Frozen Corn Dogs in an Air fryer

Corn Dogs in air fryer

All of us are always rushing for some or other reasons. Children are running for proper education and parents are running to provide them all necessary things for their lives to flourish. And because of all this competition and rushing the necessary effort for living a healthy lifestyle is not given. To save up some time and for a healthy life to be lived we brought for you easy corn dogs in air fryer recipe.

Which Air fryer is best for Corn Dogs

The number of brands that bring out kitchen appliances is huge. However, not many of them have won the hearts of kitchen users all around the world.

The best air fryer would be the one that can be used for all sorts of purposes and not only for air frying corn dogs.

Also, when you want to invest in purchasing an appliance why not buy the best one? The best one will be surely convenient for you to use and will serve you for a good number of years so that you donít feel the need for purchasing a new one.

And if you ask us a suggestion then I would suggest you Philips TurboStar Air fryer, Advance Digital.

Recipe Guide For Frozen Corn Dogs In Air Fryer

Corn Dogs in air Fryer
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Frozen Corn Dogs

Easy Air Fryer Frozen Corn Dogs Recipe.
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword Corn Dogs in air fryer recipe
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 11 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 140kcal
Author Fryer Consumer Staff


  • Air Fryer


  • 4 Frozen corn dogs


  • Place corn dogs in the air fryer basket.
  • Set to 360 degrees for 6-8 minutes flipping halfway through, or until they're as browned as you like on the outside.
  • Once browned as desired and timing stops turn off the machine. Allow corn dogs to sit in the basket, closed, for 3 minutes to continue heating the middle.
  • Open basket and enjoy with favorite dipping sauces.


Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts: Corn dogs in air fryer
Calories: 140           
Total Fat:  4g                                        
Saturated Fat:  1g                                  
Sodium:  179mg                                  
Total Carbohydrates:  8g                                           
Sugars:  1g                                               
Fiber:     0g
Protein:  5g                                           
Sodium: 179 mg                                             
Calcium: 1% DV
Potassium: 0% DV

Hopefully, these instructions will help you to make this recipe. if you are a Frying lover then check out our recently published frozen chicken nuggets recipe guidelines.

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