Ninja DT201 vs DT200: A Comparison of Two Air Fryers


Last Updated: March 17th, 2023

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No doubt, Ninja is one of the most popular air fryer brands in the global market. The company offers diverse models to suit different needs and preferences. Sometimes it is hard to see the differences between their models like in the case of the Ninja DT201 vs DT200.

At first, the two models look almost exactly alike. It’s almost impossible to tell how one is different from the other. In fact, they have more similarities than differences. Nonetheless, if you look at the specs and features, you’ll see some differences, including those I’ll talk about below.

Here’s a quick look at the two Ninja air fryers: 

dt201_Ninja DT201 vs DT200

Ninja DT201

With over ten thousand Amazon reviews, this highly-rated air fryer has ten cooking functions that include dehydrate and reheat. This appliance has true surround convection for up to 10x faster cooking. It has 10 functions including air frying, roasting, and baking. It has a 90-second preheat time and fits large amounts of food. It also produces up to 75% less fat than traditional frying and has a digital display handle for easy use. Finally, it produces up to 30% crispier results than a traditional convection oven.

dt200_Ninja DT201 vs DT200

Ninja DT200

Very similar to the DT201 but has a few differences. This one is a cheaper option compared to the other one. Also it has only 8 cooking functions. It still offers a range of possibilities like the DT201.

Comparing Ninja DT201 vs DT200 

Can’t decide what to pick between the two? Below is a quick rundown of their differences. 

Cooking Functions 

This is perhaps the most notable difference between the two. Like other Ninja air fryers, these models have built-in cooking functions. As such, you can eliminate guesswork since you don’t need to manually input time and temperature. Instead, you simply have to choose a preset and the air fryer does the work for you. 

The Ninja DT200 delivers eight built-in cooking functions. You can choose from air fry, air roast, whole roast, bake, bagel, toast, broil, and pizza.  

On the other hand, the Ninja DT201 comes with ten cooking functions. Aside from those you’ll find in the DT200, the DT201 also has reheat and dehydrate as additional features. In my opinion, these are great because the air fryer can be handy when you want to reheat food or if you like to dehydrate fruits and veggies. As such, it’s a space-efficient addition as it can replace multiple kitchen appliances. 


A lot of you will probably be looking at the price tag when buying an air fryer. Ninja is known for being a reputable brand, and hence, they don’t have the cheapest options in the market. Nonetheless, in my opinion, the price is justifiable. Their products come with state-of-the-art features and impressive performance, providing the best bang for the buck. 

Between the two, the DT200 is the cheaper option. Nonetheless, the price range does not vary significantly. I understand why the DT201 is a bit more expensive – it has more cooking programs, making the higher price worth it. 

Amazon Ratings 

For some people, this won’t matter. However, in my opinion, this is an important thing. The rating will give you an idea of the real-life experiences of other people. You can use the reviews to manage your expectations, helping you decide which one is a better option. 

The Ninja DT201 has more reviews. Also, most of these reviews are positive, so you can be confident that it will be a good product. 

Similarities Between the Ninja DT201 and DT200 

The differences are fewer than the similarities. These two air fryers share a lot of common features, including those I’ll briefly discuss below. 

Digital Display Handle 

A common denominator between the two air fryers is the digital display that doubles as a handle. This way, the functional area is maximized. It also makes the air fryer look very sleek, making it a great addition to contemporary kitchens. 

True Sound Convection 

This is a feature developed by Ninja and present in many of their air fryers. They both use convection cooking, which is true for all air fryers. Nonetheless, there are unique features that can elevate the performance. It combines three functions, which will speed up cooking and ensure consistent results: 

  • High-Velocity Fan: This is responsible for distributing super-heated air in the interior. As a result, you can cook family-sized meals in approximately 35 minutes. 
  • Rear Heat Source: You’ll find a third heat source at the back of the unit. This is another feature that will allow you to cook faster. 
  • Surround Airflow: It has a ventilation system that spreads hot air from the top to the bottom of the air fryer. 

Both appliances have a 90 second preheat time which really shows the high performance of this 2 air fryer ovens. Even the little basket type air fryers have a 3 minute preheat time (let alone conventional ovens have around 10 minutes).

Max Temperature 

Both of the Ninja air fryers we’re talking about in this post can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them suitable for cooking applications wherein you need high heat, which can also eliminate the need to wait a long time. 


In addition, these two Ninja air fryers can deliver up to 1,800 watts each. They are powerful, which also allows it to cook fast. If you’re looking for more energy-efficient alternatives, make sure to check out my guide on the best low-wattage air fryers.

Wrapping Up 

Overall, the two air fryers in this guide are both from a reliable brand, so you can be confident that quality and performance are top-notch. The Ninja DT201 can be a bit more expensive, but it’s worth the money because of the two additional cooking functions. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to use the air fryer to reheat and dehydrate, the Ninja DT200 can be a good choice. 

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