How Long to Reheat Biscuits in Air Fryer 


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Whether it is a Taco Bell burrito or garlic bread, the air fryer is a great option when it comes to reheating. In today’s post, however, I will talk about biscuits. Specifically, I’ll share how long to reheat biscuits in air fryer. 

The duration of reheating is important as it can affect the outcome. For example, do it too short and it will not be hot enough especially the interior. On the other hand, if you reheat the biscuits too long, you might end up burning them. 

How Long to Reheat Biscuits in Air Fryer 

In most cases, it will take only two to three minutes to reheat biscuits in an air fryer, which should have a temperature of approximately 320 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What if they are frozen? It will take a bit longer. This can be five to six minutes. There’s no need to thaw before putting them in an air fryer. Otherwise, you’re risking that they will turn soggy. 

Different factors can impact the answer to this question. For instance, this can depend on the specific temperature. Some might assume that increasing the temperature is a good idea as it will make things quicker. However, that is not always the case as it can end up burning the biscuits. Further, the size and thickness of the basket can also impact reheating time. 

More so, the right reheating time is important beyond not burning the cookies. You might also end up drying them. Hence, they won’t be as delicious as they should be. So, avoid reheating them longer than what’s necessary. 

How to Reheat Biscuits in an Air Fryer 

Now, let’s also talk about the steps for using the air fryer when reheating biscuits. Here are the things you need to do: 

  1. Start by preheating the air fryer. The ideal temperature is anywhere from 320 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  2. Arrange the biscuits in an air fryer. If you read my other guides, then you would know how I always say that the basket or rack should not be overcrowded. Do not stack them. Make sure there’s enough space between each piece for proper heat circulation. 
  3. Brush butter on the top of the biscuits. This will prevent them from getting dry while also adding a hint of flavor. 
  4. Heat the biscuits for two to three minutes. If they’re not yet hot, re-heat for a minute or two. I also suggest slicing it in half to see if the inside of the biscuit is as hot as you want it to be. 

Why Reheat Biscuits in an Air Fryer 

So, why should the air fryer be your option for reheating biscuits? Among others, the biggest benefit is convenience. As noted above, doing so will take only two the three minutes, which is quicker than what you can expect from other methods. Not to mention, it’s also easy and the clean-up is hassle-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long do biscuits last? 

Refrigerated biscuits will last only two to three days. Frozen biscuits, on the other hand, will last one to two months. Beyond such, they will lose their texture and the biscuits will start going bad. They might cause food poisoning, but the latter is rare. In most cases, the effects will be more of the overall quality and not safety. 

How do you store leftover biscuits? 

Keep them in an air-tight container. You can leave the biscuits at room temperature if you plan to eat them shortly. However, if you plan to keep them for a few days, then you should put them in the fridge. Meanwhile, after reheating the biscuits once, it’s best to consume them immediately for the best quality. 


Now that you’re done reading this post, I hope you learned a thing or two about how long to reheat biscuits in air fryer. To repeat what I mentioned earlier, it will take only two to three minutes. If the biscuits are frozen, you will need five to six minutes for reheating. However, such can depend on several factors, such as the temperature the air fryer is set and the size or number of the biscuits you’re reheating. 

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