How to Cook Frozen Egg Rolls in Air Fryer – Crispy and Delicious 


Last Updated: July 5th, 2023

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If you want to learn how to cook frozen egg rolls in air fryer, Fryer Consumer got your back.

Frozen egg rolls and air fryers are a match made in heaven I think. These are the type of foods that an air fryer was mainly invented for. If you are not using an air fryer you have 2 other options to choose from:

  • Regular oven: It will take twice the time. It takes at least 20 minutes to just have some snacks
  • Frying pan: Its a lot less healthier with all the extra oils used, needs more energy and focus, and can make a mess also.

Using an air fryer to make egg rolls these problem won’t arise.

Frozen egg rolls are pre-packed rolls. The ingredients can vary between brands. In most cases, they contain eggs, diced veggies, sliced meats, carrots, cabbage, and onion, among others. It will make a great choice for a delicious appetizer, late lunch, or quick snack, although you can eat it any time of the day as you wish. 

Different types of egg rolls are available. For instance, you’ll find those packed with more protein, including beef and pork. Meanwhile, for those who are looking for something healthier, vegetarian egg rolls are also available. 

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How to Cook Frozen Egg Rolls in Air Fryer 

So the first good news is that there is no need to thaw the egg rolls. Straight out of the freezer, you can cook the egg rolls in the air fryer. Do not leave them at room temperature for a long time. This can increase the chances of contamination, which can result in food-borne diseases. Cook them immediately for your peace of mind. 

The process is easy and will take only a few minutes. Here’s what you should do: 

  1. Start by arranging the frozen egg rolls in an air frying basket. Spread them evenly on a single layer. Keeping enough space and not stacking the egg rolls will make sure they are cooked evenly.
  2. Set the air fryer to 340 degrees Fahrenheit and start cooking. Wait ten minutes and flip the egg rolls. 
  3. Change the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook the egg rolls for two to five more minutes and take them out of the air fryer. 

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Make Egg Rolls in an Air Fryer

What kinds of sauces go with egg rolls? 

The best sauce for egg rolls is a matter of personal opinion. One of the best options is a sweet and sour sauce, offering balanced flavors that will not overpower the dish. Hoisin sauce is another great option, if you’re looking for something classic. For something unique, although it can be difficult to make, try mango chutney and avocado spinach. 

What is the best way to cook frozen egg rolls?

The best way to cook frozen egg rolls is in an air fryer. It’s convenient and quick, and can take less than 15 minutes. Not to mention, the clean-up is easy instead of cooking in a pan. 

What is the difference between egg rolls vs spring rolls? 

One of the differences between the two is their visual appearance. A quick look and you can already spot a major difference. Egg rolls have small bubbles covering the surface. On the other hand, spring rolls are often smoother.

They are also made in different ways. Traditionally, egg rolls are wrapped in a dough of flour and eggs and fried to achieve a distinct crunch. In contrast, spring rolls are wrapped in a flour or rice paper and fried. 

The fillings can also be different. In most cases, spring rolls contain only vegetables while egg rolls can contain eat and more varied ingredients. However, today, you’ll find the two with different types of filling. 

How do you store egg rolls? 

For uncooked egg rolls, the best place to keep them is in the freezer. Look for a place where it will not be crushed to retain its form. Also, do not open the bag or packet unless you’re ready to use the egg rolls. This is one way to keep it fresh during storage. 

Once cooked, allow the egg rolls to cool down completely. Line paper towels in a plastic container. Add the cooked egg rolls in a single layer and cover with a tight lid. Keep it in the fridge, and it will last two to three days on average. Avoid storing cooked egg rolls in the freezer as they will end up soggy. 

Why Cooking Frozen Eggs Rolls in an Air Fryer is a Good Idea? 

A lot of people will cook frozen egg rolls in an oven or a pan. Sure, they will work, but your best bet is probably to cook in an air fryer. 

Among others, one of the best things about cooking in an air fryer is that it is quick and easy. It will take only a few minutes. The clean-up is also effortless, making it a great option for people who are often short of time. 

In addition, frozen egg rolls cooked in an air fryer are healthy. You don’t need to use any oil. However, even without oil, you can expect the same crispy and mouthwatering goodness in the final product. 

Air fryers are ideal for many types of frozen food. From frozen cauliflower to frozen corn dogs, there are endless frozen treats you can air fry. You don’t need to thaw, which can help you save time. In addition, because of rapid air circulation, you can be confident that the food is evenly cooked. 


In this post, we talked about how to cook frozen egg rolls in air fryer. As you have probably learned by now, it’s easy! It’s as quick as arranging the egg rolls in the air fryer, setting the temperature, and waiting for them to be crispy! 

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