Cuisinart Air Fryer and Toaster Oven Review

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Who doesn’t like to have a cheat meal or a cheat day in their daily diet routine? After all, one calorious meal wouldn’t hurt anyone. But buying a new oven is both heavy on your pocket and your counter table. And that’s why Cuisinart has introduced a new three-in-one air fryer, oven, and toaster. With this appliance, you can cook almost anything that requires a toaster, oven, or air fryer. It is also great for saving space. Especially if you don’t have a decent kitchen or if you live in a dorm, this air fryer actually becomes a lifesaver. It’s also good to have when you are health conscious. But your family simply likes to eat normal food. The possibilities go on. Keep reading to know more about the features it offers.

Cuisinart Air Fryer, oven, and Toaster Review:

At first glance, it’s hard to guess that it’s an air fryer. It has classic attire like a traditional oven. Its sleek square silver body with knobs can fool anyone to think that it’s an oven. Yes, it functions as an oven but it’s an air fryer too. Also, it works as a toaster! It’s an excellent combination of the three most desired functions any epicure could ask for. It’s a premium full-size toaster oven with a built-in air fryer. You can broil, bake, toast, warm, convection bake, convection broil, and air fry with this one appliance only.

It has a 0.6 cubic foot non-stick interior with an oven light. It operates with a 1800watts power supply. With four non-slip feet, it stands still in a single place even when you are working with it. The transparent door lets you see the progress of your food that most air fryers can’t. The control system is also easy to understand. Because of that, it’s quite user-friendly as well. It has an adjustable 60-min timer/auto-shutoff system. With this appliance, you can do any pending chores without worrying about the food left inside. It also helps save a lot of time. Imagine after you came from work, you can take a mindful shower while your food is cooking.

Cuisinart air fryers function features

You can toast 6 slices of bread, air fry 3lbs of chicken wings, Bake a 12-inch pizza or 4-pound chicken at a time. It will help you to save a lot of time for other chores and organize your schedule. This item’s weight is 21 pounds only. And it’s 14 inches in length. So you have to keep it in a mixed place. You cannot move it around like other air fryers. Due to its weight, it stays in its place without moving while you are working with it. It has four separate control dials.

Toasting on Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven

Each of them indicates time, temperature, function, and power. The time can be set up-to 60mins. The temperature setting starts from warm and ends at 450F. You can cook a lot of dishes within this temperature range. You will also find a wire holder at the back. One thing that lets me down is that the cord is a bit short. It’s only 29 inches long. But it’s okay as it sits in one place. It also has an indicator that stays on while you are using it. A switch is also provided to turn on/off the oven light.

Another thing which I like about this air fryer oven is that it offers a lot of space. Which makes it easier to organize the foods in order. Most air fryers are very compact and round. Which automatically reduces the room inside it. There are two heating elements at the bottom and four at the top. The 6 elements and space help to cook the food quicker and crispier. You will also get a recipe book with this air fryer oven. The tray slides out pretty smoothly and easily. So that you can clean it like a breeze.

You will also get a rack and an air frying basket, and a backing pan with this appliance. It cooks food quickly with perfect crispiness. But you need to shake and turn the food midway through the cooking time. Otherwise, one side may remain undercooked. And you won’t get that perfect mouth-watering crisp. The timer is something that I was really upset about. It reminds me of the earlier versions of the oven we used to have. Many air fryers offer a better control system than this. But it will be efficient for those who prefer an analog dial to a digital one.

Pros of Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven
  • The star three-in-one function. You will get an oven, toaster, and air frying within the same appliance.
  • The control system is easy to understand.
  • Offers a wide range of temperature settings.
  • You can also keep your food warm after the foods have been cooked.
  • The transparent door lets you see the cooking progress.
  • Automatically turns off after the countdown.
  • Cooks fast with maximum crispiness.
  • Includes a rack, air fryer basket, and a baking pan.
  • The tray collects food crumbs.
  • The tray slides out pretty easily for cleanup.
  • The stands make sure that it grips to a fixed location.
  • Contains a wire holder at the back.
  • Includes a light to turn on/off the light.
  • Has an indicator light.
Cons of Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven
  • The customer service is not up to mark.
  • The cord is short in length.
  • The timer could have been made better.
  • The exterior design could have been better.
  • Accessories are not Dishwasher safe

Specifications at a glance:

I have already pointed out everything in the review section. Here’s a summary for you about the air fryer oven for your better judgment.

It’s a three-in-one appliance. You can equally use it as an oven, toaster, and air fryer. A dial is provided for each function. You can convention bake, convection broil, broil, bake, toast, and air fry with this single product.

It offers a range of temperature settings. Which starts from warm and ends at 450F. It will give you em flexibility to choose your desired temperature. And let you cook, bake or fry a lot of foods. Interestingly you can also warm your food with it. The warm function is absent in many wells know air fryers.

The weight of the product is 21 pounds. For that reason, you will need to keep it in a fixed place. And you wouldn’t enjoy moving it around. Also, the cord is 29 inches in length. Which to me seemed a bit shorter than usual. You will also get a holder to keep the wire in place after you have completed the work with it.

0.6 foot non-stick interior makes it a spacious air fryer, oven, or toaster, whatever name you like to say. You are also getting an air fryer basket, rack, a baking pan, and a recipe book with it. The tray inside at the bottom collects all the food crumbs left after the cooking. You can easily clean it with your hands. The tray comes out pretty smoothly.

What makes Cuisinart Air fryer and toaster special?

I think you already know that. The three-in-one function makes this product stand out compared to the other air fryers. Its versatility to bake, toast, and air fry is the most glamorous feature of its own. Also, the space is stunning compared to other regular size ovens. You can air fry twice as much as any other air fryers can do in a single round. Not only that, but it also consumes lesser space comparing that you had three different appliances; an oven, air fryer, and a toaster.

It will keep your countertop clean and spacious. Its smooth interior and exterior make it extremely easy to clean. The bottom tray collects all the food crumbs leftover in the oven. Which further aids in easy cleaning. With 6 heating elements, it cooks food fast. And not only that but it also evenly crisps every inch of the food with or without oil. You can turn on/off the light as required. The transparent door is also an excellent addition to an air fryer.


Now it’s hard to expect an excellent performance from an all-in-one appliance. As it’s been obvious that most all in one product doesn’t perform as expected. But you can hold on to this air fryer, oven, and toaster. With mostly positive customer reviews, you can put your money on this product. It does what it’s been advertised for. The efficiency of this product is worth every penny invested in it. Looking at the budget and the things it offers, it’s a must-try for anyone who’s looking forward to buying an air fryer.

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