Air Fryer Fan Not Working: A Look at the Most Common Causes and Best Solutions


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The fan is one of the most crucial elements in an air fryer. It ensures proper heat circulation, making it quicker to cook food while also ensuring consistent results. With an air fryer fan not working, the appliance will not function accordingly, which can be frustrating.  

With a problematic fan, the air fryer fails to start or it can stop working in the middle of cooking. The fan can also end up producing a rattling noise, which might send some users into a panic. Because of various fan problems, heat may be insufficient, and hence, food is not properly cooked. 

Find out some of the most common reasons why the air fryer fan does not work. More importantly, I will share some of the most effective solutions. 

air fryer fan not working

Why Is My Air Fryer Fan Not Working? 

Looking at how an air fryer works, you will realize that it won’t function without a fan. It is responsible for circulating hot air around the air fryer. In turn, it makes sure that heat reaches all parts of the food to ensure even cooking, which is also one of the advantages of an air fryer.  

If the air fryer fan is not working, do not panic! Some people might instantly assume that they have a broken unit. While the latter can be true, it is also possible that the problem is minor and does not need professional repair. Read on as I walk you through some of the potential reasons. 

  1. Active Safety Button 

Depending on the specific type or model of the air fryer that you are using, it can have a safety button. The specific location of the switch will vary. If the fan is not working, this button can be the culprit. When it is active, the air fryer will not start, and hence, the fan will not turn on. 

  1. Loose Power Base 

Over time, different components of an air fryer can loosen, and that includes the fan. From regular use to periodic maintenance, different parts will be moving, including the power base. The time will come when its parts are no longer tight, and this is one thing that will prevent the fan from rotating. 

  1. Stuck Debris 

Oil and grease will accumulate in an air fryer over time. It will reach different parts of the appliance, including the fan. They will harden if you do not clean the unit regularly. As dirt gets stuck on the fan, it will not move when necessary, and hence, it will prevent the air fryer from working as it should. 

  1. No Power Connection 

It may sound silly, but some people might forget that their air fryer is unplugged before using the unit. Not all will have a large display, so it can sometimes be hard to see the power indicator. If the fan is not working, one of the first things to look at is the power cable, making sure it is connected to the socket. 

  1. Problem with the Thermal Fuse 

The thermal fuse allows the fan in an air fryer to work. It can blow, and when such happens, the fan will not have the power supply that it needs. The fan will not work unless you repair or replace the fuse. 

  1. Fan Overheating 

Air fryers can reach high temperatures. Even so, the appliance can suffer from overheating, especially if you use it continuously over a long time. A possibility when the unit overheats is that the fan will stop circulating hot air in the unit. 

  1. Defective Component 

The fan itself can also be a problem. Especially if you have an old air fryer, it might be due for a replacement. While you can replace only the fan, it can be hard to find such a component. More so, even if the fan is repaired, because of the old age of the air fryer, the other parts can end up being defective as well. 

Signs that the Air Fryer Fan is Not Working 

Is the air fryer fan experiencing any problem that should be an immediate concern? Here are some of the most important signs to watch out for.

  1. Uneven Cooking 

At times, you will find that whatever you had in your air fryer was not cooked consistently. Some parts are undercooked while others are overcooked. One thing that you can blame is the fan. If it does not properly circulate, then it will not cook food evenly. 

  1. Cooking Takes a Long Time 

Whether you have Cuisinart, Cosori, or Black & Decker air fryers, one of the benefits is the short cooking time. Nonetheless, if the fan has an issue, then it will not circulate heat effectively and efficiently. As a result, the cooking time is longer than necessary. 

  1. Loud Noise 

It is normal for an air fryer to make a noise when it is working. Nonetheless, when it is too loud, you have a reason to worry. It can be a sign that there is an obstruction in the fan, which also rotates as the fan works. 

How to Fix Air Fryer Fan Not Working 

When the air fryer fan stops working, it does not instantly mean that you need a new one. You don’t have to call a pro for repair either. Instead. Here are some of the quick fixes that you might want to consider. 

  1. Pinpoint the Source of the Problem 

The first thing to do is to identify the issue. You might know that the fan is the problem, but it is inconclusive. You must look at all potential reasons, such as the safety button, power base, or stuck dirt. Once you know the problem, it is easier to implement the necessary solution. 

  1. Get Rid of Obstructions 

As noted earlier, a common culprit is debris stuck on the fan. When there is dirt, the fan will not rotate. Hence, it will not generate air that will allow heat to circulate in the basket. Use a flashlight so you can see the components in the air fryer. Look at the fan and see if there is anything stuck. 

  1. Clean the Air Fryer 

If the fan does not work, cleaning the air fryer can be a good idea. Some would clean only the fan, but I suggest including the other parts as well. With proper cleaning, you can eliminate potential obstructions that hinder the full functionality of the fan. More importantly, it makes sure that all other components will work as they should. 

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You can clean the fan by taking out the screws that hold the heating coil
  1. Tighten the Parts 

In some instances, you will hear a loud rattling noise when operating the air fryer even at the lowest heat setting. This could mean that there is a loose component. An easy solution is to access whatever is loose and tighten it immediately as it can bring the fan back to life. 

  1. Access the Thermal Fuse 

If the fan is still not working, the next best thing to do is to look for the thermal fuse. The specific location can differ from one model to another, so it is best to check the manual. Take note as well that some air fryers might not have one. If the fuse is blown, you will need a replacement to make the fan work. 

  1. Ensure the Motor is Functional 

The fan may not be the problem. It could be the motor. When the latter breaks, the other components will not function, and that includes the fan. Smell the air fryer and if there is a smell that reminds you of burnt electronics, the motor might need a replacement. Call the manufacturer and see what your options are, especially if it is still covered by the warranty. 


An air fryer fan not working can be disappointing, especially during the time that you need the appliance the most! It can be as simple as a problem with the safety switch to more complicated reasons like a non-functional motor. Cleaning the fan and getting rid of obstructions can be a simple fix. 

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