How To Cook A Whole Lobster In An Air Fryer


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If you are a bit bored of the same old food you are making, then learn how to cook a whole lobster in an air fryer!

Air Fryers are becoming more and more popular for their ability to cook food quicker, healthier and with less mess than traditional frying methods. For those who want to try something new but don’t know where to start, this guide will cover all the steps needed to create a delicious meal from scratch using a whole lobster and an air fryer.

For anyone looking for some extra excitement during dinner time, preparing a full-sized lobster in an air fryer can be just what they’re after! Not only does cooking with an air fryer require minimal effort compared to other techniques such as boiling or steaming, it also produces succulent results that guarantee satisfaction. With its fast heating capabilities, you can have your seafood feast ready within minutes – perfect for busy weeknight dinners or spontaneous gatherings alike.

When done correctly, cooking a lobster in an air fryer yields juicy meat encased by crunchy shells – turning any mundane dish into something special. So if you’re wanting to wow guests or treat yourself to something out of the ordinary, why not give it a go? In this article we’ll show you how easy it is make restaurant quality meals at home with an air fryer and no fuss whatsoever.

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Ingredients Needed To Cook A Whole Lobster In An Air Fryer

Cooking a whole lobster in an air fryer is surprisingly simple and requires minimal ingredients. If you’ve ever wanted to try something new, this could be the recipe for you! All it takes is one live or thawed out lobster, some butter, salt and pepper to taste, and your trusty air fryer.

When selecting your lobster, make sure that it’s still alive (if you’re buying fresh) or thawed if frozen. The size of the lobster doesn’t really matter as long as it fits inside your air fryer basket – anything from 1-2lbs will work perfectly fine. Once you have all the necessary ingredients on hand, prepping your meal is easy.

The next step is seasoning the outside of the lobster with salt and pepper to enhance its flavor profile when cooked. Then spread melted butter over both sides of the crustacean using either a brush or spoon before placing it into the air fryer basket. Preheat your machine at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 5 minutes before finally putting in your seasoned lobster in face-up position. Now sit back and let dinner cook itself while you enjoy preparing other dishes!

How To Cook A Whole Lobster In An Air Fryer

To begin with, make sure that your lobster has been thawed completely before starting. You will also want to have some butter or olive oil handy for brushing onto the top of the lobster during cooking. Then place your prepared lobster into the air fryer basket and set it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20-25 minutes. Make sure to check on it every 5 minutes or so, flipping over if necessary. At 350 degrees the air fryer can be quite powerful and it may burn the top layer of your food if left too long in it. When it’s finished, brush melted butter or oil onto both sides of each side of the shell as desired.

Once cooked through, remove from heat and allow to rest for 10 minutes prior to serving. This gives time for any juices inside to redistribute throughout the meat properly. Enjoy your perfectly cooked meal with melted butter or garlic sauce – whatever suits your fancy!

No matter what type of preparation method you use when cooking a whole lobster, safety should be your number one priority – always ensure that the internal temperature reaches 140°F (60°C) before eating! Now let’s move on to tips and tricks that can help take this recipe even further…

Tips And Tricks

Cooking a whole lobster in an air fryer can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right tips and tricks, you can create a delicious meal that’s sure to impress.

First of all, when prepping your lobster for cooking in the air fryer, make sure to remove any rubber bands from its claws. You’ll also want to cut off excess antennae if there are any. This will help ensure even cooking throughout the entire process. Additionally, don’t forget about seasoning – adding some lemon juice or butter is always a good idea!

Another useful tip is to avoid overcrowding your air fryer basket with multiple lobsters. This can lead to unevenly cooked meals since they won’t get enough airflow around them as they cook. If you’re looking for extra flavor while still keeping things simple, try wrapping each lobster in aluminum foil before placing them into the air fryer. Doing this will give you tender and juicy results every time!

With these handy tips and tricks, creating perfectly cooked lobsters in an air fryer has never been easier. All that’s left now is for you to sit back and enjoy your delicious creation!

The type of air fryer you use can be an important issue here. A whole lobster won’t fit into every kind of air fryer. If you are using a basket type air fryer I would suggest to go for a bigger one. The most convenient way to cook a whole lobster however is with an air fryer oven.


Cooking a whole lobster in an air fryer is a great way to enjoy the delicacy without spending too much time and money. Air frying a lobster results in tender, juicy meat that’s packed with flavor and easy to prepare. The key is finding the right ingredients, cooking instructions, and tips and tricks for achieving the best possible outcome.

With this guide, you should be able to make restaurant-quality meals right at home! It doesn’t take long or require any special equipment; just make sure you have all your ingredients ready before you start. Taking time to perfect each step will ensure deliciousness every single time. Plus, it’s healthier than other methods of preparing lobster since there isn’t as much oil involved.

Overall, air frying a whole lobster can be both rewarding and satisfying if done correctly. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to cook up flavorful dishes quickly and easily from the comfort of your own kitchen – no chef skills required!

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