Nutrichef Air Fryer Review: Top 3 Models From a Reputable Brand


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If you’re looking for a new air fryer, Nutrichef is one of the best brands to consider. However, it can be confusing as there are different models available, making it difficult to decide what to buy. If you need help, I got you covered in this Nutrichef air fryer review!

I started my research by listing down ten of the brand’s bestsellers. From here, I narrowed down the options to three, which will be the subject of this review. I’ll talk about some of their top features, as well as the real-life experiences of other users.

As a bonus, I’ll also discuss more about Nutrichef and a quick comparison with other popular brands.

Top 3 Nutrichef Air Fryers

I narrowed down my favorite Nutrichef air fryers into three. Below are some of the top products that should be on your list.

Nutrichef PKAIRFR48 Infrared Convection Air Fryer Review

nutrichef air fryer review_halogen

On the top of the list is not your regular air fryer. Instead, it’s called an infrared convection air fryer. The first thing you’ll notice is how it’s built differently from most air fryers because it’s made of glass. It also includes a halogen lamp, which you will not find in a regular air fryer.

Cooks Using a Halogen Lamp

One of the distinct features of this product is the halogen lamp. The latter is a type of incandescent lamp that relies on halogen gas for increasing its rated output and lifespan. This unique technology is responsible for making sure food cooks evenly. It will be crispy on the outside and moist inside.

Does not Require Pre-heating

Another feature of the Nutrichef PKAIRFR48 is that it does not need preheating. It can help you save time when cooking, making sure it gets hot quickly. The high-powered heating element helps ensure its optimal performance.

1,200-watt Rated Power

Speaking of the heating element, this air fryer delivers a rated power of 1,200 watts. It may not be as powerful as other air fryers, but such is good enough for most cooking applications.

Wide Temperature Range

The versatility of this air fryer is also worth noting. It can cook at a temperature range of 149 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set the temperature through a manual knob on the top of the lid. The other knob is for setting the timer, which you can program at a maximum of 60 minutes.

13-Quart Cooking Capacity

If you’re looking for a large air fryer, this is one product you might want to consider. It has a cooking capacity of 13 quarts. Even for a large family, the size is sufficient.

360-degree Glass Construction

Plastic and stainless steel are the most common materials in air fryer. However, this model is different as it comes with a 360-degree glass. It’s heavy, but the good thing is that you can easily monitor the cooking process. Not to mention, glass is easy to clean.

For Budget-Conscious Buyers

On a budget? Then you have another good reason to pick this air fryer. It’s the most affordable of the three products in this review. Despite the price, it does not compromise performance, as noted in many reviews about the product.


  • You can see the food as it cooks
  • Includes a tong set for easily removing hot dishes
  • Glass construction makes it easy to wash and clean
  • Generous cooking capacity
  • Operates quietly


  • Too heavy

Final Verdict

Unlike conventional air fryers, this product comes with a halogen lamp that produces heat. It also has a 360-degree glass construction for easily monitoring the cooking process. Cleaning is easy and the cooking capacity is incredible.

Nutrichef PKAIRFR54 Air Fryer Review

nutrichef air fryer review_basket type

If you want something more compact than the air fryer mentioned above, this model is for you. It’s a great option for people who live in tiny spaces, such as dormitories or small apartments. Despite being small, it has a decent performance.

3.7-quart Cooking Capacity

Of the three air fryers in this review, this one has the smallest capacity. At 3.7 quarts, this is perfect for small kitchens because of its space-saving design. Nonetheless, that also means that you cannot cook a lot. I recommend this for people who live alone.

1,400-watt Heating Element

It might be small, but that does not mean that it skimps in terms of power. With a rating of 1,400 watts, it heats up quickly, so you can air fry within minutes.

8 Pre-Programmed Cooking Setting

For versatility and ease of use, this model comes with eight pre-programmed settings. You can choose from warm-up, chips, chicken, steak, shrimp, meat, cake, and fish. The buttons are easily accessible in the front panel.

30-Minute Timer

As it is common with other air fryers, it comes with a built-in timer. You can program it at a maximum of 30 minutes, so you can set and forget. Nonetheless, this is lower than the timer of other air fryers, which can reach up to 60 minutes.

Stain-Resistant Construction

The material in the body of the air fryer is also impressive. It’s made of stain-resistant steel, which makes it long-lasting. This is unlike others that can be easily prone to discoloration.


  • Ideal for compact spaces
  • Comes with eight pre-programmed functions
  • Made of stain-resistant steel


  • Limited cooking capacity
  • Timer is only up to 30 minutes

Final Verdict

It might be small, but the Nutrichef PKAIRFR54 Air Fryer is a great option for those who live alone or in tiny spaces. It has a stainless-steel body and Teflon air frying basket with eight cooking functions for versatility.

NutriChef PKAIRFR96 Air Fryer Review

nutrichef air fryer review_oven type

The most expensive air fryer on this list also has the highest cooking capacity. This is ideal for large families, so you will not run out of space. It is also multifunctional, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

17+-Quart Cooking Capacity

Air fryers don’t have to be small. If you are a multi-person household or a large family, this model should be on your list. The cooking capacity is more than 17 quarts. It also comes with a slide-out cooking basket, so you can easily serve the food you cooked.

Built-in Dehydrator

It has multiple cooking functions, and one thing that many people loved is the built-in dehydrator. It has five multi-tier trays to maximize the dehydrating capacity. You can set the timer of the dehydrator up to 24 hours. When you use it for dehydrating, you can program the temperature from 90 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Built-in Rotisserie

Aside from the dehydrator, this air fryer is also versatile because of the rotisserie function. It has skewers and forks, so you can experiment with more recipes. And because of its size, it can accommodate even large cuts of meat.

High-Powered Cooking Element

If you’re looking for high-powered air fryers, you might want to look at this model. At 1,800 watts, it’s more powerful than the two models earlier mentioned. As such, I can cook food quickly and evenly.


  • Large cooking capacity
  • Comes with built-in dehydrator and rotisserie
  • High power rating


  • Expensive

Final Verdict 

The NutriChef PKAIRFR96 Air Fryer works best for large households. More than air frying, it also has a dehydrator and rotisserie. Best of all, it is equipped with a 1,800-watt cooking element, which allows it to deliver a powerful performance.

About Nutrichef

Established in 2014, Nutrichef aims to make healthy cooking possible for everyone, even if you’re a newbie in the kitchen. Nonetheless, they also have products that even seasoned chefs will love. Their goal is not only to make life in the kitchen easy but also healthy. They do this by offering products for healthy cooking, and an air fryer is one of them.

More so, going green is also one of the cornerstones of the company’s operations. It uses sustainable resources in manufacturing their products. Through the company’s initiatives, they are doing something to contribute to a better environment.

Interesting Facts About Nutrichef Air Fryer

Looking for compelling reasons to choose Nutrichef air fryers? Here’s a quick rundown of some things that can convince you.

  • Automatic Shut-off System: This feature means that you don’t have to keep an eye on the air fryer. Once it is done cooking and within a predetermined time limit, the unit will turn off by itself. It’s not only to save energy but to keep you safe as well.
  • Easy Basket Removal: In many air fryers, you need to apply pressure to remove the basket from the unit. However, that’s not the case with Nutrichef. They have a convenient switch button. Upon pressing, the basket pushes out of the air fryer.
  • A Wide Temperature Range: While it can vary between brands, Nutrichef air fryers come with a wide range of temperatures to choose from. You can set the desired temperature, regardless of what a recipe requires.
  • Impressive Warranty: For your peace of mind, it is good to know that Nutrichef air fryers come with a warranty. They also have a good return policy, although such is true as well in many other reputable brands.

Other Things to Know About Nutrichef Air Fryers

Is the Nutrichef air fryer good for healthy cooking?

Like other air fryers, the ones from Nutrichef are great for healthy cooking. You’ll use no or minimal oil depending on what the recipe requires. Despite not having oil, you can cook crispy dishes without sacrificing flavor.

In addition, it’s easy to keep their air fryers clean and hygienic. After cooking, you can detach the cooking basket with a press of a button. Hence, it’s easy to wash to prevent it from being a breeding ground of microorganisms that can cause contamination.

Is Nutrichef air fryer worth the money?

Definitely! The versatility itself is already a good reason why it can provide the best bang for the buck. Depending on the specific model, it has various cooking functions beyond air frying. From beef stew to grilled meat, you can experiment with a long list of recipes.

Not to mention, it’s a great investment for health-conscious individuals. You can prepare healthy dishes without deep frying or grilling.

More so, it’s worth the money because of the convenience they can offer. Cooking does not have to be time-consuming when you have a Nutrichef air fryer in the kitchen.

What can I cook in a Nutrichef air fryer?

If you have a Nutrichef air fryer, you can cook a lot! You can cook frozen items straight out of the freezer, eliminating the need to thaw. It’s also great for preparing pizza, burrito, steak, and other dishes that your heart desires.

Clueless about what to cook in your Nutrichef air fryer? Stop wondering. Here’s a guide on some air fryer recipes that should be on your radar.

Nutrichef vs Other Air Fryers

Looking at other air fryer brands? In this section, we compare some of the most popular brands with Nutrichef, to help you decide which one is a better option.

1.     Nutrichef Air Fryer vs Philips Air Fryer

Among others, wattage is one of the biggest differences between the two. With Nutrichef, the highest wattage is 1,800 watts. On the other hand, Philips has a higher power rating, with the maximum reaching up to 2,100 watts.

Meanwhile, if you’re on a budget, I suggest that you go with a Nutrichef air fryer. If you don’t mind a bit of a splurge, Philips is a great option.

2.     Nutrchef Air Fryer vs Crux Air Fryer

For an air fryer that you will use regularly, such as for daily cooking, Nutrichef is an unbeatable brand. In contrast, Crux air fryers are not for heavy use. It’s best only for an air fryer that you will be occasionally using.

In addition, the two are also different in terms of basket capacity. For smaller households, Crux would suffice. On the other hand, if you intend to cook in larger batches, then you should go with Nutrichef.

When it comes to price, Crux air fryers are more affordable. Nonetheless, because of its price, you can expect the quality and performance to be quite inferior compared to what Nutrichef air fryers can deliver.

3.     Nutrichef Air Fryer vs Infrared Convection Air Fryer

Above, we compared Nutrichef with two other popular brands. Here, however, we are comparing two different kitchen appliance categories, both of which are available at Nutrichef.

In the case of a Nutrichef air fryer, you’ll find an air frying basket made of Teflon. On the other hand, the air frying basket in an infrared convection oven air fryer is made of glass.

More so, one thing that is missing in a Nutrichef air fryer is a halogen lamp. Meanwhile, you will find one in an infrared convection air fryer as it’s responsible for heat production. 

In addition, in a regular Nutrichef air fryer with a basket, you cannot see food as it cooks, which can make it difficult to monitor the process. On the other hand, in their infrared convection air fryer, you can see food while it is cooked.

Meanwhile, if there is one similarity that the two share, it would be that they both utilize rapid air circulation for cooking food.


Now that you’re done reading this Nutrichef air fryer review, I hope it’s easier to pick one that works best for your needs. The company has something for everyone, promising exceptional performance through their various models. 

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