Is Air Crisp the Same as Air Fryer?


Last Updated: August 5th, 2023

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You may have just gotten used to the idea of air frying, when suddenly the term “air crisp” comes up. So, what exactly is air crisp, and is air crisp the same as air fryer?

While both air fry and air crisp use the same method in which to cook food, which is to circulate hot air, air crisp is actually just a term for a function found on some air fryers and multi-cookers, such as the Ninja Foodi. 

Carry on reading to learn more about the differences between these two air fryer functions and when to use them effectively. 

Is Air Crisp the Same as Air Fryer? Find out now in our detailed guide

Is Air Crisp the Same as Air Fryer?

Air crisp is a function found on some air fryers, which uses hot air to cook food without the use of oil. Unlike the air fry function, which is designed to cook and crisp up food on the outside while keeping the inside moist or soft, air crisp instead works to cook the whole piece of food through to make it crispy. 

It does this by utilizing a higher temperature than the air fryer function, helping to dry out the food more as it cooks by evaporating moisture. This is how it helps you to get super crispy fries and much more. 

What Models of Air Fryers have an Air Crisp Function?

Most Ninja brand air fryers have an air crisp function such as the Ninja Foodi range and the Ninja Air Fryer Max. The crisp function of these air fryers is usually set to a lower time scale by default, but a much higher temperature than the conventional air frying button. 

For example, in the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone air fryer, when selecting the “crisp” option, the default time will be set to 5 minutes, and the temperature to 460 degrees. Although the time can be edited, it’s primarily used after the main cooking or air-frying process just to give that extra bit of crunch to your food. 

Are There Other Things That Have Air Crisp the Same as Air Fryer?

You may also find that the term “air crisp” is used frequently with multi-cookers, usually those that also come with air frying capability. 

For example, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer 11-in-1 Multicooker describes itself as an air fryer as well as providing many other cooking options. 

Although both air crisping and air frying use hot air to cook the food, it is worth noting that a multi-cooker isn’t going to be the same as an air fryer and may require you to operate it differently depending upon the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Air Crisp Attachments

Even if your air fryer does not have an air crisp function, don’t worry! Plenty of air fryer brands offer attachments designed to help to get your food extra crispy. 

For example, some air fryers including the Tower and Cosori models have a crisper tray that has wider holes for increased air circulation so that the heat can evenly crisp up the food much more than if you were just using the standard air fryer function.

Some pressure cookers also come with attachments that allow them to use air-crisp technology and effectively become air fryers, such as the TEFAL Extra Crisp Lid for their pressure cookers. 

What Foods Work Well with Air Crisp?

There are a variety of food items that work really well with crisper trays or the air crisp function. 

The most obvious of these are fries, which get a nice crunchy exterior that stays firm for much longer without going limp thanks to extra grease and oil. It’s also a fantastic way to crisp up bacon without needing any extra oil. 

Air crisp also works well with air-fried veggies, especially some that can be seen as unappealing, such as Brussels sprouts, creating a crispy and caramelized exterior which can easily change people’s opinion on them!

You can also check out some of our air fryer recipes for crispy treats, such as crispy beef strips and mac and cheese bites

Other Ways to Make Food Crispy in an Air Fryer

If you don’t have an air crisp function on your air fryer or any attachments to help you to make your food super crispy, here are our top tips.

  1. Preheat the air fryer: Preheating your air fryer to the desired temperature before adding the food can help to create a crispy texture as the heat can get to work straight away.
  2. Use a small amount of oil: Although you don’t always need oil to air fry, using a light coating of oil on your food can make it crisp up better. You can use cooking spray or brush your food lightly with it. Be careful not to add too much though, as you may experience the opposite effect!
  3. Shake the basket or flip the food over: Shaking the basket or turning the food over on the rack a few times during cooking can help to ensure that all sides of the food are evenly crispy. Some air fryers even have a shake reminder on them to help you with this!
  4. Avoid overcrowding the basket: Overcrowding the basket or rack can prevent hot air from circulating properly, which can lead to uneven cooking and a less crispy texture. It’s hard for items to get crispy when they are all bunched up next to each other!
  5. Use the right temperature and cooking time: Every air fryer is different, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the right temperature and cooking time for your food. However, in general, a temperature of 350-400 degrees and a cooking time of 10-20 minutes should be enough to make most foods crispy in an air fryer.


So, in summary, is air crisp the same as air fryer? Not necessarily! However, both are fantastic ways to cook food with less oil than deep frying but still offer perfectly crunchy and crispy results. 

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