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In this Innsky Air Fryer Review I’m going to analyze their most beloved model the 5.8QT XL. The air fryer has a lot of features that’ll make you fall in love with this. It has the evergreen auto-shutoff function, circulating hot air, detachable basket, one-touch cooking with 7 preset options with easy visual icons on the Digital LED screen. In this Innsky Air Fryer review we’ll go through the most important specifications, features and what comes with this superb machine.

Innsky air fryer reveiw

Specifications of Innsky XL

  • Dimensions: 31.4X 37.77X 32.28 inches.
  • Weight: 11.33 pounds.
  • Rated-Voltage: 110-120V 60Hz
  • Power: 1700W
  • Capacity: 5.8QT
  • Temperature: 180℉ to 400 ℉
  • Timer: 0-60 minutes
  • Auto shutoff: Included.

The fascinating thing is its design. It’s a Square shape designed air fryer with a very elegant look from the outside. You can cook almost everything with this air fryer. This is not only a fryer. It’s an oil-less oven fryer. You can use it as an oven fryer. It has a large capacity inside where you can easily grill a 5 lbs-6 lbs whole chicken. It will reduce 85% fat consumption in your diet compared to the traditional deep frying method. 

And you will be able to cook your dishes 4 times faster with 360-degree hot air circulation of the fryer. The temperature ranges from 180F-400F. So, you can cook varieties of foods with just one device. You will also get to enjoy 7 pre-programmed settings for steaks, chicken, shrimp, seafood, french fries, vegetables, and bread.  

Preheating and defrosting food will get easier for you with this fryer. The stainless steel basket of the air fryer not just lets in a good quantity of foods but also stays odorless during cooking. Unlike many air fryer baskets, it is dishwasher safe and can be manually washed with ease.  

With the Delay Start and Warm Function, you can enjoy mouthwatering warm dishes any time you like. You can cook your food and keep them warm until you finish your chores or get back from work. This sleek designed air fryer also makes a good gift choice for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and any other occasion. It also comes with a recipe book containing 32 healthy yet tasty recipes. 

What comes with the box?

This superpower 1700w air fryer comes with a recipe book containing 32 mouthwatering recipes, a user manual, and a Quality card.

Why is Innsky Highlighted?

While I was confused about buying a large air fryer, I figured out that Innsky  5.8QT Air Fryer shown in this review is worth a try. Do you know what made me so amazed?  It’s outside stainless steel material and the LCD touchscreen option also the shape seemed very fascinating to me. Super easy and efficient to use.  Well, let’s dive into details of all the features that made me fell in love with it.

Oil-less frying:

You can make pretty much everything with this giant air fryer. Innsky uses 360 circulating hot air to crisp food like pretty much all other air fryers which means you don’t need to add extra oil to fry food like traditional deep frying. A perfect crispy food can fry with a very small amount of oil or without it.  You’ll find it 85% or more oil saving as they said. I know you’re health conscious like me that’s why we are looking for healthy air fryers. 

Note: I’ve reviewed Big boss oil less fryer, see if you are worried about Oil-less frying. 

The Elegent Design of Innsky:

This stainless Steel Air fryer comes in a patterned black colour. It is sleek and very unique as it chose to be square and not round. Honestly, the shape was what caught my eye about this particular air fryer. It will seat elegantly on your countertop complementing almost any décor you have in your kitchen. The inner metal housing will ensure that there is no odor during cooking. The basket glides out very easily and smoothly from the fryer, it gives me a feel like slicing butter. 

It has huge Space: 

The shape of the basket is not just elegant to see but is also efficient in holding more food than usual. The square shape will let you organize the foods in order. And will also prevent unwanted crease and bending in your dish. With this air fryer having healthier foods will not be just delicious to eat but will be delicious to see also. 


This particular model of Innsky Air Fryer that we showed you in this review comes with a built-in smart LED screen menu. You will be able to detect and understand the icons within seconds. Delay start, unfreeze, keep warm, and pre-heat are just one touch away. This is not it guys; it also has 7 pre-programmed settings for the most demanding delicious dishes. All you will do is mix the ingredients, hop it into the fryer, press your desired pre-programmed icon, and wait until you hear 3 beeps. That’s when you know that your food is ready to eat. 

Is Innsky Dishwasher safe?

The non-stick basket of this fryer is dishwasher-free & BPA-free. You can use it daily without extra hassles. You can also choose to wash it manually. Just go for any method that’s convenient for you.

Warranty Details: 

This attractive air fryer is here with 2 years of warranty. You will buy it once and will not need to worry for 2 years. Any problem you face with the air fryer will be taken care of ( by Innky). For any problem, you face you can contact the customer service of Innsky. 

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