Best Dual Basket Air Fryers – Top 4 of 2022

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The next big thing in the air fryer world is definitely going to be the dual basket air fryers. But what are they exactly? I’ll answer to that question too but first you’ll learn about which is the best dual basket air fryer currently available.

Only a handful of brands have got on this trend but sooner or later the others will join I’m sure. They make it very easy to cook 2 foods (for example a main dish and a side dish) very easily with a perfect finish that we got used to with air fryers.

Here are the best dual basket air fryers that I’m going to review here are:

Our top pick: CRUXGG 6-in-1 9qt Air Fryer with TriZone TechnologyRemovable basket divider, reasonable price and an awesome design

Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart 6-in-1 DualZone The bets-seller at the moment with the most reviews

Chefman TurboFry 9QT Dual Basket The cheapest in the list

Instant Vortex Plus XL 8 Quart 8-in 1 Dual BasketIt has a look through window that can come handy

So let’s what each of these dual basket air fryers have to offer.

Best Dual Basket Air Fryer: CRUXGG 6-in-1 9qt Air Fryer with TriZone Technology

best dual basket air fryer - cruxgg-min

Why we like it:

  • You can take out the divider and use it as 1 large air fryer
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek design


  • Sometimes the touchpad doesn’t respond on first try
  • Heats up a bit slower than the competition

The CruxGG 6-in-1 9QT is the top on our list. It’s a 9QT air fryer which means its huge so make sure you have enough space in your kitchen. The biggest basket-style air fryers you can get are around the 9-10QT sizes.

Depending how you use it but it can cook food for up to 5 people in my opinion. If you use the separator to cook a main and a side dish then it is definitely enough for 3-4 people.

It has a very sleek design in my opinion. It is available in 2 colors: snow white and smoke gray. Both has a matte finish. The digital interface has a red light which blends beautifully with the white or grey color of the body.

It is a Dual air fryer which means it has 2 baskets or actually 1 basket that has a separator. The 2 baskets can be used separately and together also if you take the basket divider out (unlike with the Ninja DualZone or others where you can only use the 2 baskets separately).

CruxGG calls this Trizone technology. It has 2 heating elements for each basket.

If you use the baskets separately it has a Sync function. This means that if you set a different time for your foods it will sync together and your food will be ready at the same time.

The maximum temperature is 450 degrees. Most air fryers heat up to 400 degrees but competitor dual basket air fryers usually heat up to 450 degrees which can be regarded as a high temperature air fryer.

A bit of a disadvantage is that many customers pointed out that it heats up a little slow but most customers doesn’t seem to mind it. For me the few extra minute is not a deal breaker because it is still much faster than heating up a traditional oven.

The price is lower than the competition which is probably because this is till a new brand. So you can find pretty good deals now for this air fryer.

Please be careful because this are fryer is big. So if you lack countertop space, then it will be quite difficult to make space for this machine.

The majority of customers love this product. This customer summarizes the CruxGG 9QT very well:

“So far, so good. The materials and performance are fantastic. It works great, cleans easily, and most importantly (to me) it’s not ugly on my countertops. I’ve only been using it for a week or so, I hope it holds up because it is really stunning.”

So in case you are looking for a dual basket air fryer where the baskets can be used together or separately this CruxGG air fryer reviewed here is a great choice.

We have made a complete article about this product and a review about the whole brand if you want more info on it.

Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart 6-in-1 DualZone

best dual basket air fryer - ninja

Why we like it:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in 10 quart version
  • Heats up to 450 degrees
  • Faster than the CruxGG


  • Design is simple
  • Cooking chart is a bit inaccurate
  • Basket can only be used separately

The Ninja Foodi DualZone is also one of the best dual basket air fryers out there so its a great choice also for someone who wants to try this new air fryer technology.

It has alsmot 16,000 reviews with 89% of them 5 stars which is crazy. I have only put it at second place because it is more expensive and I don’t like the design that much.

It has 6 functions: Air Broil, Air Fry, Roast, Reheat, Dehydrate and Bake.

Besides the 6 functions it has 2 sync functions:

MatchCook – It means that both baskets will use the same preset for the same time on the same temperature. This one is nothing special

SmartFinish – You can set different temperature, timer and preset and they will finish at the same time. This is basically the function what a dual basket air fryer was made for. Usually not just the best dual basket air fryers have this function so this one’s a must if you are looking for such an air fryer.

Some of the suggested times for the foods provided in the booklet doesn’t reflect reality so be careful. In the beginning it might require a bit of experimenting with the temperature and timing.

There are 15 recipes in the booklet like doughnut, Italian sausages, pork loin and so on.

It has a dehydrate function with a maximum timer of 12 hours, which is great for making dried fruits in your air fryer.

I’m not a great fan of the design. The stickers on both sides really give deteriorates the look of the air fryer. Also it is all grey and black. I’d love a little more colour that would shake up the aesthetics a bit. For me design is a great deal because I like to have my kitchen to look aesthetic but if its not a big deal for you then the Ninja is still a great choice for everyone.

Each side has a 4 quart basket. It easily fits 4 chicken breast fillet and by using the other basket to cook some side dish the DualZone air fryer is comfortably enough to cook for 4 people.

The Ninja DualZone heats up to 450 degrees if required while the standard air fryers only heat up to 400 degrees which is also a plus.

Chefman TurboFry 9QT dual basket

best dual basket air fryer - chefman-min

Why we like it:

  • It has a shake reminder
  • Its cheap


  • It doesn’t have a dehydrator function
  • Very simple design

The main advantage of the Chefman Turbofry dual basket compared to its competitors is definitely its price. It is much cheaper than the others and now you can get it at even a discount.

It has the same 2 options that most dual basket air fryers has: Sync Baskets and Sync Finish

If you choose Sync Baskets the two baskets will start the timer at the same time and it will have the same temperature.

With Sync Finish you can set different presets, temperature and time and the food will be ready at the same time.

It has a shake reminder for the presets that I haven’t seen for the other models which is good if your are a beginner with air fryers.

You can choose from 8 presets: Chicken, Fries, Burger, Bacon, Fish, Veggies, Steak, Shrimp

For me I like if the presets are named after their function (like broil, bake, air fry etc.).

I think this is a big disadvantage for the Chefman Turbofry dual basket because it doesn’t give you much flexibility.

Instant Vortex Plus XL 8 Quart 8-in 1 Dual Basket

best dual basket air fryer - instant-min

Why we like it:

  • Look through windows on the basket
  • Easy to use touch screen that looks nice


  • Comes with 1 recipe only
  • Heats up to 400 degrees only

The Instant Vortex XL Dual Basket is the last on our list but it only falls short with a few minor disadvantages. But let’s start with the advantages.

What is a great plus is that this air fryer has a glass window and interior lighting which makes it easy for you to check your food while its cooking without opening the air fryer.

This one has a sync finish mode as well. Once you press it there is going to be a little flag icon that indicates that it is on.

A shortfall is that it comes with one recipe that is not even a dual basket recipe. Although you can find loads of recipes for air fryers on the internet but dual basket air fryers are a rather new technology so it is really required to have at least a dozen recipes for a new type of air fryer like these ones.

This air fryer has a 400 degree maximum temperature whereas the other ones in the list have mostly a 450 degree finish. This is an individual decision if you need the higher temperatures but be sure to check out a few recipes that you may want to cook and might need a higher temp.

One thing I don’t like is that Instant says it is a 8-in-1 air fryer but it only has 6 presets. The other 2 is the SyncFinish and the SyncCook which is just 2 options for if we want them to cook parallelly or to finish cooking at the same time. If found this a bit deceiving because these are just 2 options that you can use with any other 6 presets and basically all the dual basket air fryers have these 2 options. Although this doesn’t take away any of the quality that Instant provides but its just wrong to market it as a 8-in-1 product when it is just a 6-in-1 like the rest of the dual basket air fryers reviewed here.

You can get it in an 8 Quart size with two 4 quart baskets that easily feeds a family of four if you are cooking a main dish and a side dish.

What is a Dual basket air fryer?

A dual basket air fryer is an air fryer that has 2 distinct baskets built into one air fryer appliance. It lets you cook 2 different foods at the same time.

You can cook your food parallelly or press a sync button that will let your food to be ready at the same time. For example if you set one basket to 40 minutes and the second basket to 20 minutes the second basket will hold for 20 minutes after it starts cooking so your food will be ready at the same time

Advantages of a Dual Basket Air Fryer

The main advantage of a dual basket air fryer is that you can cook 2 foods at the same time without the foods touching each other and mixing flavors.

For example you can cook meats in one basket and French fries in the other.

With a simple basket air fryer you would do the same by pouring the food into the same basket and thus mixing the flavours. Some people don’t mind this but for a perfect experience it is better if the foods don’t touch.

Another advantage is that you can set the 2 baskets with different presets, time and temperature. For example with an air fryer oven you can cook different foods on the different racks but since the cooking area is the same you can’t set a different time and temperature for them.

Moreover the foods in the 2 baskets will be ready at the same time by pressing the Sync button.

It is perfect for people who have a family of 3-4 people and cook multiple food with air fryers at the same time.

Disadvantages of a Dual Basket Air Fryer

There are some obvious disadvantages of dual basket air fryers.

The first one is that they are big. Like really big. The Ninja Foodi is only 15.63 inches wide but the CruxGG Trizone is 19 inches wide. So be prepared to offer a generous amount of counterspace for a dual basket air fryer

Usually the price is higher by substantial amount then a regular air fryer. Although the Chefman is a pretty good deal so that one’s an exception. But for this price you could get an air fryer oven that has a bigger capacity and more functionality.

Although you can’t sync cooking with an air fryer oven. So it is really down to your needs and the type of foods you are going to cook


So to sum it up the best dual basket air fryer in my opinion at the moment is the CRUXGG 6-in-1 9qt Air Fryer with TriZone Technology. Mainly for the basket divider, its price point and its awesome design. All the other options are very good also and you won’t be dissatisfied if you go with the Ninja, Instant or Chefman.

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