22 Best air fryer cookbooks to buy in 2020

best air fryer cookbooks to buy

Wondering what else can you make out from the air fryer other than fried food? Want to make full use out of the versatility that your air fryer has by cooking various recipes? Then, the most essential thing that you need is to get a cookbook that will acquaint you with the great number of recipes that you cannot find in normal blogs or somewhere on the internet. Hence, this piece of information that you are reading at the moment is the complete air fryer cookbooks buying guide.

I have selected some air fryer cookbooks for people that have various needs. You will find a cookbook for yourself, it doesn?t matter if you are a vegetarian, diabetic, someone looking forward to weight loss or keto diet.

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Why do you need to buy a cookbook if you already have one?

The cookbook that you own is it an air fryer cookbook? Surely, no! You see, the answer lies there. That is why you need a cookbook if you already own one. The cookbook that you own does not have proper instructions that you need to follow for cooking in an air fryer, such as proper temperature settings, timer settings, proper list and amount of ingredients that will properly fit inside the air frying basket.

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Top 10 Air Fryer Cookbooks out of #23



Best for?


Price Range

1. 365 Days of Air Fryer Recipes

Jamie Stewart


2. The complete air fryer cookbook

Linda Larsen


3. Air fryer cookbook for beginners

Alice Newman


4. Air Fry Everything

Meredith Laurence 

Easy Recipes making

5. Paula Deen?s Air Fryer Cookbook

Paula Deen

Easy Recipes making

6. The skinny taste air fryer cookbook

Gina Homolka

Low fat, Healthy recipes

7. The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook

Brandi Crawford

Low fat, Healthy recipes

8. The Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook

 JL Fields


9. KETO DIET AIR FRYER Cookbook for Beginners

Peter Bragg

Keto Diet

10. The Easy Air Fryer Cookbook

Moore & Wyss


Air Fryer Cookbooks For Beginner/Dummies

1. The complete air fryer cookbook by Linda Larsen: 

The Complete air fryer cookbook by Linda Larsen

You don?t really want to use the air fryer for just frying without any oil, you really do want to try other stuff with the air fryer such as baking, grilling, and roasting.

Onward, the complete air fryer cookbook is going to help try all these things by enlightening you with recipes written in detail. And by details we mean, you will get to know everything such as the temperature requirement, time that you need to set, and the number of servings that can be done.

Furthermore, you will get to cook something from the recipe book that matches your taste and authentication. To be precise, people who are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, who prefers fish over meat, all sort of people will find a recipe to cook and eat from this cookbook.

About the author- Linda Larsen:

Linda Larsen is known as an expert working at About.com. She is also well known for being a food safety writer and as well as known for writing 28 different cookbooks. She has been working in the field of creating delicious recipes for more than 25 years now.

Reason to Buy The complete air fryer cookbook
1. Affordable in terms of price.
2. Recipes consist of details regarding temperature and time requirements.
3. Recipes are available for all kinds of people, non-vegetarians, vegetarians, and people who prefer both.
4. Written in easy English language.
5. 100+ recipes to try and cook.

2. Air fryer cookbook for beginners by Alice Newman:

Air fryer cookbook for beginners by Alice Newman

Are you making a target towards losing weight? Are you willing to change your lifestyle into a healthy one? Then, you need the correct guidance for that so that you can cook in the proper way to eat healthily. And for that cause, this Air fryer cookbook for beginners will be the perfect guidance for you.

You did buy an air fryer for having food that is not oily and will help you shed weight. But, you don?t know about how to other healthy meals using the air fryer, for which this ultimate cookbook for beginners has been written. All the recipes included in the cookbook consists of ingredients that contain low carbs for enhancing weight loss.

About the author- Alice Newman.

Alice Newman is not the only author of various cookbooks but also is a specialist in Nutrition and Dietology with a certification of being an expert. She has been writing healthy diet recipes for people to lead a healthy lifestyle. She also encourages people for sports, workouts, and yoga through holding various programs.

Reason to Buy Air fryer cookbook for beginners by Alice Newman
1. Great tips and correct information is provided for each recipe regarding temperature and time settings so that the food gets perfectly cooked.
2. The cookbook encourages using a healthy list of ingredients for making sure that you cook healthy and find losing weight an easier journey.
3. Even if the meals included are healthy you will love the taste of the food since the recipes did take care of making your taste buds impressed with the healthy meals.

3. 365 days of air fryer recipes by Jamie Stewart:

365 days of air fryer recipes by Jamie Stewart

This air fryer cookbook has been made for beginners especially. Since we all know that you will have that feeling of uneasiness for operating when you receive your air fryer for the first time.

Hence, this cookbook is all about preparing you mentally before you use your air fryer. It has details regarding typical features and functions that almost all air fryers do consist of. Indeed, this book has been ideally written for those who are yet to receive there ordered air fryer and also those who already have their air fryer with them.

Furthermore, this air fryer cookbook does not only provide you guidance, but it also provides you the detailed recipes that you will love to cook on a regular basis. The recipes are quick and easy to prepare which makes it a great helping hands for moms that are working both for the home and the office.

About the Author- Jamie Stewart

Jamie Stewart began with teaching in a culinary high school. Though he is a former teacher who has 20 years of experience in teaching and as well as cooking. He is well known for writing a lot of cookbooks that include a lot of delicious, easy and healthy recipes for making lifestyle a lot better.

Reason to Buy
1. It comes with proper instructions for beginners who bought air fryer recently or is thinking of buying air fryers in the future.
2. Written in easy English for people to understand very easily.
3. Includes recipes that are about baking, grilling, roasting and not only frying.
4. Links to pdf included for users to have a look at the afterneath pictures of the food.
5. 365 recipes included inside it which is huge.

4. Everyday easy air fryer cookbook by Urvashi Pitre:

Everyday easy air fryer cookbook by Urvashi Pitre

You really try to avoid food cooked from canned ingredients. Don?t you? hence, to ensure that you cook and eat food that is not made from chemicals mixed ingredients this ultimate Everyday easy air fryer cookbook has been written. All the recipes that it consists can be cooked using ingredients available in the kitchen and are healthy as well since they have been derived naturally.

So with the cookbook and the air fryer that you have, you will not only cook food that is oil-free you will also cook food that is healthy, safe and free from chemicals.

Furthermore, be assured that all the recipes included in the cookbook will take just 30 minutes at least and 1-hour maximum. Since there are details included such as temperature requirements, timer settings information and proper list of ingredients which eliminates your need for further research.

About the author- Urvashi Pitre:

Urvashi Pitre is an author and as well as recipe creator. She owns a blog called Twosleevers.com where she posts her recipes that is all about teaching you cooking healthy food with an air fryer and as well as normally. She claims that she is a regular user of an air fryer.

Reason to Buy Everyday easy air fryer cookbook
1. You will get to learn and cook cuisines from various countries. Like, you can try Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Indian and many others.
2. Healthy cooking ensured since the recipes teach you how to cook with real ingredients and less amount of oil.
3. You get to try cooking in different ways other than just frying frozen things.

5. The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners 2020

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners 2020

this is the era of 2020, you got to get a cookbook that will match the level of the current modernization and cuisines that the young generation demands. Hence, The complete air fryer cookbook for beginners 2020 will enlighten you about recipes that will suit the taste and cravings of modern people.

We all know that staying healthy is important as well even within the modern vibes. Hence, this cookbook consists of recipes that use healthy ingredients that are affordable and can be easily found in your home or the grocery shop that you have nearby.

Furthermore, if leading a healthy lifestyle is your agenda and yet you crave for delicious delicacies, you can make sure that you track the number of calories that your body intakes since that is included with the recipes as well.

Author: America’s Food Hub

Reason to Buy The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners 2020
1. Ingredient list consists of affordable items.
2. Each of the recipes consists of details regarding nutritional value so that you can keep a track of your diet.
3. You will be able to cook the correct amount of food for yourself and the family since the recipes have an estimation regarding the servings that can be done.

Air Fryer Easy recipe guides Cookbooks

1. Air fry Everything! By Meredith Laurence:

Air fry Everything! By Meredith Laurence

Now you can give your taste buds the treat of having crispy fried foods without the guilt of taking in fat and high calories. Wondering how? Well, since the ?Air Fry Everything!? cookbook does not only have healthy recipes but it also teaches you the method of cooking fried food inside the air fryer while you stay healthy.

The recipes compiled within the cookbook will make you feel cooking inside your kitchen a very comfortable and enjoyable task. And if you are a busy person who has to work and also take care of the family then you will love the cookbook.

Since, the book consists of realistic pictures of food, details of temperature and time settings, the correct amount of ingredients you don?t need to use your brains for figuring out anything. Just following whatever has been written is all you got to do.

About the author- Meredith Laurence

Meredith Laurence began her career by working as a chef in two Michelin-rated restaurants situated in Les-Baux-de-Provence, France after her graduation from the New England Culinary Institute. She later onwards began gaining experience in creating and testing recipes during her product consultation at the center of culinary development. This made her write a lot of well-known cookbooks for people all around the world to try her delicious recipes.

Reason to Buy Air fry Everything
1. Inspires people to lead a healthy lifestyle since the recipes include cooking methods that are tasty, low in terms of fats and calories.
2. Affordable in terms of cost.
3. Encourages cooking comfortably since the recipes are easy to cook and the ingredients can be found in all grocery stores.

2. Paula Deen’s Air Fryer Cookbook:

Paula Deen?s Air Fryer Cookbook

A cookbook where the author makes you feel connected with her surely makes your cooking time comfortable. Doesn?t it? Then, you will love the Paula Deen?s Air Fryer Cookbook. The author Paula Deen did the job of converting her 150 mouthwatering recipes that you normally cook using the stove or the oven into air fryer recipes. She prepared instructions, portions, and timings according to the requirement of an air fryer.

The book she has written well since she included all sorts of meals that you normally cook daily. You will find amazing recipes to cook as appetizers, sides, seafood, poultry, main dishes that include both meat and vegetables and as well as sweets.

About the author- Paula Deen

Paula Deen is known as an expert chef who is known best for cooking dishes related to the southern side. She gained the skills of southern cooking from her grandma. Soon she opened up her first restaurant called ?The Lady and her sons.? with her two sons known as Bobby and Jamie. She is the author of 15 cookbooks and also the owner of a cooking magazine that is known as ?Cooking with Paula Deen.?

Reason to Buy Paula Deen?s Air Fryer Cookbook
1. The book is written by a very well-known successful chef who has good experience in southern cooking style.
2. The book consists of 150 recipes which are huge and gives you a large range to select from.
3. Not expensive to purchase.
4. Clear instructions to set the temperature and time of the air fryer according to the requirement of the recipe have been included.

3. Air fry Every Day by Ben Mims:

Air fry Every Day by Ben Mims

Rather than doing the typical air frying frozen stuff in your air fryer, you can cook a lot of delicious delicacies that you have never thought of. And this ?Air Fry Everyday? cookbook will enlighten you about various mouthwatering 75 different recipes that you have never heard of.

The book is surely very less in terms of price for you to afford. And the only intention that the cookbook has is to make sure that you cook the recipes inside it with healthy, affordable and easily found ingredients. The cookbook will surely not give you a headache and make yourself hunt for ingredients you have never heard of. To add more, don?t sweat out about the recipes being complex. All of them are very easy to prepare and will only take a few minutes of effort.

About the author- Ben Mims:

Ben Mims is currently writing recipes as a cooking columnist for a newspaper known as the Los Angeles time. He is well known for creating recipes and writing them. He was a consultant as well for outlets called Food Network Magazine, Rachael Ray Every Day and Buzz Feed. He resides in Los Angeles.

Reason to Buy Air fry Every Day
1. Easy to cook recipes written with accurate information.
2. These recipes take very tiny times to cook which makes it an ideal 2. cookbook for busy people to follow.
3. Written in language that is easy and can be understood by everyone.

Best Healthy, Low fat, Low cal Air fryer Cookbooks

1. The skinny taste air fryer cookbook by Gina Homolka:

The skinny taste air fryer cookbook by Gina

Apart from the gym trainer instructing you what to it for staying fit and healthy, there are other things that you must follow as guidance. Hence, if you own an air fryer or if you ordered one you can easily use for losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. To know how just get The skinny taste air fryer cookbook.

It is all about teaching you how to cook your favorite meals using healthy meals. You will be able to satisfy your taste buds and as well as all your inner cravings for having delicious food without cheating your gym trainer and diet. To add more, if you have a sweet tooth you can indulge delicious deserts since this cookbook consists of recipes that helps you to cook low-calorie desserts.

About the author- Gina Homolka:

Gina Homolka is the founder of the Skinnytaste blog under which a lot of cookbooks have been written by herself. The Skinnytaste air fryer cookbook is one of the best-selling ones that belong to this series.

Reason to Buy The skinny taste air fryer cookbook
1. Recipes of dishes included for people who prefer having vegetarian, keto-friendly and gluten-free diets. Helpful icons included for indicating these preferences for helping readers.
2. Low-cal dessert recipes included for readers to satisfy cravings of their sweet tooth.
3. Consists of a total of 75 recipes that are different from each other and takes very less time to prepare.

2. The super air fryer cookbook by Brandi Crawford: 

The super air fryer cookbook by Brandi Crawford

For switching up the air frying game to a different level you will need a cookbook that has recipes that are not only mouthwatering but very unique. And you will find that uniqueness in The Super Air Fryer Cookbook.
You will accept to enjoy the taste of fried stuff just the way you like but healthily with the less oil and the guidance of this ultimate cookbook. You will soon see yourself losing weight and getting into your desired body shape with the healthy lifestyle that you will live with the help of this cookbook.

About the author- Brandi Crawford:

Brandi Crawford is an author who herself s always in the motivation of staying fit and healthy. Hence, depending on the passion of living a healthy lifestyle she opened up a blog called Stay Snatched, which is all about teaching people recipes to cook quick, easy and healthy food. Her blog has been featured in various media outlets and few of them are Women?s Health Magazine, Shape Magazine and many more.

Reason to Buy The super air fryer cookbook
1. Written in easy language that consists of detailed instructions so that you don?t take much time for cooking food.
2. Consists of some details about the air fryer operating system to enlighten people that have recently purchased an air fryer.
3. You will find easy recipe levels that will let you know if the food is vegetarian, gluten-free and family favorite.
4. Affordable.

3. The air fryer bible cookbook by Susan LaBorde and Elizabeth Hickman:

The air fryer bible cookbook by Susan LaBorde and Elizabeth Hickman

The slight idea that you have about air fryers is that they are very easy to clean and require very less amount of oil for cooking. But did you know how versatile it is and how many cooking methods can be done with an air fryer? We bet, you surely don?t. Hence, to teach you how to make the utmost use out of an air fryer, the air fryer bible cookbook has been written.

With this cookbook, you can not only cook 100 but 200 different dishes! Yes, you heard it right. And the best thing is that all these recipes of the cookbook are all about teaching you how to eat healthy that is low in terms of fat and carbs. You can start targeting towards losing weight by cooking vegetarian food that is surely amazing in terms of taste and not boring.

About the author- Susan LaBorde and Elizabeth Hickman:

Susan LaBorde is the co-author of The Air Fryer Bible Cookbook and is also the owner of a website called TheHealthyKitchenShop.com. The website consists of an in-depth review of various kitchen products that help an individual shop wisely.

Elizabeth Hickman is another co-author of The Air Fryer Bible Cookbook. She is known to be an amateur chocolatier and a former home-based caterer at an established restaurant.

Reason to Buy The air fryer bible cookbook
1. A comprehensive index helps you to find preferred recipes to main ingredients such as any vegetable or meat very easily.
2. 200 amazing dishes can be cooked that takes very little time and can be easily prepared.
3. Serving capacity, time and temperature requirements, real pictures all these are added to help you find cooking even easier.

4. The healthy air fryer cookbook by Linda Larsen: 

The healthy air fryer cookbook by Linda Larsen

People that have heart conditions do need to make sure that they take special care of themselves. We all know that eating healthy food plays a great role in keeping the human body healthy. An air fryer would be great for cooking food for heart patients but we can?t surely serve the same kind of food over and over again. Hence, the healthy air fryer cookbook will be a great choice since it is providing a healthy heart guarantee.

The cookbook follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association and makes sure that the recipes contain ingredient lists that have low fat and low salt for keeping the heart-healthy. Whether you wish to cook food as an appetizer, breakfast, lunch, and dinner you will surely find various options that will match every family member of your house.

About the author- Linda Larsen:

Linda Larsen with more than 25 years of experience in developing recipes has written 28 cookbooks. She is herself a regular user of an air fryer and has two different cookbooks that are all about air fryer recipes. The cookbooks are called The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook, Amazingly Easy Recipes to Fry, Bake, Grill and Roast with Your Air Fryer and lastly The Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook.

Reason to Buy The healthy air fryer cookbook
1. The cookbook consists of 100+ recipes to choose from.
Recipes are being said to have a healthy heart guarantee since the list of 2. ingredients has low salt and low fat.
3. Encourages a healthy lifestyle since the recipes do not require you to use much oil and also they are easy to cook.

5. The air fryer cookbook by Todd English:

The air fryer cookbook by Todd English

You don?t realize that what kind of a blessing an air fryer is in your life since you get to enjoy the taste, outer crispiness and the tender inside of fried foods without the need of in taking harmful fat, calories and other things that only work of making your body unhealthy. Hence, to make you realize the goodness of an air fryer that you are missing out The Air Fryer Cookbook by Todd English has been written.

About the author- Todd English: 

Todd English is not only an author who writes a cookbook but is also a celebrity chef who is known to have his TV cooking show on PBS. He cooks and demonstrates steps of recipes in his cooking show which people do love to watch. He is currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

Reason to Buy The air fryer cookbook by Todd English
1. Healthy recipes that teach you to enjoy fried foods without taking harmful fat and a high amount of calories.
2. The recipes come with proper pictures, to give you an idea regarding the food and make cooking easy for you.
3. Total of 70 recipes available that can be used for cooking the main dish, appetizers, sides, and desserts.

6. Healthy air fryer cookbook by Dana Angelo White:

Healthy air fryer cookbook by Dana Angelo White

Managing to keep all the essential nutrients of a part of your diet is indeed a very tough job. Hence, to help you out with that you do need a cookbook like a Healthy air fryer cookbook that will enlighten you with recipes that have all the essential nutrients in them. You will also get to know how much calories you are in taking with the food that you cook from the cookbook to keep a track of your diet.

Apart from only teaching you how to cook healthy it also helps you make use of all the versatility that an air fryer has. To be precise, you will get to know about recipes that will help you learn about how to bake, roast and grill using an air fryer.

About the author- Dana Angelo White: 

Dana Angelo is an author who has written this Healthy air fryer cookbook from her experience as a dietician and nutrition consultant. She has written many cookbooks that have recipes concentrating upon the essential nutrition required for the human body to remain healthy and fit.

Reason to Buy Healthy air fryer cookbook
1. The cookbook teaches you how to make use of the versatility of an air fryer for cooking various kinds of dishes.
2. Other than recipes that teach you how to just air fry food you are getting to enjoy 100 recipes from the cookbook that helps you make dishes in various methods.
3. Healthy and nutritious dessert recipes are also included that are low in terms of calories and fats for people who have a very passionate love for sweets.

Vegan air fryer cookbooks to Buy

1. The Vegan Air Fryer by JL Fields:

The Vegan Air Fryer by JL Fields

People say that vegan people are weak since they don?t get to intake protein for muscle development since they avoid eating meat completely. Well, you can prove the sayings of such people wrong since ?The Vegan Air Fryer by JL Fields? cookbook will enlighten you with vegan recipes. The recipes will make sure that you are in taking all sorts of nutrients and go through proper growth and development of your body.

Don?t stress out thinking the vegan recipes will be difficult for making it mouthwatering. The recipes are easy as squeezing lemons since you get to cook them using affordable and easily found ingredients and it will take just a few minutes for cooking.

About the author: JL Fields

JL Fields is an author who wrote 4 vegan cookbooks for making the lives of vegetarians very easy. She is also known to be a Vegan Coach and Educator since she has been certified by Main-Street Vegan Academy. She has her blog as well, known as JLGoesVegan.com that is all about enlightening vegans with vegetarian recipes.

Reason to Buy The Vegan Air Fryer
1. The vegan cookbook consists of 80 different recipes that are easy to cook with simple and easily available ingredients.
2. The cookbook is written in very easy language to read and understand for helping vegetarians cook.
3. The cookbook is very versatile since you will find many dishes to cook for breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snacks and deserts.

2. 5 Ingredient Air Fryer Recipes by Camilla V. Saulsbury

5 Ingredient Air Fryer Recipes by Camilla V. Saulsbury

If you are a person who relies solely on vegetables and does not eat meaty delicacies for various reasons which might be related to religion or health, you will surely love the 5 Ingredient Air Fryer Recipes by Camilla V. Saulsbury. Since this cookbook is all about teaching you vegetarian recipes that will take very little time since all the recipes require just 4 to 5 ingredients for cooking.

Your cooking time is going to completely hassle-free as you have never thought before. The food that you are going to cook will consist of fried items but healthily with very less amount of oil.

About the author- Camilla V. Saulsbury:

Camilla V. Saulsbury is an author who has written over more than 20 cookbooks. She has also been featured in some famous magazines called Good Morning America, Today and the Food Network, and also in The New York Times. She also owns a cooking blog that teaches people how to cook healthy food for both vegans and normal people

Reason to Buy 5 Ingredient Air Fryer Recipes
1. Hassle-free recipes that require only 5 ingredients to cook.
2. Recipes take just 15 to 20 minutes for cooking.
3. Perfect for someone who is a vegan since all the recipes of the cookbook use vegetables.

3. The Effective Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook by Chef Effect

The Effective Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook by Chef Effect

A cookbook that will help you feel more comfortable with using your air fryer so that you get to cook amazing dishes in various methods including frying is surely a blessing. And to add with these benefits you would love the cookbook teaching you a lot of vegetarian recipes being a vegan. Hence, you will find such goodness and benefits to derive from The Effective Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook.

You will get to cook various cuisines like Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian, American, Mediterranean and Mexican. And all of the recipes are incredibly tasty and easy to make that even if a non-veg eater would like to have bites of the vegan foods that you make out of this cookbook.

About the author- Chef Effect:

Chef effect is a company that was established during the year 2016. It consists of a group of people with different professions who develop recipes and write different cookbooks and diet books as well. The one thing that these groups of people have in common is their very passionate interest in living a healthy lifestyle.

Reason to Buy The Effective Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook
1. Not at all costly in terms of price.
2. The cookbook encourages every person reading it to lead a healthy lifestyle by gaining a proper amount of nutrition.
3. The cookbook enables people to try in their homes various kinds of vegan cuisines that will satisfy cravings and cause the mouth to water as well.

Air Fryer Keto diet cookbooks

1. Keto Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners by Robin Clayton: 

Keto Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners by Robin Clayton

Keto diets surely help you get back into your desired shape. But you surely know that you can?t have your favorite food to satisfy your cravings during a keto diet. You need to make sure that you follow things strictly for the diet to provide you with efficient and successful results. Hence, to help you with your weight loss journey you will love the guidance of Keto Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners by Robin Clayton.

The cookbook will teach you recipes that you can have during keto diet and also teach you about a certain food that you must avoid. To add more, you will get to learn essential tips about how you can live a healthier life and as well as get to know other 550 healthy recipes that will go with your keto diet.

About the author- Robin Clayton:

Robin Clayton is an author who has written many cookbooks that helps people to stay healthy and keep motivated during their weight loss journey. He has expertise in health and nutrition for which he came out with this cookbook for helping an individual go through the keto diet.

Reason to Buy Keto Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners
1. New to using an air fryer? Don?t sweat out at all! Since this cookbook is surely going to teach you how to use an air fryer and as well make outmost use of all its versatility.
2. It makes your journey of going through a keto diet very easy with essential guidance, recipes, and tips.

Air fryer cookbooks for diabetics

1. Diabetic Air Fryer Cookbook #2020 by Teresor Highon:

Diabetic Air Fryer Cookbook #2020 by Teresor Highon

To know how to control diabetics you need to know the types of diabetics, the risks of it, the food you must eat and avoid, recipes that are healthy and will ease the problems of diabetics and many more things. What if you get to know all these things and some very beneficial recipes compiled together in one book? It would be incredible! You will get that incredibility in the Diabetic Air Fryer Cookbook #2020.

About the author- Teresor Highon:

Teresor Highon is an expert with knowledge regarding diabetics and has ideas regarding the correct way of taking care of such patients. He has written this book also keeping in mind regarding the taste that people of the current 2020 year prefer. He tried to infuse all his knowledge of diabetics for helping people to live healthily and get the disease under control.

Reason to Buy Diabetic Air Fryer Cookbook #2020
1. You will get to know how to take proper care of your air fryer so that it lasts a long time.
2. The cookbook is going to guide you for a 30-day meal plan that will be making your target towards bringing your diabetes under control a lot easier.
3. The recipes of the book have been properly sectioned into breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, poultry, meat, seafood, sides, and desserts. And yes, of course, all the recipes are with ingredients safe for diabetic patients.

2. The Easy Air Fryer Cookbook by Moore & Wyss:

The Easy Air Fryer Cookbook by Moore & Wyss

People are diabetic need to have a controlled diet since eating way too much can suddenly shoot up their sugar levels and eating too less can cause the sugar level to go way too down. Hence, they must have food with sugar proportions and other essential nutrients in measured amounts so that their sugar levels stay normal. For helping you in this, The Easy Air Fryer Cookbook will be your best friend.

The cookbook consists of recipes with the proper ingredients list that meets the proper nutrition guidelines that are determined by the American Diabetes Association. You will be able to easily plan your meals and keep your diabetics under control so that it cannot weaken you.

About the author- Moore & Wyss:

Kathy Moore and Roxanne Wyss are cookbook authors and bloggers that work together on their blogging site known as www.pluggedintocooking.com. They are close friends and colleagues as well who developed various easy family recipes together using their culinary experience

Reason to Buy The Easy Air Fryer Cookbook
1. It makes the life of a diabetic easy since the number of food ingredients has been listed in the right amounts.
2. The number of servings that each recipe can do has been mentioned as well so that a diabetic gets to eat the right amount of food.
3. 80 delicious recipes that are about teaching you to make most out of your air fryer.

Air fryer cookbooks for two:

1. The essential air fryer cookbook for two by Gina Kleinworth:

The essential air fryer cookbook for two by Gina Kleinworth

Wasting food is something that we all should avoid since this world contains a lot of people that don?t get to have proper meals like us. Hence, to make sure that the food you cook is in the right proportion this the essential air fryer cookbook for two has been written.

The cookbook consists of ingredients and amount recommendations that are perfect for two people to eat when the recipes cooked. This prevents the food from getting wasted or being leftovers.

Furthermore, since this is an air fryer cookbook, you will get the guidance regarding how to use your air fryer if you have newly purchased it. You will be cooking in a healthy way to enjoy delicious dishes and snacks with very little amount of oil and healthy ingredients. to match your taste and carvings you are getting the choice of cooking from 100+ different recipes.

About the author- Gina Kleinworth:

Gina Kleinworth is known as the owner of a lifestyle website which is called KleinworthCo.com. The lifestyle website is all about making the daily life of busy people easy by teaching them cooking recipes of food that take very little time. And also enlighten people on how to live a healthy lifestyle even during very busy days.

Reason to Buy The essential air fryer cookbook for two
1. Encourages using healthy ingredients that are not costly.
2. 100+ recipes to choose from and to make most out of an air fryer.
3. Recipes that it includes takes very less time to cook and is perfect for anyone who is leading a busy life.

Final Verdicts:

To sum up, after reaching the end of this whole the complete air fryer cookbooks buying guide you did get to know about a lot of things. You surely did make a decision on which cookbook to choose depending on your health and the goal that you want to achieve.

If you wish to lose weight, you will find great help if you follow our guide and choose the correct air fryer cookbook. Since all the cookbooks that we have selected are best in serving their purposes.

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