How To Get Rid Of Air Fryer Smell – 5 Tips for Odor-Free Cooking


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We’ve all been there: you make a delicious meal in your air fryer and, when it’s done, the smell of food lingers throughout your kitchen. It can be overwhelming and downright unpleasant at times. So you might ask the question: How to get rid of air fryer smell?

Don’t worry – getting rid of that frying odor doesn’t have to feel like an impossible task! In fact, with just a few simple steps, you can eliminate air fryer smells quickly and easily.

Think of it this way: The scent of fried food is like a cloud that hangs over your house – but with the right strategies, you can clear away those clouds and let freshness shine through once again. So if you’re looking for ways to get rid of pesky odors from your air fryer, read on! We’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeve that’ll help you out in no time flat.

By following these guidelines, we guarantee you won’t need to hold your breath anymore every time you open the door after using your air fryer. Get ready for a cleaner-smelling kitchen; one where everyone who enters is greeted by pleasant aromas instead of greasy ones. Let’s dive into how to get rid of air fryer smell today!

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1. Proper Cleaning Techniques

The smell of an air fryer can be like a lingering cloud, hanging around and making it difficult to be comfortable in your own house after using it. This feeling is all too familiar for many households that have used this kitchen appliance. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and cleaning techniques, you can put the smelly situation behind you – no more deep-frying your senses!

It’s important to know how to clean your air fryer properly in order to get rid of smells. Start by wiping down the inside walls with warm soapy water or vinegar solution after each use. Use a soft brush if needed to remove built up particles from crevices and corners. To further tackle any remaining grease residue on surfaces, soak parts such as trays or baskets in hot water overnight then scrub them with baking soda before rinsing thoroughly.

Finally, don’t forget about filling your air fryer with odor neutralizing ingredients such as orange peels; just add a few pieces along with whatever food item you are cooking and enjoy the sweet aroma while being confident that any nasty odors will remain at bay. With these simple steps, you can make sure that musty smells won’t come back again anytime soon!

2. Ventilating The Kitchen

There are few things more satisfying than enjoying a delicious, healthy meal cooked in an air fryer – except maybe getting rid of the smell that comes with it! But don’t despair; there is no need to sacrifice your tasty treats for fresh smelling air. Ventilating your kitchen can help get rid of any lingering odors from frying food with ease.

When it comes to venting out the unpleasant smells that sometimes come with cooking, you have 2 main options I think.

One is pretty easy to guess. Open the windows while cooking in the air fryer. Or moreover put the air fryer next to the window facing its rear to the outside world. An air fryer is portable so why should it be limited to be used in the kitchen? No reason at all. You can almost put it anywhere you want it.

Your second option is to put your air fryer under the kitchen exhaust fan, so probably on your stove top. While using your air fryer turn on the exhaust fan and it will limit the unwanted scents to spread in your home.

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You can put it under the kitchen exhaust

No matter which method you choose, ensuring proper ventilation is essential for keeping your kitchen as odor free as possible. Not only does this keep everyone comfortable but also helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene levels within your home environment. With these tips, you’ll be able to whip up all sorts of meals without ever having to worry about pungent scents taking over again!

3. Using Natural Air Fresheners

There’s nothing quite like the smell of your favorite fried food, but no one likes to have lingering odors from air fryers! Thankfully, with a few simple steps you can easily get rid of that unpleasant scent. Let’s take a look at how natural air fresheners can help you out.

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure that your kitchen is well ventilated when using an air fryer. This will allow for proper circulation which helps get rid of any bad smells faster. Using essential oils or scented candles in the room also works great as they are all-natural alternatives to chemical-based products like aerosol sprays. Additionally, simmering some fragrant herbs like rosemary or lavender on the stovetop can also do wonders for getting rid of unwanted odors. For a more DIY approach, try making your own potpourri by combining things like cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange peels – this mixture not only keeps your home smelling fresh but looks lovely too!

Keeping the air clean doesn’t need to be difficult either; simply placing bowls full of white vinegar around the kitchen overnight will absorb any foul odors that are still hanging around after cooking. If none of these solutions work then simply opening up windows and doors for a while should do the trick! Allowing natural sunlight into the space is also incredibly beneficial – not only does it provide much needed ventilation but it gives off calming energy as well.

Say goodbye to those pesky aromas once and for all – don’t let them hang around longer than necessary! Natural air fresheners are easy to use and won’t fill your home with harsh chemicals. Take action now: start deodorizing your kitchen today!

4. Buy an air fryer with a good filter

Altough if you already have an air fryer this might not be the handiest advice but its important to do your research before buying your cooking companion.

So there are a myriad of air fryer brands out there with varying price tags, as I’m sure you have discovered by now. Some of these brands have better filters and will limit the odors enternig your home much more effectively. Check the customer reviews regarding this issue. I am a fan of Ninja and Cosori air fryers mostly and as you’ll see they produce the highest rated air fryers currently on the market. Check out a few of our lists of best air fryers here.

5. How To Get Rid Of Air Fryer Smell With Odor Absorbers

When it comes to eliminating odors from appliances such as air fryers, utilizing odor absorbers can be incredibly helpful. These products are specially designed for absorbing smells, making them perfect for those looking to freshen up their kitchen. There are many types available on the market, including sprays and scented sachets – so don’t worry about having trouble finding one! All you need to do is place some around or inside your appliance and let it work its magic.

Using odor absorbers in combination with other strategies like replacing filters and cleaning regularly can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your air fryer smelling fresh. This simple step might just help enhance the performance of your appliance by reducing unpleasant odors, allowing you to enjoy more delicious meals without any unwelcome aromas!


We’ve all been there – you open your air fryer after a delicious meal and get smacked in the face by an unwelcome smell. It’s enough to make anyone want to run out of their kitchen! Luckily, with a few simple steps, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The first step is prevention: Clean your air fryer regularly and ensure that no food residue remains in the basket or on the walls of the appliance. Additionally, consider what type of foods are being cooked as some ingredients can cause odors more than others. If needed, add a few drops of essential oils such as cinnamon or lavender directly into the basket before cooking for extra odor control.

Finally, while cleaning up after using your air fryer is important, don’t forget about other appliances in your kitchen – microwave ovens, stoves and even refrigerators can create unpleasant smells if not cared for properly. By taking care of these items too, I promise you’ll never dread opening your air fryer again!

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