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Why we started this blog?

There is a pandemic happening in the world, maybe you’ve heard about it. It affects most of the adult population. It causes respiratory issues, high blood pressure and can lead to a heart attack eventually. Do you have a guess what it is?

It’s an unhealthy diet. In today’s world most of the food prepared are deep fried and thus containing a lot of cooking oil that holds trans fats that is extremely bad for your health. According to Mayo Clinic it raises your cholesterol on a massive scale that can clog your veins and can cause a potential heart attack in the long term.

A healthy diet is a marathon not a sprint, but you’ve got to start somewhere. That’s where air fryers come in. For someone who doesn’t want to leave all their favorite comfort foods behind yet, but want to make their first step toward a healthy living air fryers give the perfect solution. They can achieve the same flavor and texture as a deep frier but by using only a spoon of oil, that can be olive or coconut oil.

Our mission

Here at Fryer Consumer we wish to persuade everyone to switch to air fryers that can be a first step toward a healthy living

We’d like to achieve this by

  • Reviewing our favorite brands so you can make an educated decision before buying your air fryer
  • Giving you tips and guides how to get the most out of your air fryer
  • Posting recipes regularly and show you the endless possibilities that come with air fryers

Who are behind Fryer Consumer

Thomas S.

Blog administrator and Air Fryer Enthusiast

I’ve been cooking for myself and loved ones since the age of 18. In our busy world I’ve always looked for ways to be more time efficient when it comes to preparing food but also creating tasty and healthy dishes. That’s when I came accross air fryers a few years ago and eversince I am trying to spread the word of the benefits of these wonderful machines.

Teodora R.

Content Writer and Air Fryer Enthusiast

By education I’m a biology and ecology professor but my real passion is cooking and writing and especially writing about cooking! When I’m not cooking or writing I spend time with my cute little bulldog or go for a good jog in the park!

Jessia wilson

Jessia W.

Content Writer, Air Fryer Expert

Jessia has over 4 years of experience in writing and sharing cooking-related tips and blog posts. She has been known to be associated with some most popular cooking related website and gets featured often.

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Keep eating oil-free and healthy!

Fryer Consumer Team

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