Are Air Fryers Worth it? Know before you get one


The air fryer is one of the most useful kitchen appliances to have right now. It’s quite handy to make cooking yummy and crunchy foods easier for you. The best thing about it is that you can cook meals using less or no oil and that too in just a few minutes. There are also many potential usages of air fryer for use effectively. But today the real reason we are here is to enlighten you a little on why air fryer worth the investment. So Air fryers, do they worth it? Well, that may depend from person to person but here a few benefits I found that made me buy one for myself.

Why I brought an air fryer for myself? Is it really worth the money?

1. Air fryers offer you more versatility:

An air fryer provides a variety of options than a deep-fryer. You can use them in different activities like warming up and cook frozen foods, or grill, fry, and roast meats and vegetables as well. An air fryer can also fryer make crispy items and popular snacks items like French fries, cookies, cakes, etc.

2. It is time-efficient and energy-efficient also:

save time with air fryer cooking

After a long working hour, everyone wants something that minimizes his meal preparation time. An air fryer can do that effectively. Air fryers use convection technology by circulating super-heated air. It increases the rate of transferring heat from the fryer into food. Thus you can cook your foods within just a few minutes. It also uses less electricity than traditional ovens. It saves energy due to its fast cooking process.

3. Ease of use and cleaning up:

Air fryers are quite good, and also they’re very easy to use. The best thing about it is you won’t be needing a culinary degree to use it. We have to set the timer and correct the temperature. The simplest way to clean your air fryer is to clean it every time you use it. After letting it cool down you can clean it. All the removable components of air fryers are dishwasher safe. So you can wash the pan, tray, and fryer bucket with dishwashing soap and warm water.

4. Healthier option:

Air fryers use hot air and very less amount of oil to fry foods thus reducing the amount of oil as used in deep-fried foods. Also, the taste is delicious. So, using an air fryer can significantly cut down on the fat content. Thus the overall calorie is reduced. It is the main reason why people love air frying more than deep frying. So, switching to an air fryer may also help you in losing weight and fat loss.

5. Reduces the formation of Harmful Compounds:

Fried foods can create acrylamide compounds along with high fats. Acrylamide is a compound that is associated with certain types of cancer. The use of air fryer can reduce this effect compared to deep-frying.

Do Experts recommend Air Fryers?

Well. It depends on the expert and his/her personal bias going to play a role in their opinion too, so you have to keep that in your mind as well.


Most of the experts view the air fryers quite positively. The main reason is air fryers are far better compared to deep frying. It uses less oil thus reduce overall calorie significantly. Air fryers are very time efficient as well. An air fryer in most cases can cook the food so much faster rather than other appliances.

For cooks who are in a hurry, it’s the perfect way to get crispy food in a short time. In an air fryer with a can of biscuit dough and a few sprays of oil, you can be enjoying warm, flaky donuts in just 10 minutes without deep frying them. It’s that easy!

Although they have an excellent reputation, there a few negative issues about the air fryers as well. Let’s listen about the negatives too.

Why some experts don’t recommend air fryers?

The primary reason some experts don’t like Air fryers because of fried foods. Although air produces foods that may be healthier than deep-fried foods, it’s important to remember that when cooking with oil they are fried foods even though less harmful.

The air-frying also produces high temperatures at a rapid rate, thus making it extremely easy to burn food. As most of the air fryers cook 1 to 3 pounds of food at a time, it will be challenging to prepare for a large family at a time.

Why is the home cooks crazy about the Air Fryers?

It might not be surprising, but most of the home cook is in love with it. When several food bloggers are asked about air fryers, they said it is something they couldn’t live without it. They are too used to with the simplicity of it as it gives you crispy foods in a matter of minutes with less fat and calories. The taste is fantastic too. According to the home cooks who have to put through seriously hectic life the air fryer is a blessing to use.

Again, it is not liked by all home cooks. Many found air fryer is not that intuitive to use and the cleaning process is quite complicated. So it comes down to person to person but those who are in a hurry and do not like to go through much, are found to be most satisfied with it.


Many of the experts do not consider an air fryer to be a must-have kitchen gadget. They think air fryers don’t do anything significantly better than an oven. They do not support spending money on something that mostly does the same thing as an oven. Many think these are far too expensive for what it gives you. So, they don’t recommend them for most people. But again these are more like a personal opinion rather than being a simple observation.

Overall, Air fryers are just excellent. They are far better than the deep fryer with less messy cooking technique tasty food items can be made easily within a few minutes using the air fryers.

Here I discover the best reason to buy an air fryer is really worth investing in money and time as well.

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