Can You Put A Paper Plate In An Air Fryer


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Paper plates and air fryers. Due to the convenience of both products it seems like you could use the 2 together without any concern. So it is an important question: Can you put a paper plate in an air fryer?

For individuals who want a quick and simple way to serve food, paper plates have become a standard in American homes (1 trillion is used each year according to the Smithsonian). Paper plates are now so commonplace that it’s difficult to picture living without them.

But now that air fryers are more widely used, many people are wondering if it’s okay to put paper plates in these gadgets. After all, although air fryers are renowned for their speedy and effective food preparation, they also produce a great deal of heat. There have been some questions raised as a result concerning whether paper plates can handle the high temperatures of an air fryer without catching fire or emitting hazardous chemicals.

So, the question still stands: Can you use an air fryer with a paper plate? The solution to this query will be thoroughly examined in this article, along with the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing paper plates in an air fryer. We’ll also offer some advice on how to employ non-traditional materials that are more suited for air fryers. You’ll know for sure whether it’s safe to use paper plates in your air fryer at the conclusion of this article and what you can do to prevent any potential risks.

Can you put a paper plate in an air fryer? For several reasons: No

Can You Put A Paper Plate In An Air Fryer?

It depends on the plate, but most of the times no, you cannot put paper plates in the air fryer. The simple single use paper plates cannot withstand the high heat, therefore it could catch on fire. It can also emit chemicals that your food could soak up, which might be bad for you.

However I must add, that there are air fryer parchment paper that are shaped like a plate. These are perfectly fine to put into the air fryer. They can withstand the high heat of your air fryer.

Why not to put a paper plate in an air fryer?

As mentioned before there are several reasons why you cannot put a paper plate into your air fryer. These include the following.

Fire Hazard

Many paper plates have a burning point higher than 450 degrees but some might be below 400 degree. It is always a gamble. Best if you don’t try it. Especially because most air fryers don’t have a look-through window and you can’t see what’s happening inside. And you might be too late.

According to the NFPA, between 2014-2018 in the USA, there were:

  • 172,900 home fires started by a cooking activity
  • From these 550 civilian deaths
  • 4820 injuries
  • $1 billion in property damage

I don’t think it worth the risk. Choose something instead from the list below like parchment paper or silicon liners.

It can ruin your air fryer

Paper plates can ruin your air fryer easily. If it catches fire that’s quite straightforward, that your air fryer will be destroyed. But also if you put a paper plate that fits tightly into your air fryer basket it might block the flow of air and also the ventilation of your air fryer. This could burn down your air fryer easily, but this depends on many factors. It depends on the type of air fryer you use and also the type and size of paper plate.

Food could become poisonous

Many paper plates may contain PFAS, or forever chemicals, according to Forbes.

Also if the paper plate has some design or has a glossy feel, the dye and other toxic materials could enter your food, and making it very unhealthy to consume.

So even if your paper plate doesn’t catch fire at 400 degree, the toxins might peel down from the plate, into your food. This is a huge no-no for me again.

What to put in an air fryer instead of paper plates

We have analyzed this question in detail in our other article, but to summarize your best options, these are the following air fryer accessories you should put in your device:

Parchment Paper

Most people use air fryer parchment paper so it won’t make a big mess in their air fryer basket. These paper liners are usually designed in a way to withstand high heat.

Mots of them are made of natural materials without the use of any toxins (but read the description always). Also many of them have little holes that allows the hot air to flow freely in your air fryer basket.

Using parchment paper has several benefits and we have written a full guide for you guys, on how to use them properly.

Can You Put A Paper Plate In An Air Fryer? Instead put air fryer parchment paper in it.
Air Fryer Parchment Paper Example

Silicon liners or Silicon Pot

Silicon pots might be even better, because they are reusable. The only downside of parchment paper is that it is not the most environmentally friendly invention. You have to throw it out after every use.

But not with the silicon liners or ports. They are easily washable and have the same properties as the parchment paper

Can You Put A Paper Plate In An Air Fryer? Instead put air fryer silicon mats in it.
Air Fryer Silicon Liner Example

Ceramic plate

You can use most ceramic plates in your air fryer, but I don’t really recommend. If it is a basket style air fryer it will block the air flow and it might be hard to take it out from the basket. Just keep in mind that when your food is ready everything inside the basket will be 400 degree so taking out your ceramic plate could turn into a juggling show.

Glass bowl

Depends on the glass bowl but generally they are safe to put into the air fryer. However I wouldn’t put it in for the same reason as the ceramic plate. It will block the air flow of the air fryer and also to get it will be hard to get it out from the air fryer basket. But if we are talking about an air fryer oven let’s say, than its totally fine.


What kind of plates can you put in an air fryer?

You can put ceramic and glass plates into your air fryers as well as parchment paper and silicon pots.

Can I put cardboard tray in air fryer?

No you cannot put a cardboard tray in an air fryer. Cardboard have a low ignition point too (around 450 degrees) and contain a lot of chemicals which might get into your food and can be harmful for you.


In conclusion, it is not advised to use paper plates in an air fryer because doing so could result in a fire, damage to the air fryer, or toxins contaminating your meal. It is advised to use substitutes instead, such as glass bowls, parchment paper, silicon pots, ceramic plates, or silicon liners.

Parchment paper is a well-liked option because it can endure high heat and is made from toxic-free, natural resources. Another excellent substitute are reusable, environmentally friendly silicon liners and pots.

Although they are safe to use, ceramic plates and glass bowls may obstruct the airflow in the air fryer basket, making it challenging to remove them when they are hot. In the end, it’s critical to select a substitute that meets your needs and guarantees sane and nutritious cooking.

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