How Does an Air Fryer Works – You need to know about it

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Constantly worrying about the calories can easily de-motivate you and makes it harder to stay on a diet. Like when you eat a small baked potato it contains only 93 calories but the same potato becomes 319 calories when it is deep fried in oil as fries. Baked potatoes might not taste as good as deep fried ones but that’s not the healthiest option either. Also, consuming excess calories can potentially also lead you to diabetes, obesity or heart disease as well.


So if you are concerned about healthy eating or in a diet, air fryer might be the best option you have here. Why so? Well, you need to know about the inner mechanism of how Do Air fryers work for that.

What is an air fryer?

Air fryer has taken over the health conscious people like a storm. But what exactly is an air fryer and how do air fryers work?

An air fryer is a turbo-powered small oven that circulates hot air around food and it creates an almost identical taste of fried food with oil but uses no oil at all. You can cook almost everything with it, especially chicken and meat can be cooked quite easily. Most vegetables also turn out to taste just great with air fryer as it does not vary drastically from deep-fried foods.

An air fryer has several parts of it from heating element, a fan on top and a basket that can be pulled as a drawer.

Why use air fryer?

Foods will be less oily:

Oil destroys everything that it touches. When food is deep fried at high temperature the oil itself get burnt and It burns the nutrients at the same time. But air fryer fries with very less amount of oil and keeps nutrient intact. Also, you do not have to worry about cleaning the greasy dishes and utensils every day if you use an air fryer.

Less Temperature :

The air fryer uses a lower temperature than deep frying. Frying meatballs need 350 degrees but with an air fryer, it drops to 325 degrees. If you lengthen the time period of cooking the heat can drop to a further lower temperature. It helps in saving a lot of nutrients as much less temperature going into your food.

Faster Cooking:

if you are hosting a party and you need a lot of food ready in much less time, cooking the items one by one in deep-frying oil can be quite exhausting and time-consuming. You can use the air fryer in this situation as it cooks a lot of food at a time. Also, air frying cuts the cooking time efficiently.

It does not need extra assistance:

when you are cooking you need to manage everything. Deep frying food needs to be checked every other minute. But this is not the case with an air fryer. You can set the timer after marinating and putting into the air fryer. Then come back after the food is ready to eat.

Delicious Recipe:

When you buy an air fryer you will get a free cookbook with it. So you do not have to hunt on the internet for quick recipes with it. You can enjoy delicious air fried food at any time.

How Does air fryer works?

Cooking chamber:


An air fryer does not have that much of a complicated system inside of it. It has a heating element over the cooking chamber that circulates hot air to the food. The cooking chamber is just a bowl having tiny holes in its bottom. The tiny holes allow hot air to go inside the food from the bottom. When food gets hot air from every direction, it does not get soggy. The theory is to fry it with barely any oil.
Heater and fan:
The heater and the fan are essential elements in air fryer. It circulates air inside the cooking compartment. The hot air floats around the food and enters into it with the help of a fan. The fan is set over the heater.



Air fryers have a cooling fan included in their system to let the air cool down and properly the manage the temperature inside. It helps to keep the air fryers running well as the parts inside need to be get cooled down as well.



The exhaust system works with the air filter. The air filter reduces the pressure from harming the components inside. The exhaust comes handy to drive away frying food smell too.


Most parts of air fryer are dishwasher safe so you can use that to clean it. But do not submerge the entire air fryer to water. It is better to wash the fryer every time you use it. Or you will end up having yucky bits of burned food in it.

Timer and adjustable temperature:

The new air fryers have a timer and thermostat feature included in them. It lets you know when the food is cooked so that you do not forget your food is in there.

How do air fryers work without oil:

When you deep fry a food the oil takes away the water and the oil replaces the water in food. The process of air fryer is a simple mechanism the same as deep frying only the heated air passes through the food instead of excessive oil and cooks it evenly. As the hot air that circulates all around the food it takes away water from the food and makes it crispy without using too much oil. You just need spoonful oil to make this dish whereas you would need three cups of oils to deep fry it.

What foods I can use in an air fryer?

There are a lot of exciting things you can try with air fryer Other than normal French fry or chicken roast. If you have a sweet tooth and do not shy away from it then try some baked goodies. Use air fryer to make chocolate chip cookies, lava cake or sugar cookies. But that will be a good cheat treat and not going to help with your strict diet.

Homemade chips are another thing to try out with air fryer. Store-bought chips are a guilty pleasure for all of us. Munching on chips in the midnight is the favorite thing that we cannot do because of diet. Try frying potato, kale, veggies with air fryers and enjoy.

Air Fryer FAQs

  1. Do air fryers work for fries?

    Any type of fried food can be done with air fryer easily. Crispy coated ravioli, chicken strips or chicken fingers anything is good with an air fryer. You can keep packets of spiced and coated chicken in the freezer. Whenever you feel like having fries put it in the cooking chamber and you are good to go. You do not need to spend time in the kitchen to make sure it is not burning in oil.

  2. Do air fryers work for fish?

    Yes, the air fryer does work for fish. Even better, you can eat fish fried without grease and guilt with an air fryer. Good quality and thicker fish fillets will work better with an air fryer. Try not to overcrowd fishes in the cooking chamber or this will become steamed fish. A good coating of spices and flour will give a nice golden brown coating to the fish fry

  3. Do air fryers work for French Fries?

    Yes, you can get crispy French fry in some minutes with almost no oil. French fries and healthy both words do not go well until it met air fryer. You will get the same crispiness outside and softness inside like deep-fried one. You can totally skip the oil part but oil makes it a little better. So using a little oil does not do any harm.

  4. Do air fryers work with batter?

    Batter-coated food does not go well with air fryers. Fast-moving air from the heater pushes batter away from food. This results in a splash of batter all around the food chamber. If you desperately want to give it a try then at first deep fry the food with batter then air fry it. This way batter will not splatter all over the place. An Air fryer works with a dry coating better.  Roll your chicken in flour and breadcrumbs with a little bit oil in it to get golden brown crispy chicken fry.

  5. Do air fryers work for chicken wings?

    You can get extra crunchy chicken wings with air fryer than deep-fried one. Coat your chicken wings with a little oil and potato starch. It will take 30 minutes to cook chicken wings in air fryers. You will get crunchiness in the outside and softness inside. It will not be noticeable that it was air fried. Also, you can eat this without worrying about extra oil going into your tummy.

  6. Do air fryers work for fried chicken?

    The fried chicken recipe is the hottest with an air fryer. A drawback of cooking fried chicken is that the cook has to be near the stove for all the time. It is a tiring process and then you have to worry about so much oil in the chicken. But with an air fryer, you just put the chicken with spices and coating in the cooking chamber and get your desired fried chicken.

  7. Do air fryers work for tempura?

    Tempura works well with an air fryer. The light and airily textured tempura make an easy snack or starter. There are a lot of recipes you can try with an air fryer. Most of them can be done with vegetables according to your liking. Sweet potato coated with tempura is an amazing snack and healthy at the same time.

  8. Do air fryers work with raw potatoes?

    Potato is one of the comfort food that can help with reducing your hunger easily anytime. Raw potato works fantastic with an air fryer. Air fried potato wedges or fries are oil-free and tasty just as deep-fried.

  9. Does air fryer work with raw vegetables?

    The air fryer does not work with raw vegetables and leafy vegetables. These things turn soggy and weird texture that you may not like. If you put spinach in the air fryer it will turn into a mess inside the fryer. But kale chips turn out great if you coat it well with olive oil.


We hope our guide on how Do Air fryers work helped you making the right decision If you are a person who is conscious about the importance of healthy eating.  An air fryer is a must-have in your kitchen.  It is a slick gadget that makes the foods you crave only better and healthier. The taste of chicken nuggets or French fries made in an air fryer is much better than deep fried one. You can take a bite anytime without worrying about gaining extra pounds.

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