You may be wondering whether a crux air fryer is best for you or not. This machine comes with tons of benefits. All its removable parts are dishwasher safe hence easy to clean. It is much easier to clean if it has a non-stick coating. In addition, it comes with digital control making it easy to operate.

No uneven cooking and makes healthy food. It cooks by circulating hot air inside the machine to produce nutritious and crispy food. With this type of cooking, no need to use a lot of oil making it perfect for people who are on a weight loss program.

It comes with safety features and has the automatic shut off feature to prevent overcooking of food.

About The Brand: Crux

Homeowners can benefit a lot from Crux modern kitchen appliances which range from coffee grinders, air fryers, blenders, toasters and many more. Their products are engineered in New York City, USA.

Pros And Cons Of Crux Air Fryer

Even though the enthusiasm about the Crux air fryer may seem slightly over the roof, the majority of them are true. The crux air fryer like every other fryer has its pros and cons.

Pros Of Crux
1. Makes Healthier Meals.
2. Cooks quicker and is very Efficient.
3. Very Versatile.
4. Saves Space.
5. It is Easy to Use.
Cons Of Crux
1. Quality Issues.
2. Not Suitable for big families.
3. Learning Curve.
4. Use Is Somewhat Limited.

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1. Crux 2.2 Qt. Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer

Crux 2.2 Qt. Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer

2. Crux 5.3-Qt. Digital Air Convection Fryer

Crux 5.3-Qt. Digital Air Convection Fryer

3. Crux 2.6 Qt. Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer

Crux 2.6 Qt. Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer

1. Crux 2.2 qt Air Fryer Review

crux 2.2 air fryer reviews

You’ll become a huge fan of the Crux air fryer because of its simplicity and efficiency. The excitement about the prospect of an air frying is that every food is overwhelming. The fact that there are several quality models makes it even more so.
Air fryers come in different shapes, sizes, and designs making it very difficult to make a choice when you want to buy. This review is for one of our favorite models, the Crux 2.2 Pound/Quart Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer.

Reasons to fall in love with this model:

1. It sports a beautiful design:

Design and beauty are one obvious flaw every detractor of air fryer easily points out. It’s true air fryers aren’t well designed but this Crux 2.2 pound is exquisitely designed. With a display screen that keeps the operating icons small and precise, it’s pretty straight forward to use. The Crux 2.2 is supercooled hence you can touch it anytime without being burned.

2. Price:

The Crux 2.2 air fryer is relatively cheap standing at $120. Compared to other air fryers of similar size and quality, the Crux 2.2 is a bargain.

3. Ticks Every Box:

The Crux 2.2 air fryer is built for speed and efficiency. It’s built to make the machine and little more user-friendly and less intimidating by air fryer standards. It sports a quick release slide button at the top of its handle that lets you open the machine without having to touch its main body. You can open this model and check your food without it losing as much heat as other models would. This is because of it’s advanced heat retention system and the fact that it automatically returns to its original temperature before you opened it.
crux 2.2 air fryer

4. The perfect size:

Air fryers come in different shapes and sizes and of a true, this is something that is annoying. Some sizes can be as small as a tissue paper, while some can be as big as an air conditioner. Crux 2.2 model comes in a somewhat perfect size. It can be used to make chicken breasts or fillets for 1 or 2 persons once and can also be used to make french fries, chicken wings for up to 6 persons at a time.
This model was truly built for your kitchen counter, it’s a slim circular body and compact height agrees with this theory.

2. Crux 5.3 qt air fryer review

Crux 5.3 air fryer review

The Crux 5.3 QT digital air convection fryer is a, 1750 watt heating revolution. An absolute beast in the world of air fryers. This machine utilizes high-performance heat circulation technology to fry, bake, roast and grill 4.4 pounds of food, basically any food worth frying from chicken to chips to fries. The technique employed by the Crux 5.3 QT air fryer is proven to reduce fat and calories by 85% and 65% respectively in average frozen fries.
The Crux 5.3 QT digital air convection fryer is built and designed efficiently. It houses an energy-efficient stainless steel section which lets the fryer to preheat swiftly while retaining heat for longer durations. It boasts of an 8 preset option on its button interface with an auto stop timer which has a very loud off tune. This air fryer makes frying your favorite meal a no-brainer, frying up to 400F in 60 minutes.

Pros of Crux 5.3
1. Healthy Cooking.
2. Cooks Faster.
3. Easy To Use.
4. Family Friendly.
Cons of Crux 5.3
1. Limitation in Use

Pros of Crux 5.3 qt air fryer

1. Healthy cooking.

With the Crux 5.3 air fryer, you get to fry your favorite food with little oil. This model has a heavy fat and calories reduction technique.

2. Cooks faster.

The Crux 5.3 QT digital air convection fryer is a proven speed demon. It is proven to cook meals some 10 minutes faster than other conventional fryers. This is as a result of its huge wattage

3. Easy to use.

Crux 5.3 air fryer comes with 8 digital preset controls which make its usage a no-brainer.

It also has an auto shut off system timer for 60minutes cook. All its controls are clearly and boldly displayed in the control section.

4. Family-friendly.

Unlike other models, the Crux 5.3 air fryer is family-friendly. It can cook up to 4.4 pounds of any meal easily.

Cons of Crux 5.3 qt air fryer

1. Limitations in usage.

In as much as you can go out there and but other basket designs and shapes for other air fryers. It’s not for the Crux 5.3, it comes with just one basket design. This limits the freedom of creativity anyone has using it.

3. Crux 2.6 qt Air Fryer Review

Crux 2.6 Air Fryer Review

The Crux 2.6 QT air convection fryer is more or less an upgrade to the 2.2 model. This air fryer has a 15000-watt high-performance circular heat technology, just 250 watts less than the Crux 5.3 model.  Crux 2.6 air fryer is designed to cook your food faster, more efficiently and make it crispier. It recovers heat quicker than all the other models and retains it. This air fryer does not emit heat externally hence it can be used in any part of the house without fear of being hot. With a 2.6 QT capacity and 2.5L, it is sure to make your frying experience a great one. The basket in the air fryer can be easily washed in the dishwasher.
The Crux 2.6 QT air convection fryer sports an elegant design with package dimensions 15*13*13 and weighing just 11 pounds. It houses all of its digital control buttons in one small section including the automatic shut off timer. The machine was made to cook up to 400 F for 60 minutes or more. This beautifully designed air fryer stands at a very handsome price of $160.

Pros of Crux 2.6 qt
1. Makes healthy Meals.
2. Very Versatile.
3. Efficient faster cooking.
4. Fits in anywhere.
COns of Crux 2.6 qt
1. Only suitable for less than 4 persons
2. Basket limitation.
3. Body material.

Pros of the Crux 2.6 QT air convection fryer.

1. Makes healthy Meals

Just like all of the other models, with Crux 2.6 qt air fryer you get to make way healthier meals. This is due to the fact that you won’t need or use much cooking oil when frying with it.

2. Very Versatile

The Crux 2.6 qt air convection fryer air is a very versatile machine. It can actually make any kind of food you want so long as it will be fried or grilled.

3. Efficient faster cooking.

The Crux air fryer serves for efficient cooking, preparing up to 2.2 pounds of food in just a few minutes. Its automatic shut off timer means it will never burn your food as it shuts down when ready.

4 Fits in anywhere.

The Crux 2.6 qt air fryer can fit in just about anywhere you place it in the kitchen. It’s 15*13*13 packaging dimension testifies to this fact.

Cons of  the Crux 2.6 qt air fryer

1. Only suitable for less than 4 persons

The Crux 2.6 qt air fryer much like it’s sister model is not family-friendly. In as much as you can take it anywhere you want, it can only cook for 1-4 persons.

2. Basket limitation.

This is another problem the Crux 2.6 qt air fryer model has, it comes with just one design of the basket. Most persons desire creative freedom while cooking hence this can limit their choice of this model.

3. Body material.

The body of Crux 2.6 qt air fryer is made using plastic materials. This can easily break off or melt off when placed close to hot material. The basket metals can easily rust off if not properly maintained.

Crux Air Fryer Buying Guide

Is crux air fryer healthy?

The crux air fryer is definitely healthy. While a deep fryer requires you to completely dip food in hot oil, fryers use hot air to evenly cook food. They make tasty foods with little oil making them ideal for cutting calories.

The crux air fryer comes with 1500 wattage plus which will cook your food quickly and evenly. Digital controls of crux air fryers will help you cook at the right temperature and time.

What comes inside the box with a crux air fryer?

When you order a crux air fryer, you will receive an operation manual and a cookbook. An instructions book will help you get started with the machine. Read it before operating any crux air fryer.
It has important instructions on how to operate the air fryer plus prevent any damage. For example, you are not allowed to use the crux air fryer for any other purpose than described.

Is crux air fryer dishwasher safe?

All detachable parts of the crux air fryers are dishwasher safe.

I hope You’ve enjoyed this article. if you’re a fan of a small fryer then Dash Compact air fryer would be the best fit for you. Check out our latest review about Dash air fryers.

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