Ninja DZ201 vs DZ401: A Head-to-Head Battle of Two Ninja Air Fryers


Last Updated: February 10th, 2023

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In this post about Ninja DZ201 vs DZ401, we will look at two of the most popular models from Ninja Kitchen. At first glance, they look almost the same.

If you look at their technical specs, however, you will find a key difference, which can help you decide which one is better for your needs.

Probably you are looking for a dual basket air fryer if you have stumbled upon this article. Well you are in the right place because in my humble opinion Ninja manufactures the best two basket air fryers currently for a number of reasons.

Ready to find the right air fryer for your kitchen? Read on and learn more about two of the models you will find from Ninja, including their features and differences.

Ninja DZ201 vs DZ401_featured

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick look at the two Ninja air fryers:

Ninja DZ201: With a capacity of 8 quarts, it is slightly smaller but has mostly the same set of features, including six cooking functions and dual baskets with an option for separate cooking zones.

Ninja DZ401: If you are a big family with a large kitchen, this 10-quart air fryer can be a better option, which features IQ Boost to distribute power optimally when cooking different dishes in both baskets.

Ninja DZ201 Air Fryer

What I Like:

  • Comes with two separate cooking zones
  • Has the option to set both baskets to finish at the same time
  • More space-efficient than DZ401


  • Has plastic components

With more than 15,000 Amazon reviews, the Ninja DZ201 is one of the most popular air fryers to consider if you are looking for a convenient and multifunctional kitchen appliance. It has up to 90% 5-star ratings, which shows that many of its users were happy with the air fryer’s performance.

One of the highlights of the DZ201 is the Dual Zone Technology, which is the same feature you will find in the DZ401. It has two baskets to increase the cooking capacity. What’s even better is the feature known as Smart Finish. It will let you cook two foods in two ways while ensuring they finish at the same time.

Meanwhile, with Match Cook, you can easily copy the settings in another basket. This way, you do not have to manually input the temperature and time, if you entered it yourself instead of choosing a pre-set.

Since it is a dual-basket air fryer, there are two separate heating zones. Each basket is equipped with separate cyclonic fans and rapid heaters. This means that you can set two different temperatures and cook two different dishes simultaneously.

With the 6-in-1 functionality, it can be a versatile addition to the kitchen. Aside from Air Fry, you can also choose from Air Broil, Roast, Reheat, Dehydrate, and Bake. These are the same cooking functions you will find in the Ninja DZ401.

Nonetheless, take note that it has a plastic body, which is also the same as the DZ401. Some might prefer those made of stainless steel, which can perfectly complement an industrial-design kitchen. Nonetheless, even if the body is plastic, take note that the baskets where you air fry the food are made of metal, so you do not have to worry about having the smell of burnt plastic on your food.

Ninja DZ401 Air Fryer

ninja dz401

What I Like:

  • High-capacity cooking baskets
  • Wide temperature range
  • Has IQ Boost for optimal power distribution

What I Did Not Like:

  • Can consume a lot of counter space
  • Not as energy-efficient as smaller air fryers

If you are in the market for the best 10-quart air fryers, the DZ401 is one product worth considering. It may not be as popular as the DZ201, but it can be a great alternative, especially if you want something a bit larger.

With its wide temperature range, you can cook a wide array of dishes and choose the appropriate level to achieve the results you desire. The range is the same as what you will find in Ninja DZ201, which is from 105 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Ninja DZ401 also has six versatile cooking programs, which is the same as what the DZ201 offers. However, the main difference is that the DZ401 comes with IQ Boost. The latter is responsible for optimal power distribution on both baskets if you did not select Smart Finish or Match Cook. It will help you achieve more consistent results when preparing two dishes that require different heat levels.

At 1,690 watts, it is a high-powered air fryer. The wattage is the same as the DZ201, so you can expect the same when it comes to their electric consumption. While it heats up quickly some users might worry that it is using a lot of power. 

Cleaning an air fryer can be a nightmare. This product, however, has some features that can make things quite easier. For instance, it is easy to wipe dirt off the plastic exterior. Plus, the baskets have a non-stick coating and are dishwasher-safe.

If you have a small kitchen, this might not be an option for you. The Ninja DZ201 is a bit smaller. Nonetheless, if you have a tiny space, I suggest going for small air fryers instead.

Key Differences Between Ninja DZ201 vs DZ401

If you are undecided about what to choose between the two, here is a quick rundown of the key differences.

1.     Price

For those on a budget, the Ninja DZ201 is a better option. It is cheaper, but that does not mean that it is inferior when it comes to performance. Remember, they are both from Ninja Kitchen, so you can expect the same quality.

Meanwhile, if you do not mind a bit of a splurge, then you should go for the Ninja DZ401. It has basically the same features as the DZ201, with one key difference, which is what I will talk about in the next part. At its price point, however, a lot of people were sharing positive experiences, so it might be worth the higher cost.

Is the larger size worth the higher price? Well, this is one question that only you can answer. Nonetheless, if you are cooking only for a small group, then there is no sense in buying a larger air fryer, especially if you have limited space in the kitchen.

2.     Capacity

This is the main difference between the two. The Ninja DZ201 is an 8-quart air fryer, which makes it smaller than the other product I am comparing in this guide. At this size, you can cook up to 4 pounds of French fries or wings.

On the other hand, the Ninja DZ401 is for people who need a larger air fryer. The maximum stated capacity is 10 quarts for the two baskets. It is for a large family or multi-person household as it can cook up to 8 pounds of chicken wings or 6 pounds of fries.

3.     Size

With the differences in capacity, it is also expected that the sizes are different. If you live in a tiny apartment or if you have a small kitchen, the Ninja DZ201 is a better option. It has a length of 15.63 inches, a width of 13.86 inches, and a height of 12.4 inches.

On the other hand, the Ninja DZ401 is slightly bigger, which has a length of 17.1 inches, a width of 13.9 inches, and a height of 12.8 inches. The main difference is the length, which adds less than two inches. Nonetheless, it is quite a small difference, so some people might not even notice it at all.

4.     Functions

Quickly looking at the two products might make you assume they have the same functions. Yes, they both have six cooking functions, Dual Zone Technology, Match Cook, and Smart Finish. However, one advantage that Ninja DZ401 has is that it comes with IQ Boost, which can ensure more consistent performance.

In a nutshell, IQ Boost is a feature for optimal power distribution. For instance, let’s say you are cooking a 6-pound chicken and fries at the same time. The air fryer has a smart feature that distributes power in both baskets depending on where it is needed for better results.

Final Verdict

Looking at Ninja DZ201 vs Ninja DZ401, the two air fryers are almost the same. The main difference is with the size and capacity. The DZ201 has a cooking capacity of 8 quarts while the DZ401 has a capacity of 10 quarts. Meanwhile, the DZ401 is a bit longer by 1.5 inches, while the width and height are almost the same.

In terms of cooking functions, aesthetics, wattage, and overall performance, the two are the same. The biggest advantage of DZ401, however, is IQ Boost. It has optimal power distribution for both baskets.

So, which one should you choose between the Ninja DZ201 vs DZ401? If you are a medium-sized family, go for Ninja DZ201. Meanwhile, if you are a big family with a bit more space to spare on the countertop, the Ninja DZ401 is a better choice.

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