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You may have just stuck to simply using the “air fry” function on your air fryer or perhaps bought a new one that has a whole host of new features you have not had access to before. So, how can the roast setting on an air fryer help you to up your cooking game?

The roast setting on an air fryer allows you to easily cook meats and veggies that have a nice, roasted, and crispy outside, but are still tender and juicy inside. Thanks to the smaller size and better air circulation of an air fryer as opposed to an oven, you can easily create amazing roasts in just a fraction of the time.

Keep reading to find out more about how to make the most out of the roast setting on an air fryer. 

Understanding the Roast Setting on Your Air Fryer

The first step in using the roast setting on your air fryer successfully is to know how to operate it on your particular model. Usually, this button will have a preset temperature that is a bit higher than on the traditional air fry setting. 

This helps it to be able to cook larger items much more efficiently but also means that it is able to create that perfectly roasted crust on meats without the need to brown them in a pan first. 

To find out if your air fryer has a roast function, and how to operate it, your best source of information will be the manual that came with your air fryer, as some models may vary when it comes to operating this feature.

When to Use the Roast Setting on Your Air Fryer

Now that you have found the roast setting on your air fryer, you might be wondering what the perfect time is to use it. After all, you got on just fine without it, right?

The roast setting is perfect for large pieces of meat that you may traditionally place in an oven, such as a whole chicken, beef joint, or pork loin. However, first remember to check that the item will fit into your air fryer, as a smaller one might not have the capacity to be able to deal with larger cuts. 

If you are not a meat eater, vegetables also benefit from the roast setting on an air fryer, including creating amazing roast potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant, and much more besides. 

A general rule of thumb is that if you would put something in the oven to cook for a long period of time to crisp up and brown on the outside, then it is a perfect fit for the roast setting. 

Benefits of Using the Roast Setting on Your Air Fryer

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to using the roast setting on your air fryer. In fact, once you start using it you may not go back to using a traditional oven to roast things! The perks of the roast setting on an air fryer include:

Quicker cooking time

Because an air fryer has a smaller cooking space compared to a traditional convection or gas oven, this means that it is able to get to temperature much quicker. 

Not only does this cut down on preheating time, but it also means that more heat is applied consistently to the food being roasted, as the air fryer quickly circulates the air around the compartment. 

This means that you can cut down on the cooking time of some items, which can be a great help especially as roasting can often be seen as a time-consuming endeavor. 

Perfectly cooked meat

Thanks to the way in which an air fryer circulates the heat, it is great at creating amazing roast meats.

The outside gets nice and caramelized, creating crispy chicken skin, or perfectly rendered fat on the outside of meats such as pork or beef. By contrast, the inside stays nice and juicy, and tender, making for the perfect roast every time. 

Roast Setting on an Air Fryer with the Emeril Lagasse french door edition
Emeril Lagasse’s air fryer offers a great option to try out the roast setting

Energy-efficient cooking

Roasting can take a long time and as a result, can consume a lot of energy. Compared to using a traditional oven, air fryers use less than half of the energy, and take less time to cook your food. 

This can help you not only to save on your household energy bills by using your air fryer’s roast setting but also reduces your carbon footprint, too. 

Tips & Tricks

Want to get the most out of the roast setting on your air fryer? Here are some of our best tips and tricks.


Although it is so quick that you might not feel like it is worth it, preheating your air fryer before adding food can help to cut down on cooking time and also ensure that your food starts cooking right away. 

Parchment paper

To cut down on mess and to catch juices, parchment paper can help you to be able to protect the trays and baskets of your air fryer without affecting the cooking of your food. 


Seasoning is always up to personal preference, but it is always the best way to get great-tasting meat or vegetables, even if you are simply using salt and pepper. 

Lightly brushing a mix of your oil and seasonings of choice over your food before placing it into the air fryer ensures that the flavors can seep in, and help to create that crispy outside that makes things all the more tasty!

Air fryer attachments

Some air fryers, especially larger models, can come with attachments that can help you when it comes to roasting. 

Some have a rotisserie spike, perfect for meats such as chicken, helping to rotate the meat to get an even cook on all sides. 

Air fryer trivets and racks can also help when you are roasting veggies, allowing you to be able to cook more of them at the same time. 

To help avoid mess, especially basket-based air fryers, silicone inserts can help to keep cooking juices in one place for easy cleanup. 


Using the roast setting on an air fryer opens up all sorts of possibilities. From succulent meat to crisped and flavorful veggies, we recommend experimenting with your air fryer to see what you can cook up!

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