Nutrichef Air Fryer Reviews

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Nutrichef air fryer reviews

Are you looking forward to getting yourself a Nutrichef Air Fryer? Is deciding to get one becoming a struggle? Well, not anymore. This article is indeed the perfect guide for you to get enlightened regarding some Nutrichef air fryer reviews.

We understand how difficult it might seem for you to choose one Nutrichef air fryer amongst all the models that the brand came out. Hence, to help you out, we analyzed the top 10 air fryers of the brand Nutrichef. And then, we picked out three that seemed best to us and perfect for anyone who wishes to get one for cooking healthy meals in their home kitchens.

Furthermore, in this article we have other additional information as well that will enlighten you regarding why you should get air fryer of Nutrichef. So wait no more, keep on reading this amazing piece of information.

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About the brand:

Nutrichef is a brand that began bringing out kitchen appliances since 2014. The ultimate motto of the brand is to make cooking at home easiest than ever so that people no longer feel the urge of visiting restaurants to satisfy their cravings.

The brand is dedicated to using sustainable resources as much as possible for manufacturing their products to contribute a bit to the environment. You will see the brand always trying to ensure that all the food that will be cooked inside it, will be healthy and hygienic.

Interesting facts about Nutrichef air fryer:

Why will you choose Nutrichef air fryer? Well, you will know why once you get enlightened regarding some interesting facts about Nutrichef air fryer. Hence, we have listed down all the facts that make Nutrichef interesting.

  • Nutrichef Air fryers have the automatic shut off system. You will not need to keep a watch over the food. Once, the timer gets off the air fryer will stop frying food.
  • Unlike other air fryers, you don?t need to apply any force to detach the air frying basket from Nutrichef air fryers. There is a switch button present that will push out the basket.
  • You can cook a huge number of recipes with this amazing air fryer, as you get a good range of temperature. You will be able to meet the temperature requirements of any recipe very easily.
  • All the air fryers of Nutrichef come with a warranty.

Here are Our Top 4 Products Amongst the 10 Nutrichef air fryers

Products Name

Best For what?


Price Range

1. Nutrichef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL

Large Capacity, Premium Quality

2. Nutrichef Air Fryer Oven 2Quart

Best Rated, Perfect for small families

3. Nutri Chef Digital Air fryer 5.6 Qt XXL

Editors choiche, Perfect for Everything.

4. Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5 Infrared Convection Fryer

All in one Infrared Convection, Halogen Oven Countertop Air Fryer

1. Nutrichef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL Review (premium Value)

NutriChef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL

Are you in search of an air fryer that will consist of all the functions to accomplish all the necessities that you cannot also think of? If that is the case, then you will love the Nutrichef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL which comes at a premium value. It is high in terms of versatility as you get to perform a lot of tasks apart from frying. And the features that it has makes it perfect for a great number of things to be done in the kitchen.

There is more of what you need to know about this Nutrichef digital 6.8 QT air fryer review. Hence, we have listed down all the important features of this air fryer below.

1. Improves your health

Under healthy conditions, you can do a lot of things with the air fryer. With just a little or no oil, you will be able to fry, roast, bake, broil and grill to prepare delicious meaty recipes. This will reduce the amount of fat intake and you will start leading a healthy lifestyle.

2. Even cooking

Compared to any other deep pan fryers, you can stay assured that whatever you will be frying, will have a crispy outer layer that will be revealing a moist inner texture whenever anyone takes a bite. It has been designed to make sure that the food is being evenly cooked and nothing remains raw. This is done because of the high power that the air fryer has, which is up to 1350 watts.

3. Smart technology

Just like the smartphone you own, you can run this amazing air fryer using simple touches of your fingers. The LCD panel will guide you, and let you know what you are doing. You can easily set the temperature and the timer as the touch buttons have clear details engraved.

4. Pros and Cons of Nutrichef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL

Pros Of Nutrichef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL
1. Easy to clean air frying basket as it is dishwasher safe and stain-resistant.
2. The air fryer can be detached very easily.
3. The inner surface of the air fryer is non-stick for food to not get attached while cooking.
4. Safe for placing the air fryer on kitchen countertops.
5. Smart and hassle-free operating system.
6. The large-sized basket allows you to cook for up to 5 to 6 people.
Cons Of Nutrichef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL
1. It does not come with a warranty.

5. Final verdicts:

To sum up, you will surely love this air fryer because of the premium price and value that it has to offer. And also the features that it has been amazing as well. You will love cooking all sorts of food as it is easy for using and also hygiene and health can be maintained at all times.

2. Nutrichef Air Fryer Oven 2 Quart Review (Best Rated)

Nutrichef Air Fryer Oven 2 Quart Review (Best Rated)

So many air fryers from Nutri Chef to choose from. But not all of them are amongst the top-rated ones. Hence, if you want one Nutri chef air fryer that is one of the best then you will love the Nutrichef Air Fryer Oven 2 Quart. As we say as it is one amongst the top-rated ones, it is because of the amazing features that it has which we have listed down below.

1. 2-quart capacity of the basket

If you have a family with just 2 to 3 members in it, there is no requirement of owning an expensive air fryer that will have a large capacity. This 2-quart capacity air frying basket will help you prepare a perfect quantity of food for your small family. You can prepare evening snacks or tiffin for your only child in tummy-filling amounts.

2. Healthy cooking

This air fryer has been tested in the laboratory. And it has been designed in a perfectly fine way so that you can cook meals in a healthy condition. You will no longer need to let in harmful radicals inside your body because of deep frying in oil. As while cooking food with this air fryer you will need no oil at all.

3. Simple operating system

This air fryer is mostly loved by kitchen owners because of how simple it is for operating. You will simply turn the rotary controls for setting the desired temperature and time. And then, you can simply just switch on the air fryer by pushing the start button. Your food will be cooked perfectly.

4. Pros and cons Nutrichef Air Fryer Oven 2 Quart

Pros Of Nutrichef Oven 2 Quart
1. Very versatile as it can be used for BBQ, grilling, baking and as well as frying without oil.
2. The frying basket is detachable and dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning very easy.
3. The surface of the frying basket is non-stick.
4. Perfect for cooking multiple numbers of recipes.
5. Easy rotatory controls for setting temperature and time.
Cons Of Nutrichef Oven 2 Quart
1. The Teflon coating of the exterior might come off over time. And also because of cleaning it excessively.

5. Final verdicts:

To sum up, you will surely love this Nutrichef Air Fryer Oven 2 Quart. It is very convenient for using and the frying basket has a sufficient size for cooking meals for any small family.

3. Nutri Chef Digital Air fryer 5.6 Qt XXL Review

You might wonder what is our personal choice. Hence, we are presenting you with the editor?s choice which is the Nutri Chef Digital 5.6 Qt XXL Air fryer. You will get all the features that you need for getting the best cooking experience inside your kitchen. You will be able to make food similar to that of a chef without much effort.

There is more of this Nutrichef digital air fryer review that you will be enlightened to know about. Hence, we have listed down all the special features that will make you understand why it is the choice.

1. Large basket capacity

Having an air fryer that has a basket that can allow you to cook for family members only is sometimes not enough. There is a necessity of cooking for some guests as well. That is one of the reasons when the 5.6 Qt XXL basket comes handy.

2. Modern operating system

This air fryer is all about the fusion of smartness that this modern era holds. You will get to operate the air fryer with touch buttons and a digital LCD panel. You will be able to set the temperature very easily that starts from 140 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. And timer can be set up to 30 minutes.

3. Proper safety maintenance

You can maintain safety and health at all times while cooking food with the air fryer. You can easily clean the detachable frying basket and as well as stain-resistant.

Furthermore, you will be able to simply let your food cook and do any other chores, without worrying regarding the food getting burned. As the system will get automatically shut off after the time is over.

4. Pros and Cons of

Pros Of Nutri Chef Digital Air fryer
1. Rapid hot air circulation instantly to allows cooking of food to be done evenly.
2. Suitable for heavy duties as it runs with a power of 1800 watt.
3. Very high in terms of versatility.
4. 6 pre-programmed cooking modes available for easy cooking.
5. Not only savory and spicy items, sweet and dessert items can be prepared.
6. An easy push-button is available to safely detach the frying basket for cleaning.
Cons Of Nutri Chef Digital Air fryer
1. It does not come with any warranty from the manufacturer of this air fryer.
2. The basket may get rusted if you don?t wipe off the water droplets after cleaning.

5. Final Verdicts

To sum up, looking at all the features that this Nutri Chef Digital Air fryer has, you will surely love using it once you invest in it. It allows you not only to fry but bake, broil, roast and grill as well.

4. Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5 Infrared Convection, Halogen Oven Countertop Air Fryer review

Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5 Infrared Convection, Halogen Oven Countertop Air Fryer review

You surely want an air fryer that will let you see through while the food is being cooked inside. If that is what you love, you will find the Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5 Air Fryer very convenient. The frying basket is made up of glass that allows you to see through. You can carefully observe the color of the food as well. there is more of this air fryer that you will love.

1. Unique technology

The cooking technology consists of a halogen lamp that ensures the food is cooked evenly. The outside part of the food will be perfectly cooked and the inside will remain moist for you to enjoy every bite that you will be taking.

2. Ready to use

You will not at all require to preheat the air fryer as the rapid air circulation rises the temperature to which you have set very quickly.

3. Built-in safety:

The air fryer has been made to be safe for use. If you get busy with something else, while the food is being cooked inside the air fryer, your food will not get burned because of overtime cooking. Once, the timer stops the automatic shut off system of the air fryer will stop the air fryer from any further work. This system surely helps you on your busy days as keeping a watch over an air fryer can surely get you late.

4. Easy to store

The air fryer will go very well with your kitchen counter. You can simply place it on top of the counter and it will not take up a huge amount of space. It will go with any kind of interior d?cor you have in your kitchen.

5. Pros and cons

Pros Of Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5
1. It comes with rotatory control, which is a very convenient operating system for using the air fryer.
2. The cooking bowl is easy to clean and rust-resistant as it is constructed with stainless steel.
3. Safe cooking ensured with automatic shut off system of the air fryer.
4. Large basket capacity up to 13+ quarts, that is perfect to cook food for large families.
5. Safe for placing the air fryer on any kitchen counter.
Cons Of Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5
1. The frying basket should be handled carefully while cleaning as it is made up of glass, it can break whenever it falls off.

6. Final verdicts

To sum up, you surely feel like giving this Nutrichef halogen convection air fryer a try because of the smart and impressive cooking technology it consists of. Also, the cost of this Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5 Air Fryer is affordable with interesting features. So, look up to getting this without any delay if it seemed convincing to you in any way.

Nutrichef Air Fryer Buying Guides

1. Is Nutrichef air fryer healthy?

Nutrichef Air fryer is healthy. You will be able to maintain health and hygiene at all times. Once, you are done with the cooking, you can simply detach the frying basket and wash it so that any microorganism does not grow inside later onwards.

You will need little or no oil at all to prepare whatever you want. The purpose of deep oil frying gets eliminated once you get to invest in Nutrichef air fryers.

2. Is Nutrichef air fryer worth the money?

Yes, indeed. Nutrichef Air fryers give you the versatility you need for having an amazing cooking experience. All the air fryers allow you to prepare steaks, grill meat and also fry various items. You will get to maintain your health and look up to becoming fit and slim as your food will not be oily any longer.

You also get the complete liberty of cleaning the frying basket as it can be easily detached whenever required.

3. What can I cook on Nutrichef air fryer/ convection oven?

Using the Nutrichef air fryer/ convection oven you can prepare BBQ, grill, roast of any meat, fry anything that you prepared yourself, or fry any frozen item that you like. There is no limitation to what kind of meat can be used. You will get to know all the recipes that you can prepare if you just search for air fryer recipes via google.

Nutrichef Air Fryer Comparisons

Nutrichef Air Fryer Comparisons

1. Nutrichef Digital air fryer Vs Phillips air fryer

Are you baffled between which brand of air fryer to choose? Well, don?t be any longer. We have listed down some essential pits regarding these two brands if air fryer to help you with making a choice.

  1. Nutrichef Digital air fryer doesn?t come with any warranty but all other Nutrichef has But Philips air fryer comes with warranty and a recipe book.
  2. The highest power that can be provided by Nutrichef air fryer is 1800 watts. But Philips air fryer has the capability of running up to 2100 watts.
  3. Phillips is expensive in terms of price but Nutrichef does have air fryers that are quite affordable and will provide the same kind of features.

2. Nutrichef Air fryer Vs Crux Air fryer

Looking forward to buying an air fryer and confused between these two bands? Well, to help you out we have highlighted down some facts regarding them.

  1. The crux air fryer is not meant to be used for heavy duties. If you think you don?t need an air fryer for use on a regular basis, then this option is surely reliable. But you can surely look up to Nutrichef air fryers for regular use.
  2. The basket capacity of Crux air fryers is not as large as the Nutrichef ones. So getting crux air fryers for big families is not suitable.
  3. Crux air fryers are affordable compared to the Nutrichef ones. But the quality and versatility will be lower than Nutrichef.

3. Nutrichef Air fryer Vs Infrared Convection Oven Fryer

You might wonder what sort of NutriChef fryer you will need. Is it the air fryer or the convection oven fryer? To help you out we have compared the functions of these both kinds of fryers. you will get to know both regarding where they are similar and where they differ from each other.

  1. The Nutrichef air fryer has the frying basket that is made up of Teflon. But the frying basket of an Infrared Convection Oven Fryer is made up of glass.
  2. You don?t get to see any kind of halogen lamp in normal Nutrichef air fryers, but you will get to see something like that is Infrared Convection Oven Fryer.
  3. You don?t get the opportunity of looking at the food while it is being cooked inside the frying basket of a Nutrichef air fryer. But you will be able to look at your food being cooked inside an Infrared Convection Oven Fryer.
  4. ? Rapid air circulation is enabled in both kinds of fryers.

Put your thoughts on this review post. If you buy any of them then please don’t forget to share your experience here. Cheers.

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