Best Microwave Air Fryer Combo of 2023 [Complete Guide]


Last Updated: July 5th, 2023

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Sadly not everyone is blessed with a spacious kitchen with a lot of free surfaces that allow us to display a myriad of kitchen appliances that we do not need to be honest, but it is nice to have them. If you have a tiny kitchen then you surely know how hard it is to choose which appliances won’t cut to the list under the name “essentials”.

However, it is hard to decide between two of the most commonly used kitchen appliances, her majesty the microwave oven and not so shabby and very popular air fryer. For a lot of people those two are the essential things that every kitchen must have. So why not put it in one machine and save space? That is exactly what several brands did and we’re going to go through on the best microwave air fryer combos of 2022.

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Best Microwave Air Fryer Combo: Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven with Air Fryer

best microwave air fryer combo panasonic

The Panasonic HomeChef is an ultimate 4-in-1 kitchen appliance that can function as a microwave, an air fryer, a convection oven, and a broiler, depending on what you need! Before you take a look at the price and reconsider your decision think about how much space this little beast can save you? Also, do a little price research for every appliance on its own, and you will see that there is not much difference.

So why the Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 is the best all-around microwave air fryer combo?

  • You can use each of the above-mentioned functions alone, as well in combination with each other (2 of the 4 combinations at the same time).
  • The air fryer mode functions beautifully; just set the time and the temperature, and your chicken wings will be juicy and crispy without a single drop of oil!
  • Panasonic has a collaboration with the recipe app fresco that you can download and receive tailor-made recipes for your kitchen appliance
  • It can be built in to your kitchen cabinet. I love kitchen appliances that can be built in to your kitchen cabinets. As far as I see this is the only microwave air fryer combo that can do that and thank god it is the best all-around one.

Baking is my passion. I love the taste of caramelized roasted veggies and meat this is my favorite way to prepare Sunday lunch; however, I often do not have so much free time to prepare the meal for hours. That is where the Panasonic HomeChef 4-in1 comes in handy considering you can set up higher temperatures to 425 Fahrenheit, and your cooking time will be reduced. You can choose between two different settings – baking and roasting.

The broil and microwave function can assist you in defrosting and reheating your food in minutes. It comes with 20 preset functions.

The Panasonic HomeChef is a 4-in-1 microwave oven that sports even a smart cooking power of 1000 watts that can evenly and quickly defrost, reheat, cook, and warm your food. The sleek stainless design looks very aesthetic and also guarantees you the easiest cleaning. The only downside is that the buttons do not have any backlight, so you might have a bit of a hard time reading them.

Powerful 1000 W 4-in-1 kitchen appliance
Sleek stainless steel design that is easy to maintain
Comes with 20 preset functions
Safety lock

The price is a bit high
Buttons do not have any backlight

Runner-up: Galanz GSWWA16S1SA10 3-in-1 SpeedWave with TotalFry 360, Microwave, Air Fryer

best microwave air fryer combo galanz

This air fryer is also on top of our list and it only has a slight disadvantage to the HomeChef 4-in-1. On the other hand the price tag is much better. It has everything you need to cook your food perfectly every single time. The powerful 1000 W SpeedWave technology will step up your culinary game for sure!

What impressed me the most is the TotalFry 360 convection technology that allows heated air to circulate throughout the oven and cooks your food evenly. You can reheat, fry, and bake your food with ease without risking any hotspots, thanks to the direct heat. Even delicate food ingredients that tend to become dry, like seafood, fish, and chicken wings, will be cooked perfectly.

The oven has a 1.6 cubic feet capacity, and it also features combi-speed cooking, which brings the best out of the microwave’s intense heat and speed. This oven has a convenient timer with a built-in humidity sensor that will ensure your food always gets cooked just right, forget about over or undercooked meals!

It comes already preprogrammed with 10 different presets. Besides the regular defrost, air fry, and bake option, you can opt for popcorn, sensor cook, or a combination of microwave and convection oven that you can use separately. The oven is made from stainless steel that is easy to clean and gives an overall stylish yet very simple look.

However, there are a few things that I need to point out; first, the size and weight of this appliance. If you have very little free space in your kitchen, this is not a product for you since it is pretty large and heavy. The other thing that I do not like is that the glass on the door is too dark, so you can’t sneak a peek inside during the cooking process, and we all agree that is a big no-no.

TotalFry 360 convection technology provides even circulation of heated air
Comes with 10 different presets
Features a safety lock and built-in humidity sensor

This oven requires a lot of space
The glass on the door is too dark

TOSHIBA 7-in-1 Microwave Oven with Air Fryer

best microwave air fryer combo toshiba

The name says it all. Behold the 7-in-1 kitchen miracle. When I say that this appliance can do everything, I do mean like that. The preset menu offers you 25 different cooking options, of which 10 are air frying settings that will help you create healthy and tasty dishes in no time. A bad thing is that you need to preheat the oven for the air frying option, and it can take some time.

You can also use this oven as a microwave with 11 different presets and 6 defrost options; it’s crazy, I know! The convection oven is my favorite; you can use it to bake and broil your food until it gets perfectly crispy and charred flavored. Believe me, even the baked goods that need to rise like muffins and cakes won’t fail you down in this oven.

But what makes this oven special is 4 low-temperature settings for dehydrating fruits and vegetables! Now you can munch on healthy veggies chips while binge-watching your favorite show guilt-free! Yet this is not all; you can also ferment ingredients like yogurt, kefir, and dough in it. To be honest, is there anything else you need from this handy kitchen appliance?

This all is packed in a pretty compact size which is incredible, the capacity is only 0.9 cubic feet, so you guess that the size is not a problem at all. On the other hand, this is a 1400 W oven, but because of the many functions, there are 10 different power settings you can use. For all of you who prefer to save on energy, this appliance also comes with an eco-setting that reduces energy usage when it is not in use.

The impeccable black stainless steel design will seamlessly match every kitchen style no question asked. There is no keypad which is a good and a bad thing. It is good because the overall look is simple; however, scrolling through 25 different presets takes some time.


Great price, this is the best value for the money
It comes with 25 different presets
Stylish and powerful
Equipped with an eco-setting that saves energy
Compact size

The air fryer option needs preheating, and it can take some time
No actual keypad; scrolling through the menu is a bit nerve breaking if you are in a hurry

Cuisinart AMW-60 3-in-1 Microwave Airfryer Oven

best microwave air fryer combo cuisinart

This little oven is perfect for all those who need a powerful kitchen appliance but they simply do not have enough space. The Cuisinart microwave is the smallest oven you can get that holds so much power in it. To be more precise, 11 different power levels boosted by a 1500 W heater; ain’t bad at all.

Just like all other products from this list, this one also is a combination of three appliances in one; microwave, air fryer, and convection oven making it ideal for multiple purposes. What I love about this product is the smart technology that makes this kitchen appliance easy to use.

First, the specially engineered fan ensures that your food will be evenly cooked every time due to circulating hot air; so there is no chance of burning your meal. The second great thing is that it also comes equipped with a defrost setting that calculates the exact time it will need to defrost your frozen meal according to the weight. It comes with already installed preset heating options, an auto-cook feature, three air fryers presets, and six microwave presets.

My two favorite presets are potato reset, which makes your fries perfectly golden and crispy every time, and a beverage preset that hits the perfect coffee temperature. The only downside is the size since the 0.6 cubic capacity is enough for 1 to 2 people.

The stainless steel interior and exterior are easy to clean and will not absorb any cooking smells and odors. Also a sleek touchpad control panel with a LED display allows you straightforward control.

A downside for me that even though it is serves only 1- 2 people the appliance itself is quite big compared to a small air fryer.

Comes with already installed presets
Features 11 different power levels
A handy smart defrost setting
Easy to clean and use
The capacity is suitable for 1 to 2 people only

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Fryer Microwave Combos

What Is An Air Fryer Microwave Combo?

It is a combination of an air fryer and a microwave built into one kitchen appliance. Most brands have a function that let you use the 2 combination together that results in a unique kitchen appliance that allows you to cook food by using two different cooking methods – hot air circulation and microwave radiation.

Are air fryer microwave combos worth it?

I personally try to minimize the usage of microwaves but its quite hard if you are a busy person. Sometimes you just need to be very productive with your kitchen time and in those times a microwave can come very handy. When you have a little bit more time there is the air fryer function that can cook you delicious and healthy food in under 15 minutes. I think it is a nice golden middle road for those who lack the space and time, but also want to have a healthy options when it comes to preparing food.

What you should consider before buying a microwave air fryer combo?

There are a couple of things to take into consideration, but mainly it all comes down to what exactly you are looking for.

Functionality is the first thing you should pay attention to. Does the microavawe defrosts or reheat the food properly? Does the air fryer function makes the food crispy enough under a reasonable amount of time? These are all very important questions. Check out the reviews on Amazon for the different products to make sure they live up to your expectations. I love all-in-one products but sometimes their functionality are worse than if you get these products separately.

The next most important thing is power. Make sure you know how high or low you can set it, the intensity is very important, you won’t defrost the meat on the highest setting! Look for the ones that have an eco option available so you can save up some energy when you do not use it.

Consider for how many people you will cook in this oven, when you figure this out then you will know which size you need. This is especially important because air fryer microwaves do come in quite a lot of sizes. Make sure to choose one that will fit your needs. The capacity goes from 0.6 cubic feet up to 2 cubic feet, and the lowest size can feed 1 or 2 people.
Think about the durability and cleaning, so try to choose the one made from stainless steel with scratch-resistant glass that must be see-through! Everything else is up to your preferences, the color, the brand, how many preset functions it has, does it has a safety lock or not, those are small details that only enhance the product but they aren’t vital factors.

Benefits of using microwave air fryer combo

I will be straightforward with you; I hate doing dishes. Considering I have a small kitchen, I do not own a dishwasher, so you might get why I appreciate having this combo. I only get to wash one kitchen appliance instead of three different.

I already mentioned it saves a lot of space and money, but it saves you a lot of time. Considering it can heat up quickly and reach higher temperatures your meals will be defrosted, reheated, and cooked faster. It contributes to your healthy diet; there is no need to use any oil when preparing your meals. Finally, last but not least, it uses the air circulating method, so your food is always evenly cooked.

Downfalls of using microwave air fryer combo

Microwave air fryer combos are fast, but the main downside is their small capacity. They are great if you want to prepare food for a few people, but the maximum is four. In some you can fit a whole chicken in, but nothing else at the same time, which will end up costing me more time (whereas microwave air fryer combos should spare me time not cost me more).

If you’d like to bake using this appliance, you will need to consider batch baking, and making adjustments to most of the recipes.

The last thing is the price. Compared to an up-scale air fryer it is at least double the price. But if you add the price of the 2 appliances together you are somewhere even with the investment. On the other hand if you need a microwave and an air fryer then you don’t really have a choice.

In most cases an air fryer can replace a microwave but microwaves have some advantages too. So if you need those advantages then the best microwave air fryer combo is definitely for you.


In conclusion if you are a student, a busy couple, or someone who wants to air fry and use a microwave, it is worth considering to buy the best microwave air fryer combo. Otherwise I would buy an up-scale air fryer separately, like a Kalorik or a PowerXL. Also it is worth doing your research on the effects of microwaved foods. It is a very controversial topic and no one knows the truth yet. But if you use the microwave a lot then I definitely suggest you to get your hands on one of these beauties and try to use the air fryer function as much as possible (or the combination of the 2).

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