Best Air Fryer Dehydrator Combo: 2023 Top Picks and Buying Guide


Last Updated: April 5th, 2023

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Are you looking for the best air fryer dehydrator combo? You don’t need to search far! Read on and we’ll share the top brands and models that should be on your radar.

If you’re someone like me who like to do things quickly, an air fryer is a worthy investment. Nonetheless, those who want a kitchen appliance that can do more might want to look for versatility. That is when an air fryer with a built-in dehydrator becomes handy. The dehydrator function is useful for evaporating moisture from food, such as fruits and vegetables.

Here’s a quick look at the products with incredible ratings from its past users:

Ninja SP101 Digital Air Fryer: The winner of this roundup is a compact air fryer with a flip-away design for space-efficient storage. 

Kalorik Maxx Complete Digital Air Fryer Oven: With its French door design, 21 smart presets, and 15 deluxe accessories, this product is an exceptional choice.

Chefman Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer: More than being affordable, this model is well-loved because it has a compact design, making it ideal for small kitchens.

Ninja DT201 Foodi XL Pro Air Fryer: From the 1,800-watt heating power to the digital display handle, this air fryer dehydrator combo is another option you must not miss. 

Cosori CS100-AO Air Fryer Oven: Equipped with modern functionalities, you can control this product through the mobile app or even your voice. 


Best Overall: Ninja SP101 Digital Air Fry Over


What I Like:

  • Space-efficient flip design
  • Has six infrared heating elements for quick heating
  • Removable back panel for easy cleaning


  • Not for large items

With more than 20,000 Amazon reviews, mostly five stars, this air fryer with dehydrator from Ninja is my top pick. It’s a bit expensive, but considering the brand name, performance, and features, I believe the price is worth it.

I checked reviews about this air fryer, and one often given words of praise is the space-saving design, which is a unique feature. You can flip it on the side during storage. As such, I highly recommend this to those who have tiny kitchens. You can easily store it against the cabinet or backsplash of your kitchen as it saves as much as 50% storage space.

The 8-in-1 functionality means it’s versatile. Aside from being an air fryer and dehydrator, it also has dedicated functions for air broil, air roast, keep warm, toast, bagel, and bake. For the toast function, there’s even an option to choose the doneness and darkness of bread.

Another nice feature is the Digital Crisp Control technology. It automatically controls fan speed and temperature, which will eliminate guesswork. Not to mention, the unit comes with six infrared heating elements for quick and powerful cooking.

One more thing I like about this product is how you can open the back panel. It makes it easy to access everything in the interior, which simplifies cleaning.

However, one of its shortcomings is that it has a limited capacity. The interior height is only approximately 3 inches, which means that it can fit only small items. 

Easy Clean-up with French Door Design: Kalorik Maxx Complete Digital Air Fryer Oven

kalorik maxx best 26 quart air fryer dehydrator with racks

What I Like:

  • Has a French door design for easy clean-up
  • Comes with 21 cooking presets
  • Has 15 deluxe accessories


  • The loud beeping can be annoying
  • There is a gap between the doors

You’ll find different Kalorik air fryers in the market, and the Maxx is one of their best-sellers. Among others, it stands out because of its size. It has a 26-quart capacity, which makes it perfect for large kitchens and families.

One of the biggest differences from the other four products in this buying guide is the design of the door. It has a French door design that opens on the side instead of top to bottom. This can prevent oil from dripping on the door, making it easy to clean. There aren’t many air fryer ovens with a french door design actually. The only other one I saw is the Emeril 360.

To make dehydrating easy, it comes with the accessories you will need. For instance, it has two dehydrating racks. Alternatively, you will find two dehydrating trays, which you can also use for cooking steaks. Those are just some of the 15 deluxe accessories included with the purchase of this air fryer.

Another reason why I love this air fryer dehydrator combo is that it comes with 21 presets. It has the most presets of all the products in this review. Aside from air fry and dehydrate, you can also choose steak, chicken, ribs, wings, shrimp, pizza, corn, and fries, among others.

While it’s a minor issue, I read reviews from people who noted that it has a loud beeping, which can be annoying. Some users also shared that the gap between the door can let heat escape from the interior.

An Affordable Choice for Small Kitchens: Chefman Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer

best 10 quart air fryer dehydrator - chefman

What I Like:

  • Compact profile for tiny space
  • Affordable
  • Accommodates three racks


  • Heating can be inconsistent across racks

Those who have a small kitchen should consider this product. Not to mention, it’s also ideal for people on a budget. With a ten-liter capacity, it’s one of the smallest in this review.

Despite its size, it has an efficient design. For instance, one thing I like is how you can fit up to three racks in the interior. This is useful when you have to dehydrate a lot, which eliminates the need to cook in batches. Such is important considering how dehydrating can be time-consuming.

Aside from air frying and dehydrate, it also has bake and rotisserie cooking functions. Meanwhile, you can choose from 17 presets to automatically program the time and temperature depending on what you are cooking.

The air fryer has more than 10,000 Amazon reviews with a lot of five-star ratings. The latter proves that many users are happy about it.

While using multiple racks can increase the capacity, the problem is that it may result in inconsistent heating. Some users shared that it could have uneven cooking depending on the rack level where the food is at.

Modern Design with a Digital Display Handle: Ninja DT201 Foodi XL Pro Air Fryer

best air fryer dehydrator combo_ninja dt201

What I Like:

  • Has True Sound Convection for powerful heating
  • Shows optimal rack positions for the best results
  • Modern design with a digital display handle


  • Expensive

With 1,800 watts, this air fryer dehydrator combo is a powerful kitchen appliance. As such, you can expect quick heating. Plus, it has a feature known as True Sound Convection, which sets it apart from many of its competitors. It combines a high-velocity fan, rear heat source, and surround airflow. They work together to create powerful heated airflow that reaches all areas in the interior.

Aside from air frying and dehydrating, this 10-in-1 kitchen appliance delivers a multitude of other functions. There are also programs for air roast, whole roast, bake, bagel, toast, reheat, broil, and pizza.

One of the unique features of this air fryer dehydrator combo is the 2 Level Button. Press it and the display will show the optimal rack positions. It will let you know whether 1, 2, 3, or 4 is the best position for optimal heating.

I also like the modern design of this appliance. The control panel is incorporated into the handle. It makes the most of the available space.

If there’s one drawback, however, it would be the price. With the same price as the Kalorik Maxx Complete Digital Air Fryer Oven, it’s the most expensive in the review (therefore it is also on our most expensive air fryers list). However, I think that the cost is justifiable, especially given everything that it can do.

Air Fryer Dehydrator Combo with App and Voice Control: Cosori CS100-AO Air Fryer Oven

cosori best air fryer dehydrator combo

What I Like:

  • Generous capacity
  • Smart control using an app or voice command
  • Powerful heating element


  • Requires a lot of space

If you’re looking for the best 26-quart air fryers, this is one option to consider. This air fryer dehydrator combo has generous cooking space and allows cooking on multiple levels. It has 12 functions, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen. There’s also one function that I don’t often see in many of its competitors – ferment.

I recommend this air fryer dehydrator combo for those who want a modern kitchen. One of its highlights is smart control. Download the VeSync app to make the most of its functions. You can also use voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

The power of this product is second to none. It has 1,800 watts, which is the same as the Ninja DT201 Foodi XL Pro Air Fryer. It is also good to note that it has six heating elements that will ensure quick heating. Many of the dehydrators in the market have lower wattage, so this appliance can be beneficial if you’re looking for speed. 

Nonetheless, this isn’t for people with small kitchens. I have seen many reviews highlighting how large the unit is.

Air Fryer vs Dehydrator: A Quick Comparison

On their own, an air fryer and dehydrator are distinct appliances with different features and functions. Below is a quick comparison of the two:

  • Temperature: One of the biggest differences is the temperature they generate. A dehydrator usually generates 95 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, most air fryers can reach a temperature range of 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Time: If you want to cook food quickly, it’s hard to go wrong with air fryers. It will take five to 15 minutes on average to cook. On the other hand, dehydrating is a lengthy process, which can take up to 48 hours.
  • Output: In an air fryer, you can cook food with a crispy exterior and juicy interior. On the other hand, a dehydrator removes moisture from food, resulting in something thin, such as jerky.
  • Versatility: Most air fryers can deliver multiple cooking functions, and that includes a dedicated program to dehydrate. In contrast, most dehydrators are built for one function – to dehydrate.

The good news is that you no longer need to choose between an air fryer and a dehydrator. You will find plenty of air fryers with built-in dehydrator, including the five products I talked about in this review.

Final Verdict

The best air fryer dehydrator combo is a versatile addition to any kitchen. Aside from those two functions, many of them have cooking presets, which eliminate the need to manually input time and temperature.

Of the five products in this review, the winner is Ninja SP101 Digital Air Fry Over. It’s a compact, powerful, and reliable air fryer with a flip-away design that makes it space-efficient. Best of all, it’s from a reliable brand, so you can have peace of mind regarding its longevity and performance.

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