Can I Bring an Air Fryer on a Plane?


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You’re getting ready to go on vacation and wonder whether there is an alternative between booking self-catering accommodation and eating out every day of your stay. So, the question springs to mind: can I bring an air fryer on a plane?

In essence, the answer is yes, you can, both as checked-in or hand luggage. However, it is worth bearing in mind that there may be some caveats and restrictions when it comes to flying with your air fryer.

Keep reading to learn more about taking your air fryer to the skies.

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Can I Bring an Air Fryer on a Plane?

The majority of airlines don’t place restrictions on taking an air fryer on a plane. For example, it is not mentioned at all in the list of banned, restricted, and special items for both hand and hold luggage for American Airlines.

Can I Bring an Air Fryer on a Plane as Checked-In Luggage?

You can bring an air fryer as checked-in luggage, and in fact, this may just be the best way to transport it to your destination. 

This is because of the higher limits placed on the dimensions and weight of checked baggage, helping to counteract air fryers that are on the bigger and heavier side. 

Remember to pack the air fryer well, either in its original box, bubble wrap, or swaddled in soft, thick clothing to make sure it stays protected during transit and baggage handling at the airport. The last thing you want is to arrive and find out that it is broken!

Can I Bring an Air Fryer on a Plane as Hand Luggage?

Air fryers are accepted as hand luggage on the majority of airlines, though you may get a few funny looks at security!

Thanks to their size, you may find it difficult to make sure that they fit under your seat or in the overhead compartment on some airlines. This is especially true when it comes to budget airlines which often have stricter restrictions on hand luggage weight and dimensions. 

If you want to keep your air fryer with you in the cabin, a compact option is the best way to go. 

How do I Bring an Air Fryer on a Plane?

For most flights and airlines, it is simply as easy as making sure that you package your air fryer securely and make sure that it complies with the size and weight restrictions for either the hand or checked-in luggage. However, there are some other factors you may wish to consider.

Cleaning your Air Fryer

Your air fryer is unlikely to just sit in your luggage when you arrive at your destination and will see some use. Especially for longer stays you will want to make sure that you keep your air fryer clean. 

A variety of household items including oven cleaning products are prohibited from both checked and hand luggage. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how you will keep your air fryer in top condition.

This is particularly important as some foods are banned from traveling between different countries, such as animal products from the EU to the US and vice versa. Even if residue from food remains, this could lead to your air fryer being confiscated and banned from travel. 

If ever you needed a reason to give your air fryer a deep clean, this is one of them!

Powering your Air Fryer

As an electrical device, and especially when traveling to a different country, you need to make sure that your air fryer is suitable to be used. 

This includes making sure that you have the correct plug adapter to fit the socket, and that enough power is supplied to be able to operate the air fryer safely. Make sure to check that your air fryer is compatible with the wattage provided by the outlets at your destination. 

Making it Inspection-Ready

Airport security officials always reserve the right to be able to inspect your luggage, no matter whether it is carry-on or going to be stored in the hold. You should be prepared for your air fryer to be scrutinized and will want to make sure it is easily accessible. 

Make sure that officials can easily reach the air fryer and any attachments, as this will help to mitigate any damage or disturbance to the machine and other items surrounding it in your luggage. 

One way to do this is to use its original box and packaging or to secure the air fryer in a protective material such as bubble wrap with clear and easy access to any tape securing it.

Are Any Other Kitchen Appliances Not Allowed on a Plane?

The majority of electrical kitchen appliances are safe to take onto a plane either as checked or carry-on luggage. However, you’ll probably want to keep in mind the same details as mentioned for an air fryer, such as making sure it fits and keeping it clean and accessible in your luggage. 

The main issue revolves around any kitchen appliances that have some sort of blade, such as a blender or food processor. These are prohibited from carry-on luggage unless the blade has been removed. Otherwise, these will need to be checked in as hold luggage. 

Is it Safe to Take an Air Fryer on a Plane?

It is completely fine and safe to take an air fryer on a plane. After all, if it wasn’t, airport security wouldn’t let you do so in the first place!

Rest easy knowing that so long as you have met the requirements of the airline that you are traveling on you and your air fryer will have a smooth and safe flight. 

In Summary

In conclusion, if you ever thought to yourself “Can I bring an air fryer on a plane?”, yes you can! Just make sure to follow our guidelines above, and if you are still in doubt, contact the airline you are flying with to check if they have any additional requirements. 

If you find your air fryer too bulky or wish to keep it safe, try looking at a small air fryer you can use explicitly when traveling. An alternative is to buy a cheap air fryer when you arrive. You could then either bring it back with you or donate it to a good cause when you leave. 

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