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First, let us thank you for taking an interest to know us.

We (Fryer Consumer) are a thriving community where everyone is taking some really good experience with air frying and passion cooking. We want to share our real-life experience and knowledge about these. As we believe air fryer makes cooking easier and helps to more you delicious food easily at your home.

We are using our years of experience and know-how about air frying when we’re giving you some tips about a fryer or a recipe. User satisfaction is our primary concern when it comes to frying and cooking.

Our Goal:

We want to let every home cookers to be able to delicious food within a very short time. Some cooking introvert is finding the best place to learn about frying and cooking. We help them to learn and cook.

Most of the cookers are interested to know more about how to buy and where to buy air fryer for their next frying party. That’s why our aim is to provide the most honest reviews about air fryers on the whole internet to make it find it easier for every potential and existing users.

Our Writers as known as Frying Experts.

We have two expert food bloggers who have pretty good experience in writing about recipes and the cooking appliance of 5 years.

Jessia wilson

Jessia Wilson

Content Writer, Frying Expert.

Jessia has over 4 years of experience in writing and sharing cooking-related tips and blog posts. She has been known to be associated with some most popular cooking related website and gets featured often.


Labiba Farzana

Content Writer, Food Blogger.

labiba is a mom of one and a recommended copywriter. She has good experience and academic knowledge about Healthy food and recipes. She created lots of detailed blog posts on cooking and appliances and got featured into some renowned websites.

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