How To Preheat An Air Fryer – A Step by Step Preheating Guide

Why does the air fryer need to be preheated before you fry your things up? Or are you looking for a perfect guide that will enlighten you with steps that you should know about how to preheat air fryer? Then, you have come to the right place. This guide will let you know the importance of preheating an air fryer and also it has the necessary steps listed for you to preheat your air fryer quickly.

Importance of preheating an air fryer: 

The air fryer needs to be preheated as preheating saves up a lot of time if you are in a rush for running to the office or for preparing tiffin for your children as quickly as possible. Furthermore, proper preheating of air fryer enables things to be crispier and crunchier than usual. And the crisp of things that you cook in the air fryer will last for longer hours.

How to preheat air fryer?

how to preheat air fryer

Step 1: Be a good reader and read the manual first:

read the air fryer manual first

Every gadget that has been manufactured in the history of humankind has a manual that has all the details listed for a user to read. Hence, an air fryer will also definitely have a manual for users that needs to be read so that you don’t make any mistake and damage your costly air fryer.

Air fryers come from different brands. And different sorts of air fryer of different brands will have different methods of preheating and running the air fryer. To bring out the best from your air fryer it is better that you preheat your air fryer according to the instructions listed in the manual. It saves you from voiding the warranty by damaging your air fryer because of your lack of knowledge and not reading the manual beforehand.

Step 2: Keep your air fryer clean always: 

Clean your air fryer

After accomplishing the first step, which is reading the manual of your air fryer. Make sure that you have cleaned the air fryer basket before using it. You must clean your basket even if the manufacturer in the manual does not mention it. Make sure that you check all the nooks and crannies of the cooking basket so that there is nothing stuck there that can ruin the taste and hygiene of the food that will be cooked inside it.

Step 3: Plug-in: 

Plug in your air fryer

Before you plug in the air fryer for using it, make sure that you know regarding the kind of voltage power supply it has. As not all air fryer has been manufactured to run with dual voltage power supply. Know that the voltage unit of the air fryer is 120V or 220V.

Also, be careful about the voltage supply of your house. It is a common knowledge that an air fryer that runs at 120V units will get destroyed if it is plugged in the socket that has a supply of 220V.

Step 4: Turn the power button on:

Turn on power button

To begin the preheating of the air fryer, you should press the power button according to the method instructed in the manual. Press the power button after all the preparation of the air fryer has been done.

Step 5: Setting the timer:

set the timer

To preheat the air fryer, you will need to set the timer for a definite duration. The duration can be 6 to 7 minutes. However, it is better to refer to the manual. It is mentioned there, the time that is needed for preheating the air fryer. As the duration required for preheating may differ for individual air fryers.

Step 6: Choose the highest temperature settings: 

air fryer preheating temperature

It is recommended by the experts themselves to set the temperature settings to the highest point while preheating, it should be 370-400 degrees F for just 6-7 minutes. It will save up your time and also help in cooking more efficiently. Of course, you will need to set the timer after setting the temperature. And after the timer buzzes, you can now jump into cooking whatever you have planned.

Step 7: Don’t need preheating? Then, here is what you can do. 

If your recipe does not require you to preheat the air fryer or if the brand of air fryer that you are using does not require you to preheat then the best thing that you can do is to add some extra minutes to the total time of your cooking. In this way, you can still cook efficiently, but just the overall time required will be lengthy.


To sum up, the necessity of preheating the air fryer has been understood by you after you have finally reached the end of this article. And if you did not know regarding how to preheat air fryer, then this article has undoubtedly enlightened you with the necessary steps and precautions that you need to know.

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