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Greetings to all air fryer lovers and to those who are just entering this new world. My name is Tomi (short for Thomas) and I’m just a guy who likes cooking together with my lovely girlfriend Vivien. About 1,5 years ago, we moved abroad to work as digital nomads, and we had to say goodbye to our beloved conventional oven that we used quite a lot. At our new place, there was no oven, so we were searching for a solution that could be our golden middle road.

That’s when we found out about air fryers. I bought some no-name brand in the local electronics shop, but we fell in love with it on first sight.

It was so easy to use.

It preheated in 3 minutes to 400 degrees.

We just poured the food into it, watched some TV while our food was being prepared (we checked the food once or twice to shake it up) and voilá. Dinner is served.

I am a guy of comfort and convenience (as most guys, I think, haha), so this whole air fryer thing sounded like a major lifehack for my lifestyle.

I recommended a few friends to get one, and it was a lifehack for them too.

Then I thought maybe I should start a blog and write about air fryers since it might be a lifehack for a lot of people.

So here I am giving away my 2 cents on various topics about air fryers:

  • Air fryer tricks and tips.
  • We review various air fryer brands.
  • Create a list of air fryers for different occasions or uses.
  • And finally, share a few air fryer recipes too.

So that’s the short story of me in the air fryer world.

I hope you like our articles.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just contact us via email.

Happy Frying,


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