Boudin in Air Fryer: Your Guide to Cooking this Cajun Classic


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Savor the delicious taste of boudin in air fryer with this step-by-step guide to making perfect, crispy Cajun sausages at home.

Boudin, pronounced “boo-dan”, is a sausage popular in Cajun cuisine. Inspired by the French blood sausages of the same name, thankfully today’s modern boudin is primarily made with pork shoulder meat, rice, vegetables, and spices. 

More traditional varieties will use more cuts and offal from the pig, including liver and pig’s heart, but the one thing that sets boudin apart from other sausages is the fact that the meat is cooked before it is added to the casing. That means it doesn’t need to go through the curing process.

Keep reading to learn how to make Boudin in air fryer cooking.

How to cook boudin in air fryer

Why Make Boudin in Air Fryer?

Air frying is a great way to cook boudin as it ensures that the casing can get nice and crispy while keeping the insides nice and moist. Not only that, but the traditional circular shape of boudin makes them a perfect fit for air fryer baskets!

Heath benefits of air frying over deep frying

Not only is it quicker than using an oven, but thanks to the way in which air fryers can make the most of just a small amount of oil to cook your food, it makes it just as healthy as simmering or grilling

As opposed to grilling or just simmering, boudin in the air fryer has the perfect amount of crispy skin with an even cook, and still keeps the insides juicy and flavorful without drying them out. 

Choosing the Perfect Boudin

Brands of Boudin

Boudin is predominantly found in the Southern United States, and there aren’t any particular mass-market brands that produce it. 

The home of boudin is Lousiana, however, you may be able to purchase boudin at a butcher’s or a Cajun market. 

Factors to consider

As boudin is not traditionally made on a mass-produced scale, this means that there are lots of different ways in which to make the filling. 

Some places may use different cuts of pork or offal, or even offer alternatives such as boudin made with shrimp or crawfish, or even vegan options. 

Not to mention, most places will likely have their own signature spice blends, making each boudin a unique culinary experience for you and your air fryer!

Where to buy and what to look for

Make sure to buy your boudin from a reputable butcher or Cajun market. As the meat inside is cooked, make sure the boudin is as fresh as possible, and if the ingredients are listed, check for good quality meat and that nothing artificial has been added. 

For those looking to avoid pork, check that the casing is not made of pork intestines, as this material may still be used even if the meat inside the boudin has been changed. 

Preparing Boudin for Air Frying

Tools needed

Boudin in the air fryer is rather simple in terms of the tools needed. In most cases, it is simply a case of placing it into the air fryer!

You may wish to line the rack or basket with parchment paper, which helps to reduce the mess involved with the cooking process.

Prepping Boudin in Air Fryer

As boudin is already cooked inside, it is much more of a matter of simply reheating it in your air fryer as opposed to needing to cook it through from a raw state. 

That being said, always ensure that the boudin is fresh and that the skin casing is intact. If it isn’t, it should not be too much of a worry, but could lead to extra mess and cleanup should some of the filling burst out. 

If your boudin was purchased frozen, make sure that it is thoroughly defrosted before cooking, by leaving it in the fridge overnight.

Oil is optional when it comes to cooking boudin, however, if you do use it make sure to only use a light spray to stop the outside from crisping up too much. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Air Frying Boudin

It is worth noting that different boudin may vary in their cooking times, temperatures, and instructions, so make sure to read any packaging or instructions provided with your boudin before cooking. 

Our guide is based on a pork boudin that is fresh and thawed, but the instructions should be suitable for most other boudin as we are simply looking to reheat the cooked meat and filling inside the casing.

  1. Preheat your air fryer to 300 degrees. This should normally only take a few minutes. 
  2. Place either a coil or a few boudin sausage links into your air fryer, either on a rack or into the basket. Prick them gently with a fork to allow a small vent for the steam to escape during the air frying process.
  3. Cook for 6-10 minutes, depending upon preference. You may wish to turn or shake the boudin gently to ensure an even cook.
  4. Check that the boudin is done by making sure that it is piping hot inside, with a temperature of at least 160 degrees.
  5. Enjoy!
Making boudin in air fryer is extremely easy and will give you a perfect texture

Serving Suggestions

There are many different ways in which people eat boudin, including as an accompaniment to a meal, or as a barbecue item in much the same way you might serve a hot dog. 

Other people will eat them as a snack by simply squeezing out the filling into their mouths like an ice pop!

How you eat your boudin is up to you, but here are some suggestions from us if you are looking for something a little different! 

Cajun hot dogs

Although eating boudin fresh from the grill is a popular choice, take things a step further by serving up various fillings, sauces, and accompaniments to go with the boudin that truly gives it that Cajun feel. 

For example, you could serve some dirty rice to go on top, okra, or red beans. If you are feeling adventurous you could even make your own hot dog buns out of cornbread!

Boudin bites

The filling of boudin can easily be removed from the casing, and used to make a variety of tasty snacks. For example, the filling can be rolled into balls, coated in bread crumbs, and air fried to make tasty boudin balls.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boudin in an Air Fryer

Q. Can you cook frozen boudin in air fryer?

A. No, you can’t cook boudin in air fryer if its frozen. It should always be thawed first before cooking.

Q. How much boudin can you cook at once?

A. This will vary depending on the style and capacity of your air fryer. However, make sure not to overcrowd the air fryer, and make sure each link has around an inch gap between it and the next one to ensure they have the space to cook evenly.

 Q. What do I do with any leftover boudin?

A. Any boudin that you don’t cook up can be frozen and can last up to 6 months. Freshly cooked boudin can also be frozen again, but it must be allowed to cool down first. 


Boudin in an air fryer is a great way to make these tasty, Cajun sausages. Avoiding slippery and chewy skin, the air fryer gives the perfect amount of crispiness, leading to a delicious bite every time. 

We hope you enjoy cooking boudin in air fryers, and remember that you can also cook other types of sausages in there too!

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