Best Small Air Fryer of 2023 [Complete Review]


Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

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Air Fryers are a healthy options but they tend to be quite big and require a lot of space. If your are low on kitchen top surface then this best small air fryer list is for you.

There is no doubt that we all strive to be healthy and eat clean, but giving up on some of our favorite foods can be a real struggle. Depriving yourself of small pleasures like fries or chicken wings can make you feel unhappy and ask yourself, is it even worth it?

Well, would you believe me if I tell you that there is no need to give up on all your favorite fried foods? With a kitchen appliance like an air fryer, you can prepare them in a healthy and guilt-free way. Cooking in an air fryer will help lower the fat content in foods like fries, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, onion rings, donuts, and many more.

Now that I have your attention, let me help you choose the best small air fryer that will meet all your culinary needs.

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Best Small Air Fryer #1: Crux 3QT Digital Air Fryer

crux 3qt review-min

This Crux air fryer is a top performer thanks to its convenient five preset options that allow you to create tasty meals from crispy chicken wings to a soft mouthwatering loaf of bread. The Crux 3QT is the No. 1 on our list of best small air fryers.

But wait, you can even dehydrate your foods in it, and you know what that means, right? It’s fancy gin and tonic o’clock. Put some thin lemon, lime, and orange slices in for about 6 hours at 175°F. A bit of ice, a pinch of rose pepper, and a slice or two of dehydrated citruses will be more than enough to impress your girls on a casual Friday night.

I got carried away for a sec; how about we continue with our review. So as you can see, this air fryer is very versatile and convenient. All you have to do is put your food in it, set the right temperature and the time, and without any big effort, you will have a tasty meal that is enough to feed 2 or 3 people.

The air fryer uses a stainless-steel heating element that with the help of a 1500-watt power, preheats in no time and lets you cook your food evenly, without risk of burning it. A feature that will, for sure, win you over is an auto shut-off timer. The only drawback is that it can be set for 30 minutes only.

If you spent any time in the kitchen, you know how important is that your kitchen appliances are dishwasher safe. Well, Crux 3QT digital air fryer has a sleek stainless steel design, and all its removable parts can be washed in a dishwasher risk-free!

Small in size but very versatile
Comes with 5 different presets
Fast preheat
Great price
30 minutes auto shut-off

Best Small Air Fryer #2: Kalorik 3.5 Quart Digital Air Fryer Pro

Kalorik 3.5 Quart Digital Air Fryer Pro review

The Kalorik 3.5QT is our runner-up on our best small air fryers list. A traditional, basket-style air fryer with easy-to-read buttons, that is made for handling with ease. This appliance comes in two colors – stainless steel and black. You can choose a design by your preferences; however, there is one small flaw – the black coating is prone to peeling.

It runs under 1400 W of power, so you can be sure that this little beast will produce the crispiest fries ever! Are you in the mood for some comfort food tonight, but you are too tired to bake potatoes and roast chicken? No problem, just set up your temperature between 175°F and 400°F and set the timer up to 60 minutes, and leave it be! Take a mini-break from all the work and wait for your dinner to be ready.

I am a very big fan of the basket’s removable tray and nonstick interior. The Kalorik air fryer saves you a lot of time by allowing you to cook two layers of food at the same time by using a dual-layer rack. Choose any of the 8 already preprogrammed cooking presets, and cook the meals that are out of this world and guilt-free.

This product offers a great value for the price, and with a 3.5-quart square spacious basket can feed a family of three. You will be thrilled how easy it is to clean this air fryer with soapy lukewarm water and by hand; however, all the removable parts are dishwasher friendly as well.

Comes with 8 preprogrammed cooking presets
Suitable for dishwasher
Comes with dual-layer rack
The coating on the black-colored model tends to peel off

Best Small Air Fryer #3: BELLA 2.9QT Manual Air Fryer

This one is the smallest air fryer model on our best small air fryer list, or maybe even on Amazon, I’m not quite sure since this appliance is seriously small. So if your are low on space you shoud go for the Bella 2.9QT. But do not be fooled this little one will stun you with how powerful and endurable it is!

The size is a great and a bad thing at the same time, considering the fact that an air fryer won’t take up much space, but it as well won’t feed too many people (it can hold an amount of food that is enough for only two).

It is straightforward to use and requires a manual setup. There is an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set up temperatures in the range of 175°F to 400°F. Also, you can set up a timer to 60 minutes that will automatically shut off when the food is done and alarm you with a subtle beep.

This model is a 5-in-1-multicooker, so you can prepare the various types of food in it. There is no need to worry about undercooked or overcooked food; BELLA uses circular heat technology that evenly cooks your food. Just make sure you do not overfill the basket so the air can run through smoothly. The heating element is a solid 1400 W strong, which is more than enough for this baby.

The interior of the frying basket is non-stick and PFOA-free, so you are granted that this is, for sure, a healthy alternative for traditional deep frying. The only thing I do not like about this model is the portability; I mean the lack of this option. There is no handle, so you need to pack it up to take it with you.


Miniature and powerful
Dishwasher safe
Adjustable temperature
Small size
Hard to transport without a handle

Best Small Air Fryer #4: Crux 3.7QT Manual Air Fryer


Just like his predecessor, the Crux 3.7QT is a manual air fryer that is great for people who like to keep things simple and old-school style. If you are not a big fan of digitalization in the kitchen, then this appliance is your go-to choice.

It is equipped with a thermostat that allows you to set up a temperature to 400°F and a timer that runs for 30 minutes and then automatically shut-offs with a beep. To be honest, I do not like the timer amount since 30 minutes is just too little time. But hey, nothing is perfect, right?

Crux 3.7QT is a 5-in-1-multicooker without already programmed presets, which is a bummer. It might seem like I am casting a shadow on this little kitchen helper, but I don’t. In reality, this air fryer is perfect for what he is intended to do, and that is to create a tasty, crispy, golden fried food that is oil-free.

Yup, it is an actual champ in this field. Crux 3.7QT is powered by 1400 watts strong heating element that evenly fries your food until it’s juicy and delicious, without compromising the crispiness and deliciousness.

We all know that the hard part of cooking is not the preparation and actual process; it’s in all the cleaning afterward. The great news is that the inside is non-stick and dishwasher safe! What more can a busy girl ask for?

As you can see I included 2 Crux Air Fryers. Well its not a secret that we are big fan of the brand. You can check out our complete review on their air fryers here.

Compact and powerful
Great value for the price
Dishwasher safe
Straightforward to use
The timer runs only for 30 minutes
No digital display

What to consider before and after buying

Now that I got you hooked and you decided to say yes to a healthier way of cooking, it is time to talk about the things you need to take into consideration before buying an air fryer. Let’s run quickly over my checklist:

  1. Small, medium, or large -The first thing to check is always capacity. Under 3 quart an air fryer can be considered small. Take some time and think about which one you need, and for how many people you will cook in it regularly. Smaller units are typically enough for up to 2 people. The medium units are good for smaller families that count up to 5 members, while large units are for those that need to feed more than 7 people per meal. Also, opt for fryers with double-layer racks for more convenience.
  2. The right type – Air fryers come in three different styles- a basket-style air fryer, a pressure cooker air fryer, and a convection oven air fryer. The first one is the most popular. The downside of pressure cooker air fryers is that you can only use one preset at a time. Other oven-style air fryers are large with doors and racks. Choose the type wisely and according to your needs.
  3. Temperature – Most air fryers allow you to set up a temperature in the range of 175 to 400 Fahrenheit, and this is enough for regular daily needs. If you need an air fryer that can defrost and cook food faster, then you need an air fryer that can reach higher temperatures.
  4. Power – Make sure your unit is compatible with your kitchen outlet wattage support. The standard wattage for air fryers is from 800 to 1500 watts. Those units that run on 1800 watts heating elements can reach higher temperatures, and they are more suitable for people that prepare deep-frozen foods.

After you went over this list and chosen an appropriate model the first thing you will do when you take your new baby home is to prepare it for its first use. Follow these steps:

  1. Place the unit in a spacious and well-ventilated spot.
  2. Wash the baking basket and dry it well.
  3. Put it back in the air fryer without any food in it.
  4. Set it on the highest temperature for 10 to 15 minutes to get rid of all the fabric smell from it.
  5. Now you are safe to try your first recipe.


If you always wanted to cook with less oil, this is the perfect time to do something about it. An air fryer is a change you need in your life it will allow you to cook tasty and quick meals without leaving your back in the kitchen.

In this article, I listed my top four choices for the best small air fryer, and my recommendation is to carefully pay attention to Kalorik 3.5 Quart Digital Air Fryer Pro. For me, this model is an absolute winner in all the categories; however, the choice is only yours.

Take your time, and if you are still in doubt, the best thing you can do is reread this article once again. Don’t put pressure on yourself, and remember, if you choose any model that I mentioned above, you won’t make a bad decision.

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