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In this Cosori air fryer review we are going to focus on the Cosori Air Fryer XL and the different types of it. We’re going to look at this wonderful and efficient device in detail to help you make a sound decision. You’d be surprised as to how this machine is not only stylish, convenient but will make things tremendously easier for you in the kitchen. After all, we do spend a bit of time in that area of our home, don’t we?

If you are curious about our favorite type of the Cosori Air Fryer XL then we would go for the Wifi smart control edition.

Cosori Air Fryer XL General Review:

Cosori Air Fryer XL Review

Let’s review the Cosori Air Fryer XL in great detail.


Right off the bat, perhaps one of the most distinguishable features of the Cosori Air flyer is its design. It didn’t win the Red Dot Award for best design for no good reason. It is characterized by an angled display with easy to utilize presets and has a compact design (for an otherwise bulky appliance) that it could fit right in your counter.


It comes in a sleek black digital color, fashionable burgundy red, and a pleasant creamy white. The design is simple, intuitive, and has a modern touch-screen panel that illuminates when in use. 


There are three versions to the Cosori Smart Air Fryer XL, the digital control, Wi-Fi smart control, and the knob control versions.

When you look at the controls of the Digital Cosori Air fryer reviewed in this article it could look like there’s a button too many on it. But if you look closer, it’s actually very simple to understand. Its control panel is a one-touch LED panel that is very simple to use and is responsive.

In the middle of the panel are the controls for the internal temperature, cooking time remaining (in minutes), temperature & time manual adjusters, a keep warm button, the on/off button, and the start & pause cooking cycle control.

The READY text LED will also light up once you need to shake the air fryer to prevent food from sticking. Also, take note that the surface of the Cosori Air Fryer is fingerprint-resistant, so it will surely be smudge free even after constant usage preserving its stylish look.

With the Wi-Fi smart control version, you’ll have the convenience of using your smartphone instead of the digital touchscreen buttons (also works with Alexa). With the knob control version, you’ll use a sleek dial in the middle of the control panel, to accurately set it up to your preferences when cooking.


The next exciting aspect of this Cosori Air Fryer is its presets. It’s got 11 one-touch presets and they are for steak, seafood, poultry, shrimp, frozen foods, bacon, French fries, root vegetables, vegetables, desserts, and bread. 

The one easy tap display enables you to easily choose your desired preset, you’re ready to cook! You can also set your own temperature and time for your recipes. That’s allowing you to manually air fry your recipes at 170 to 400 degrees F and between 1 to 60 minutes.

Shake & Keep Warm Functions

While we are on the subject of the different preset, the Cosori Air Fryer has a convenient shake and keeps warm functionality to remind you (halfway through) that it is time to shake or flip the food when it is time to do so. As mentioned above, this is one way to make sure that your food is cooked properly and won’t stick. 

The keep-warm option is a convenient way to use while still waiting to serve your food.

Also, the Cosori Air Fryer comes with a non-stick coated and dishwasher safe detachable basket. The basket is easy to separate, wash (dishwasher friendly), or clean, plus you can bring it with you to put food on the table or wherever you are prepping the food at. 

This basket allows for easy food preparation and easy maintenance to make sure that you get the most out of it with longer than usual service life.

Size and Dimension:

A quick illustration of the difference between the two sizes available 5.8qt and 3.7 qt:

5.8 Quart3.7 Quart
1. Serve 2 to 5 people with it
2. Can fit a 5 to a 6-pound whole chicken
3. Basket size at 9 x 9 x 3.75 inches
4. Dimensions at 11.8 x 11.8 x 12.6 inches
1. Serve a maximum of 3 people
2. Basket size at 7.5 x 5.3 x 3.5 inches
3. Dimensions at 10.75 x 10.9 x 12.25 inches

In our opinion, there’s really not much size difference between the two, so don’t worry too much about surface space and if you’re thinking about the price difference, then rest assured that it’s not that much either. 

This fantastic air fryer needs its bulk for its different functionalities and at the same time to make sure to have enough room for delicious food for the entire family.

 Cosori chefs made and included 100 original recipes that you can cook using the air fryer so that you’d know where to start and to fully take advantage of the benefits of this appliance.


Another advantage of choosing the Cosori Air Fryer reviewed here is the preheating option. Trust us, you won’t just find an air fryer with this capability. Preheating has a lot of benefits for you and your food. It greatly improves food texture, and only takes about 2 to 5 minutes to do so. It’s a lot faster than your traditional oven.


The Cosori Smart Air Fryer XL comes with a 1-year warranty with an option to extend it to a 2-year warranty. Just go online and register your purchase to avail of the extra year.

Final Verdict

So why choose the Cosori Smart Air Fryer XL? 

Health benefits

The air fryer only uses about 85% of fats compared to a traditional deep-fried meal. And it won’t in any way compromise its taste. That’s why air fryers are always a great investment if you think about the health of your family.

Deep fryers will also use up 50 times more oil than your air fryers which will surely have a significant impact on your health. The appliance uses smart air circulation technology to prepare your favorite meals instead.

This, in turn, can aid in weight loss and decreases the chances of harmful compounds in what you consume. 

Great Features

The Cosori Air Fryer cooks your food and preheats it faster than traditional ways. And mind you, the food will be crispier and tastier too. The features of a good quality air fryer would allow for more organized, and more consistent cooking for food that everyone can enjoy (guilt-free).

This Cosori Smart Air Fryer XL is also dishwasher safe to it is easy to clean, maintain, and frying foods now won’t be messy anymore. This Cosori Air Fryer also has extra meat holders, with a dual-layer rack and 5 skewers.

Bottom Line

Air fryers have been popular as of late and for a good reason. They are reliable, efficient, convenient, and healthy ways to prepare food. Food that would otherwise be crossed off of our list due to health concerns.

So if you’re someone who’s looking to mix it up a little bit, has a few bucks to spare, or maybe looking to reinvigorate your love for food or cooking, then this Cosori Smart Air Fryer XL is highly recommended. We say that it is a must-have!

Cosori XL Air Fryer Review of the different types

Cosori XL – WIFI-Smart Control Air Fryer:

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8QT

The Cosori Smart Air Fryer XL comes in three versions that we are going into details in this review. The Wi-Fi smart control version, the knob control version, and the digital control version. Let’s discuss the Wi-Fi smart control first.

If you think Air Fryers are convenient enough then innovations just keep on coming. Now, with the Wi-Fi smart control for the Cosori Smart Air Fryer then you will be able to control and monitor what you are cooking using your mobile device.

 COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8Q  Wifi controls

This Wi-Fi smart control is also Alexa enabled. Use a Vesync app or voice commands to Alexa to remotely control your Cosir Smart Air Fryer. You will be able to schedule, monitor, and adjust the progress of your food with it. You can easily set up cook times in advance so that your dinner is prepared anytime you want.

All the other features we illustrated above are accessible through the Vesync app and it will also enable you to create your own recipes, access cooking history, bookmark favorites, and even modify the 100 recipes that came suggested on your air fryer. 

The Cosori Air Fryer Reviewed here is great for beginners also. There are tons of information on the internet, there is an integrated app that tells you what to do and also a recipe app integrated with your Cosori Air Fryer.

With the Wi-Fi smart control, you are in control! And that’s every step of the way.

There is also an air fryer grill combo version of the smart wi-fi Cosori.

Cosori XL with Digital Control :

The digital control variety of the Cosori Smart Air Fryer XL is infused with a responsive digital one-touch screen menu which in turn features all of the presets we discussed above, and at the same time will give you all the options you need to modify or cook your food the way you want to. 

It will also have the keep warm button and the shake indicator for your convenience. It’s a tap-and-go screen, smudge-resistant, built to last, and very easy to use and understand.

Cosori XL with Knob Control:

Cosori Knob Control

The last version of this awesome Cosori Smart Air Fryer is the Knob control variety. This also comes in both a 5.8qt and 3.7qt size. This knob control version is actually a bit cheaper than the digital one but you’ll still get to enjoy more or less the same set of features. 

It comes with 30 original recipes and food is prepared just as healthy as the other versions. It has an easy to use (or set) and intuitive knob that is accurate for the time and temperature setup and at the same time is designed as a stylish dial. 

This model is perfect for those on a budget and at the same time looking for something more compact and won’t need a lot of space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cosori Air Fryers

What’s the difference between the Cosori regular and the smart wifi version?

While both the Digital and the Smar Wifi Cosori air fryer that we presented in this review are clearly superbly designed, the Smart Wi-Fi variety has some advantages. We live in a fast-paced world and that requires us to keep up with it. If you are someone who lives a busy lifestyle then more features on your smart appliances would definitely be quite beneficial.
That’s where the smart Wi-Fi variety of the Cosori Air Fryer comes in, it’s got all the features the regular air fryer’s got plus you can control a lot of things conveniently using your smartphone. There could be some learning curve to it but regardless, it should be a major boost to your lifestyle.

Which one should you buy? Should I buy a Wi-Fi-enabled Air Fryer?

Paired up with Alexa and with its Vesync application, this should be a powerful appliance to help you make cooking more convenient, easier, faster, and to keep you in control. So if you’re that kind of person, then yes it is recommended.

The 5.8 Quart or the 3.7 Quart? Which one you need?

The 5.8-quart variety of the Cosori Air Fryer is meant for a family. So, if you find yourself always preparing meals for up to 5 people then this should be for you. Also, you should have some room or surface in your kitchen. 
Naturally, the 3.7-quart variety is for cooking for yourself most of the time or a maximum of 3 people, it’s also a space saver.

Is Cosori air fryer worth the money?

We do hear every now and then that there’s nothing an air fryer can do that your normal oven can’t or traditional cooking can. But, we don’t believe that an air fryer is a healthier, faster, and more convenient (even safer) choice for meal preparations. It may even reignite your love for cooking.

Can you dehydrate in a Cosori air fryer?

Yep! Cosori air fryers have a dehydrate option. You can dehydrate fruits, beef, and other food items fast and easily with it. Nothing like good beef jerky in place of chips or other junk foods, right? Enjoy!

How can I clean the Cosori air fryer?

Air fryers are relatively easy to clean and maintain. You can start with the basket. The basket on your Cosori air fryer is dishwasher friendly, non-stick, and removable. You just have to make sure your air fryer is unplugged, use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior, use hot water and dishwashing soap to clean the inside components and make sure they are dry before using again.


To sum up this Cosori air fryer review I think it is one of the best choice if you are going for the wifi smart version. It is one of the highest rated air fryer in the world with more than 96,000 reviews on Amazon. You’ll get tons of recipes in the VeSync app and much more on youtube or from food blogs. Whether you are a beginner or an air fryer pro the Cosori will sure be your best friend in the kitchen

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