American Made Air Fryers: Is There Any? 


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Many products made in China often get a bad reputation. Some people might be hesitant and would rather go for American made air fryers. However, is there truly one made in the United States? Or is it nothing but a marketing gimmick?

Let’s get one thing straight – most, if not all, air fryers are made in China! Unfortunately, my research shows that no air fryer is made in the U.S., although some manufacturers advertise that their products are engineered in America. They’re being honest, though. They might be designed in the U.S., but production is another story.

American Made Air Fryers

Are There American Made Air Fryers?

Whether you are looking for the best BPA-free air fryers or best 3-quart air fryers, most of the choices are from China. I spent hours researching online and asking around, but in the end, I did not find any product made in the USA.

Here’s the tricky part. Some companies will not say upfront where their air fryers are from. This is especially the case with names that sound too American; hence, many will assume they are made in America. But if you research, you’ll understand that they are also from China. They’re not doing anything unethical since they are not claiming one thing that is not true. However, they try to be as discreet as possible.

Why Are Most Air Fryers Made in China?

China is dubbed The World’s Factory. Hence, it is where most products are from, such as clothes and appliances. It’s also the most common origin of production for air fryers.

1.    Low Wages

Among others, one of the most common reasons why a lot of air fryers are made in China is because the country has low wages. It has about 1.4 billion people. There is a higher supply of workers than demand. Hence, the salary is low. This means that companies can take advantage of China’s low labor cost. They can make air fryers at a fraction of the cost compared to what they will spend in the United States.

2.    Low Compliance

Compared to the United States or other developed nations, China has a lower compliance. Many companies are known for having long work hours and unfavorable working conditions. Child labor is also an issue. Despite such, the government claims it is instituting reforms to improve their laws.

3.    Efficient Supply Chain

The location of China makes the supply chain efficient. Aside from the low labor cost, it is also where you can find cheap parts. For instance, the country has many production facilities manufacturing electronic components, which are then used for making air fryers. Making the supply chain more efficient can reduce production costs significantly.

Some Brands You Might Thought are American Made

I must admit, before writing this guide, I had a couple of brands in mind, thinking they’re definitely air fryers not made in China. But I was wrong! My research shows that even those companies are making their air fryers in China.

Let’s start with GoWise USA. The name itself can be deceiving. There’s a USA there, so I thought it was from The Land of the Free. However, they aren’t. They are from China.

I had the same thought with Cosori air fryers. It is a company based in Southern California, so I thought they will make their air fryers in the country.

More so, I had a similar assumption when it comes to Ninja and Philips air fryers. The list goes on. But the more I research, the more I am disappointed. None of them are American-made.

Designed and Engineered in the U.S.

If you see an air fryer that says “designed and engineered in the U.S.,” watch out! Chances are, they are made in China. They might not say that they are from China, but the mere fact that they highlighted only American design and engineering, it means that the production happened in another country.

What most companies do is that they have a team of product developers and designers in the United States working as a team. They use state-of-the-art technology to create a prototype. Once they are done, they will send it to China. And this is where the production will take place to take advantage of cheap labor.

Are Chinese-Made Air Fryers Inferior?

Many of you are probably curious about what’s so bad about Chinese air fryers and why you should avoid them. Well, most of us have negative impressions because we think that Chinese products are sub-par. I have to be honest. I used many made in China products with unreliable quality or performance. At the same time, many things in my home are also Chinese-made, and they seem fine, if not, incredible.

So, to answer the question, air fryers made in Chine are not necessarily inferior. At the end of the day, it depends on the brand. If you choose those from brands like Ninja and Cosori, you might be surprised how good they are. You might not realize they are made in China unless you look at the box or label.

Aside from sticking to popular brands, I also suggest that you take time to read reviews. It does not matter where an air fryer is made from. The more important is the real-life experiences of other people. Pay attention to what they share about the performance of the air fryer. Because even if they’re made in China, the quality can be top-notch if you choose the right product.


Wrapping up, I did not find any air fryer made in America. Most of them are made in China. This does not come as a surprise since China is known for having a low cost of labor, so it’s a good option for global companies. Luckily, being made in China does not mean quality has to suffer. Look for trusted brands and read reviews. This way, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you’re buying an air fryer with dependable quality.

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